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07-08-2010, 18:39
So as the title suggests this list has a lot of infantry in it and just a few heavy hitters but i hope that my sorceress (lore of metal) will pop any heavy armor i come across.


Black Dragon Egg
Armour of Eternal Servitude
Dragoncurse stone (that fire save talisman)
Sea Dragon Cloak
Cold One
Points: 255


Level 2
Pendant of Khaeleth
Tome of Furion
Points: 185

Armour of Darkness
Pond Stone
Points: 159


14X Corsairs
Full command - Handbows
Points: 168

14X Corsairs
Full command - Handbows
Points: 168

19X Corsairs
Full Command - Sea Serpent Standard
Points: 240

20X Dark Elf Warriors
Full Command
Points: 155

20X Dark Elf Warriors
Full Command
Points: 155

10X Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen
Points: 110

10X Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen
Points: 110

5X Dark Riders
Points: 85


5X Cold One Knights
Musician, Banner bearer - Standard of Hag Graef
Points: 194

5X Shades
Additional Hand Weapons
Light Armor (had the extra points)
Points: 90


Points: 175

Total: 2,249

So the sorceress will just jump around unit to unit, probably stick her with the crossbowmen to start off.

Like i said earlier there are only two heavy hitters, the knight (body guard for the lord) and the world famous hydra =P. I just hope to the dice gods that i can pop some heavy hitter before the start to roll me over =(. the BSB will go in the big corsair block.

the warriors and bowmen are there to hold down flanks. The big corsair block will hold the middle and will be flanked by the 2 smaller unit who will reform to also get flanks. the shades and DR will do their best to attack war machines I might switch out the DR for another unit of shades actually (if i decide to buy them that is)

07-08-2010, 23:04
I'd highly recommend a Cauldron of Blood.

The Cold One Knights don't need the ASF banner, I'd be inclined to give them the Banner of Murder. Then you could drop the light armour on the shades (on a unit that small it's just extra points when they die for very little effort on the part of your opponent) and take another shade. Take 6 knights and give them the flaming banner, it'll give you an answer to Hellpit Abominations, Hydras and the unit that I'm seeing a lot atm which is Throgg in a unit of Trolls.

I can't see what purpose the big warrior blocks serve unless you need them to make up your minimum core or really want them for a theme. I'd be inclined to take chariots instead. Then, with a very innocent look on your face that will take some practice to achieve, give the chariot killing blow from the Cauldron and inform your opponent that the impact hits also benefit from the ability. This will probs be FAQd, but for the moment I can't see anything to gainsay it.

Give the Dark Riders a musician and xbows.

09-08-2010, 03:57
Yes the cauldron of blood is amazing and i probably would get it but, I am shorta short on cash and really have only $100 to work with but i have one chariot a lot of unbuilt warriors 30 corsairs unbuilt a unit of shades a hydra 2 bolt throwers black guard command (though about using them for my heroes and lords) 1 sorceress (I scratch built one but it is meh) I can built another chariot if I buy it and still have 5 knights ( i was planning on buying the metal model for the lord) i have 2 units of DR.

now tactics. the flame banner is good for the reason you stated though I read a lot about the standard of hag graef on cold ones and it seems pretty good with them all getting ASF and with high initiative it means constant re rolls so yea they won't break a unit in the side but with those constant str 4 and no step up they should grind them down slow and steady. also the dreadlord would benefit a lot from it to if i put him in the unit.

i was thinking of dropping the 2 14X corsairs for regular crossbowmen but i want to be fairly fluid in my tactics and not be stuck in one place or hitting on 5 or 6's as that would be a waste at that point.

i am not sure about the DR because of the turn or two it takes to get them in place but my opponents aren't going to but terrain next to their war machines so my shades would be in the open. what do you think?

09-08-2010, 10:59
If you're worried about war machines, units of 6 harpies will deal with most of the ones you'll face.