View Full Version : Formations

08-08-2010, 19:34
I'm doing some new movement trays and I'm asking you what you think will be most playable nowdays.

(25mm base orc units)

6x6, 7x7 or 6x8

08-08-2010, 19:39
Make them 6x8, then you can just leave the back ranks empty as the situation requires (and I doubt you'd ever really want them 7 wide, need that rank bonus and stubborn)

Duke Georgal
08-08-2010, 20:01
Get to know your opponents. Units of Orcs should be at least as wide as who they are facing. If your opponent has 25mm bases and 7 wide, you do not want to show up only 5 wide. As a general rule of thumb, 6 wide seems right.