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06-08-2010, 12:06
Am I interpreting the rules correctly, if having an orc character join a goblin unit or vice versa means...

1) The model is placed to the side of the rest of the unit (due to different footprints) (p.98)

2) The character does get a look-out-sir-roll due to being the same troop type (p.99)

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06-08-2010, 14:03
Correct on both counts

08-08-2010, 05:01
What happens if you want to put 3 orc characters in 1 goblin unit? One character goes on the left side, a second goes on the right, what happens to the third character?

08-08-2010, 07:19
he goes as far to one side as possible?

11-03-2012, 04:35
he goes as far to one side as possible?

Any update on this?

One orc one side of the night goblin unit, and two characters on the other?
If so, the two characters are side by side, or one ranked behind the other?

Also, if the unit gets flank charged, does that leave only one possible target for the enemy to attack?

11-03-2012, 06:01
One 2 Orcs can join a goblin unit. A 3rd one can not join because there is no more room. (BRB pg 98).

The unit flank can attack the one orc to the side or fight the gap at the goblins.

11-03-2012, 14:17
You are assuming that "no room" means "no position" and this again is based on the assumption that you are not allowed to place two characters next to each other when they have base footprints not compatible with the main unit.

The rules are not quite clear, but it seems reasonable to me to assume that you can place any number of characters next to each other on either side of the unit. As an interpretation it works well, I think, since it does not introduce an incidental limit on the number of "incompatible" characters you can put in the unit, and it doesn't require you to extrapolate how this would work with a unit consisting of only characters.

16-03-2012, 12:25
Anyone have any other thoughts on this?

16-03-2012, 13:12
I'd say that you obey all the rules to the extent possible. All characters go in the front row, unless displaced by command (which they can't be in this case due to base size issues). Non-matching bases are placed to the side of the unit when ranked. Combine these, and you get a front rank with x goblins, plus however many orcs with all of the orcs being on one side or the other. If flank charged, the goblin ranks will fight across the gap, see the rule for Incomplete Ranks on page 49.