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08-08-2010, 18:02
I have been pounderin which system to start and i have narrowed it dow to two armies from each from 40k i have Orks and Imperial gaurd so i have a few questions about them if you don't mind anserwing them.
Which army would be the best to paint ?
Are any of them widely played ?
What are there play styles ?


Max Jet
08-08-2010, 18:30
Best to paint

Orks have a lot of biological areas to paint, though even the worst paintjob looks like intended. So my vote goes for orks, unless you like to paint with a spray gun, then it's Guard with their vehicles.

Both are WIDELY played, Guard a little bit more than Orks.

Army Play styles. Both have excellent Codicies, with a variety of fun and competitive playstyles. In a Tournament game however the Orks can pack more competitive lists.

Unless you like a serious army start Orks. Guard will be shockingly expensive (you basically have to pay 15 pounds for mere 50 points You get more with Orks though not much)

08-08-2010, 20:07
I have been pounderin which system to start and i have narrowed it dow to two armies from each from 40k i have Orks and Imperial gaurd so i have a few questions about them if you don't mind anserwing them.
Which army would be the best to paint ?
Are any of them widely played ?
What are there play styles ?

Best to paint: Depends on what you mean. Both can look stunning, both tend to have high model counts, so you will see a lot of them with simple paint jobs and they still look good. Both benefit from a somewhat "dirty" look, not like the pristine Eldar. Orks are possibly a bit easier to pint, because they have larger faces and hands, making them easier to paint. On the other hand their faces are more exposed.
Widely played: Both. Both have relatively recent codices and a cool model range. I see more Orks than Guard locally, but this differs in other regions.
Play styles: Varied, though Orks tend to have more assault elements, while the IG focusses on shooting. Both have codices with very few choices that donīt work well on the tabletop and thus donīt force a particular way of playing on you. If you want to crush your foes in meelee, guard arenīt a good option, but they are game for long range shooting, massed short ranged shooting, rolling over your opponent with battle tanks, concentrated artillery fire or airborne attacks. And they have some counterassault units in case youīre about to get overrun. Orks can be a green tide of boys, an army of crazed bikers, a surprisingly effective shooty army, a stompy army with lots of walkers, fully mounted up in battlewaggons... They all work.

08-08-2010, 21:39
Which army would be the best to paint ?
Both paint nicely. The Guard come is several flavors - Cadians and Catachans are available entirely in plastic kits. If you prefer metals (as I do) there are Valhallans (space Soviets), Mordians (space Prussians), Tallarns (space Arabs), Steel Legion (space Germans), and Vostroyans (space Cossacks).

A neatly painted guard army is very impressive looking on the table-top. I, personally, primarily play the Guard.

Orks leave room for lots of conversions and are also available in plastic. Ork vehicles are supposed to look ramshackle so you can really go nuts on converting them out of just about anything with wheels/tracks.

Both armies can have as simple or as complex a paint scheme as you want. Orks lend themselves to "dipping" to simplify painting - you paint a very basic scheme and then dip the figure into chestnut woodstain and then spin off the dip with an electric drill (some people prefer to paint a thin layer of the dip on with a broad brush) - it shades the figure nicely and seals it excellently. Dipped Orks are well-nigh chip proof.

I am currently working on a new Ork army made entirely out of plastics. Orks are also in the new Box Starter (along with the ever popular Space Marines). If you aren't into Marines, the Dreadnought in the starter can be converted into a Deff Dred for the Orks and you can trade the Marines to another gamer (or sell them on eBay) to get more Orks.

Are any of them widely played ?
Both armies are perennial favorites, have recent codexes and are easy to grasp fluff-wise. There is no shortage of either Guard or Ork players.

With the Orks being in the new starter box (and the figs are very nice) you will probably see more Ork armies coming out now. The Guard has gotten a lot of love recently, especially with our new codex, so you see lots of guard armies too. Neither are as common as Space Marine armies though.

What are there play styles ?
Orks are mostly an assaulty army that does best up close and personal. Lightly armored but potentially very fast (if tooled up with vehicles) they do best when "stuck in" close combat. Get your claws on the enemy fast and stomp him good.

The guard is pretty generic - capable of anything but expert at nothing. The guard does best shooting it's opponent to pieces at range. In close combat, the Guard can outfight Tau but is at a disadvantage against everybody else. If in cover and deployed properly, a guard army can blast the bejeezus out of just about anything and move in to mop up.

Hope that helps.:cool:

08-08-2010, 22:01
Best to Paint:-
A hard call, it depends on how regimented you are as a painter. IG will usually require you to paint potentially hundreds of models almost identically Orks will require you to paint potentially hundreds of models with little or no need for uniformity. It's up to you to decide which is better, a visually cohesive force is easier to accomplish when everyone is wearing the same uniform, it requires a little more thought when you have no uniform.

Widely Played:-
Both are very popular although it's a tough call to pick which is most popular, Warseer might give you a slightly slanted picture in favour of the IG but I'd say either is a contender for the "most popular non power armoured army" award.

Play Styles:-
Orks. Massed infantry wave melee madness with some unbelievably dangerous, if unreliable shooting.
IG. Massed infantry shooty madness with some unbelievably dangerous, if unreliable shooting.
Obviously there are a good few variations on these basic concepts. I think the Orks are slightly ahead on the alternative build options.

09-08-2010, 00:44
In regards of painting, normally I would have to say that I much prefer to paint Orks than IG. Currently though after painting some 150 Orks I am now greatly enjoying painting some of my IG, as I find them a refreshing change after Orks, the regimented look means you can get them out of the way very quickly.

The real fun with painting Orks comes from what you've done added during the modeling step to give them more character. There's not alot that's better than taking out your brushes and paints and putting them to use on some great Orky conversions. I think the most fun I ever had painting was when I sat down to work on my Nob Bikers and Meganobs (made from Black Orcs).

Either way, both are fun and very quick armies to paint, but both demand some patience in the sheer number of models you'll be painting. Having said that, however, both also offer optional lists that require fewer more specialized lists.

09-08-2010, 01:03
Both armies are great. In terms of painting, you can afford to be a little messier with orks, and you should be prepared to paint alot of green. But i think that the guard are actually simpler to paint if youre careful, since the basic cadians have large surfaces that are very easy.

As for playstyles, Orks have alot of options. Hordes, mechanized, bikers, shooty, elite assaults. Each build is actually very competitive to boot. Guard have very few close combat options, and it all comes down to how you want to shoot the enemy. There are alot more subtle ways of doing this, although it looks like there are two or so builds that are the most successful.

09-08-2010, 05:33
I think a major factor was left out. How much do you like to convert?

With Orks it's easy (encouraged) to go stark raving mad with conversions. With Guard it's harder, you tend to want things looking a little more like some planning was involved. :)