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101st Vostroyan
08-08-2010, 18:05
I play Lizardmen, and wanted to use a list with some unusual choices, especially for 8th ed. I am thinking of running a list with a large unit of Cold ones(17) with a oldblood on carnosaur and either a bsb scar vet or a combat scar vet.

I want this to be a fast list so I don't want to use any foot saurus. I plan to use 40 skink skirmishers and a good amount of jungle swarms to fill up the core requirements. After looking at the jungle swarms, I have grown to like them on paper even though I haven't used them before. The prospect of 30 poisoned attacks on someones flank can really ruin someones day, and since the unit is unbreakable, it can tie up a unit until the cavalry can arrive.

WHat are your thoughts on taking jungle swarms and how have they faired for you in battle?


Jetty Smurf
08-08-2010, 18:35
There's a problem with that. Jungle swarms do not help fill up the core requirements.

I have yet to use a jungle swarm, but would also be interested in others' experiences with them. In 7th ed they seemed to be a sub-par choice compared to 10 skinks (only 5 points more) as the 10 skinks and the swarm's uses seemed to overlap with the skinks coming out on top in most situations. Hopefully this has changed somewhat in 8th, but I doubt it.

Does anyone have any anecdotal evidence that says otherwise? I really hope there is some out there.

09-08-2010, 21:13
Has anyone considered hording up with Tree Kin? It'd only be possible in a 2500+ game, since a unit of 18 TK will run you about 1200 points. But that unit could bulldoze almost anything in the game, and would be a big points denial tool (especially supported by a Lore of Life caster). Purple Sun/Pit of Shades could ruin your day, though.

If only we could. The WE army book restricts Treekin to unit sizes of 3-12.

09-08-2010, 21:16
I used them in 7th as a cheap speed bump but that's it.

I have no plans to use them in 8th.

09-08-2010, 21:49
A Shadow lore Slann can give jungle swarms Str 10 attacks.
Food for thought.

09-08-2010, 21:52
A Shadow lore Slann can give jungle swarms Str 10 attacks.
Food for thought.

Or strength 8 on your saurus...

More reliable food for thought ;)