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08-08-2010, 11:00
Right, i have a 3k tourney in a couple of weeks, looking for some advice on making a really nasty dark elf list.

Have only played in a few tourney games before as normally play "friendlies" with mates and i know several people if not all will be taking horrific lists.

Have access to most stuff except witch elves and executioners so if anyone has any good ideas/lists would appreciate some help!

08-08-2010, 17:02
Is there any comp?

First up, in 3000pts it's a Grand Army (I think it's called?) so you can take up to 3 of the same rare and 6 special.

So, first stop- 3 Hydras.

Next, what are you going to do about another army with 3 hydras? My answer to this is a unit of 6 COKs with full command and the flaming banner. +1 attack from a Cauldron means they should kill a hydra in a single round of combat even if they hit it in the front (9 attacks hitting on 3s with a re-roll wounding on 3s with no saves, then the 4 Cold One attacks).

A Death Hag BSB on a Cauldron I would consider to be a must-have, equipment to your taste but I'd be inclined to keep her naked for 225 pts.

What if you run into someone like Teclis in a unit of 30 White Lions? You can't outfight him or kill enough White Lions quickly enough thorugh shooting, which leaves magic. A level 4 on Dark Pegasus with Pendant of Khaeleth, Power Scroll and maybe Lifetaker (for getting rid of Wraiths now that it has magical shots) will be able to nuke casters out of bunkers, and will also be an answer to Dwarf Funlines (Purple Sun).

A Steam Tank of Warriors Army will still give you a bucketload of problems- now that it's T10, the Reapers (which I wouldn't recommend taking unless you have points left over) can't reliable dent it. Once again,turning to magic will be your best option with a Level 2 with a Dispel Scroll and Lore of Metal on foot in a big unit of Warriors (say 29, that way you can Horde them if you come up against something you can outfight or can make them very deep to stay Steadfast) or a unit of 19 Xbows with full command (the champion is only in there to take any challenges off her, if you're clever and place her on the end of the unit next to the champ then when you issue a challenge you can move the models around so that the sorceress can't be attacked by many models- let me know if that isn't clear and I'll try to explain it better). An Assassin will be a great way to keep her safe, I'd recommend +D3 attacks, Killing Blow and Black Lotus to re-roll ones to wounds.

Beyond that, a couple of units of 6 harpies will worry Empire war machine crews and units of 20 xbows with standards and musicians will pump out a horrendous amount of shots.

Chariots are still awesome, in fact I think they've got even better. Black Guard will still rip face, but they don't need the ASF banner anymore- a champion with Crimson Death and the Banner of Murder will be great in a unit of 14. I think 14 because it requires an investment to kill on the part of your opponent, especially with a 5+ ward save from the Cauldron, through shooting or magic and it's cheap enough that if you lose it it's not the end of the world. In addition, it will still tear through a lot of stuff in combat.

This has all been a bit longer than I thought it'd be, so just a couple more quick pointers on what I think you should take. First is a Dreadlord. Not so much for his access to magic items or what have you, but for his Ld10. Combined with a BSB re-roll, this should stop your army from running away very often. Secondly, if you want to shut down magic early on take a Master on a Dark Peg with the Cloak of Hag Graef and Ring of Hotek on a Dark Peg with full mundane, a lance and a pair of repeater handbows then sit him behind your enemies caster. In order to get away from him they'll have to walk towards the hydras and the knights.

08-08-2010, 19:51
That preety much covers it. But one question. Why take 3 Hydras and a RBT, when you can take 4!!.


08-08-2010, 22:15
That preety much covers it. But one question. Why take 3 Hydras and a RBT, when you can take 4!!.


In 3000pts I think you're only allowed triple of the same rare.
If that's not the case, take more hydras!

09-08-2010, 17:19
Exellent advice lads! Theres no comp, just be as brutal as you can! Looks like im away to order another hydra or 2!

@ tmarichards, all your ideas sound good. I was thinking of the assassin you suggested plus a dreadlord and bsb in with the Black guard.

Do you think thats too many eggs in one basket? I know there will be a lot of nasty units (bloodletter horde with skulltaker among them) so want something that can go toe to toe with them.

09-08-2010, 21:49
It is a lot of eggs in one basket, I'd be inclined to think that a Master with full mundane and a halberd might be better. You can soften up the Bloodletters with your shooting, then give the Black Guard Killing Blow or an extra attack and send them in to finish the job- the look on your opponents face should be worth it alone if you Killing Blow Skulltaker...

But tbh, my advice would not to be to try and play him at his own game unless you have to. If he has a particularly nasty fighty unit, magic and shoot it. Or, use a hydra to tie it up- Daemons can't take common magic items so you shouldn't run into too many unexpected flaming attacks, and Skulltaker can only Killing Blow large targets in a challenge.

10-08-2010, 17:55
Going to get a list up later to see what you think but just wanted to ask the reason for keeping the death hag naked? I havent used one before so im guessing the cauldron doesnt stand up to good in combat, therefore no point spending extra on her?
Also, do you have her as the BSB? Is that the reason for the 225pt?

10-08-2010, 18:05
I run her naked because she's already pretty effective on her own. A high initiative and attacks count means she could well kill most of the 6 models that are nominated to attack her. I've tried tooling her up, but I find that that just leaves me with a smaller army, and I've found that very few people make the mistake of trying to fight a Cauldron of Blood twice. It usually gets ignored.

Yup, I run her as the BSB- keeps that re-roll safe as she's usually lagging behind the army a bit. And because the Cauldron is a large target, I believe her Stand Your Ground! goes up to 18".