View Full Version : 500 point Dark Elves, version 2.

06-08-2010, 07:50
This is my second attempt at a 500 point army for 7E, although if it's also legal for 8E, then i'd be grateful if someone could let me know (I haven't gotten the rulebook yet, so I can't check for myself, but my gaming group will soon be switching over to 8th edition)
I would have simply edited my old thread to show the new list, but I feel that this list is too different from the first attempt, and deserves a thread of it's own.

1x Master @ 117
General, Blood Armour, Biting Blade, Sea Dragon Cloak, Repeater Handbow.
Will be grouped with Warriors

14x Warriors @ 138
Full Command, Shield, Banner of Murder

15x Repeater Crossbowmen @ 185
Full Command, Shield

5x Harpies @55

Total 495/500

06-08-2010, 15:56
Apparently no one can help the two dark elf players. I will try to help out my fellow druchii brother. Its a good list but a lot of armies have a caster at 500pts so you may wwant to go with a Lvl 1 with tome of furion with lore of fire to get the big fireball off roll all your dice.Who cares if she dies she's doing 3d6 strength 4 hits.

06-08-2010, 16:11
Maybe Im being wrong being a completely new player.. But don't harpies lose their value in 8th now that you can shoot through them ?