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03-03-2006, 23:23
This is a 40K piece that i have just thought of after reading the IG codex and seeing old storm trooper models, so gather round the toilet.

The weather was pure hell frozen over, constant winter bombarded this planet, as the storm troopers moved forward, veteran sargent Caspius had experience in the field, straight from youth days.
The situation was dire at best, the Red star regiment was held up, under siege by the Iron warriors, they couldn't last much longer, as the explostions was seen through the harsh blizzard, Caspius knew he did not have long to take out the artillery.
The storm troopers moved slowly, they had fought Iron warriors before, and knew what to expect, the snowfall got worse, but the storm troopers pressed on, there faith lied with the Emperor , and in there minds, nothing could stop them.
Caspius began to speak via Vox caster. "Ok team, i want the plasma guns to follow me, Gideon, you take the demo charge carriers and kill off the artillery crew, while we take out the Chaos marines". Gideon nodded, he knew what to do, the silent type was perfect to lead the silent yet precise deaths of the traitor's.
The 2 groups got into positions as quickly as possible, training was no replacement for true experience on the field. Caspius gave the hand signal to start the attack, barely visiable, yet Gideon seemed to see with perfect sight.
The storm troopers started to fire there hellguns, with precision, the traitor crew died, some tried to run, but they were cut down by the Iron warriors, cowardice was not favoured amongst the dark gods.
Caspius loaded a clip into his bolter, the signal for the plasma to fire, the 2 plasma guns fired, the Iron warriors caught by suprise, started firing at the incoming fire. Gideons group was under fire, as 2 of his group fell dead, Gideon managed to get a careful shot straight into one of the Chaos marines weak points, making him fall, a slow yet painful death was good enouth for the emperor today, Caspius signaled the close up of the artillery pieces, the storm troopers ran out of the safety of cover, and engaged the Chaos marines.
Caspius shouted down the vox caster with haste "GO GO GO PLANT THE CHARGES I REPEAT, PLANT THE CHARGES". As the plasma guns fired, one exploded in the gunners face, wounding the other one, they might of lost there prime marine killers, but they knew they would win, for the emperor had blessed them with great fortune, despite the technology not being on there side.
The chaos marines fell, the squad were sucessful in there mission, as the charges were set to explode, the artillery pieces went off in a grand show of orange death, causing a chain reaction between fuel tanks and artillery shells.
The mission with sucess, had dented the siege, Caspius met back up with Gideon, "You got more charges" Caspius asked, Gideon nodded. "Good, we ain't done here yet, we got a few more over there, for the Emperor".

And thats that, what do you think, sorry if it is terrible, i did come up with this on the toilet. I also ran through a spell check, sorry for any mistakes.