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10-08-2010, 08:37
So I ended up with my day spare and nicked off to my LGS for some games of Fantasy... 2x 2500pt games to be exact :D

Theergoth licked the gore from his axe and smiled. Khorne had clearly had a plan for this battle, albeit a strange one.

So here is the list;
Chaos Lord on Jugger- "Theergoth"
MoKhorne, Talisman of Preservation, Charmed Shield, Rending Sword, Helm of Many Eyes, Stream of Corruption = 395

Chaos Sorcerer- "Reinhardt"
Level 2 (death), Spell Familiar, Collar of Khorne, Ironcurse Icon = 165

Exalted Hero BSB- "Azaer"
MoKhorne, Shield, Sword of Strife, Dragonhelm = 205

Throgg = 175 "Mad King Nero"

20x Warriors-
MoTzeentch, Halberds, Full Command, Banner of Rage = 405

20x Warriors-
MoKhorne, Additional Hand Weapons, Full Command, Blasted Standard = 420

5x Chaos Trolls = 225

5x Hounds = 30

5x Hounds = 30

6x Chaos Knights-
MoKhorne, Standard, Muso =300

MoTzeentch = 150

Opponent, Dwarves.
Lord- ASF, Rerollable 1+ sv
Thane- +1 A Great Weapon
Runepriest- Dispel scroll equiv., stealing power dice rune
2x Hero level Slayers
20x Thunderers
20x Thunderers
30-something Longbeards w/ Great Weapons
30-something Warriors with shields
(the 4 units above all had Full Command)
Cannon- Flaming
Bolt Thrower- Flaming and +1 S
Organ Gun

Mission- Blood and Glory
Can-Eng-BT RuneP
Thunderers SS Warriors Thunderers Long Org FOREST

FOREST Dogs TZWar Trolls
Dogs KhorWar Warsh
Knights -MARSH-

The dwarves on the hill opened fire with their weapons of powder and steel, raining death upon the Chosen of Khorne. Bullets rattled from armour and skin as the Gods' protections held sway. One of Nero's Court fell to Ogran gun fire but his death bolstered the courage of those remaining. A cannon flared in the distance and Theegoth let out a roar and punched the iron ball from the sky.

Seeing that their foe was reluctant to move, Theergoth's army surged forward. The hounds led the way before the Knights and Khorne Warriors, shielding their brethren with their very bodies. Nero's Court edged around the flank toward the forest beside the enemy's warmachine. The Tzeentch worshippers wandered into a forest, an odd plan... Especially as the forest came alive and beat at them with it's branches... Clearly Khorne's will was felt even by the trees of this place! And it was now that Khorne revealed his plan... The Collar weighed heavy on Reinhardt's neck as the Blood God imposed his will. My warriors need no sorcery this day. (No spells went off the entire game, all failed to cast, were dispelled or scrolled AND the warshrine didn't roll anything but a 7).

Even though the Warriors of the Gods had placed themselves within killing reach, none of the dwarves had the stomach to assault their foe, edging their fighting troops forward warily. The rain of lead continued, again only picking off one or two of the armoured men (the modifiers the Hounds inflicted helped greatly!). Again torrents of metal were poured into Nero's followers and again only a single beast fell, their visage altering to become even more terrifying.

"Now!", roared Theergoth, and the first of his troops engaged the foe. Hounds darted forward a Slayer. Those shielding the Knights placed themselves mere inches from the gunline of the dwarves. Tzeentch's men edged through the forest and Khorne's chosen Knights and Footmen prepared for war. The Slayer hefted two mighty axes and carved into the agile hounds, felling two... But the dogs reprisal injured him.

Battle is joined! The Dwarf Warriors plough into the Khornate troops as the Slayer runs into the Shrine. The Dwarf Lord and his retinue edge about, deciding which front to join, and decide to prepare for Tzeentch's coming. The metal hail continues unabated but even fewer of the Gods' men are lost this time, Nero's Court sustains flesh wounds but loses no men and in return is granted strength to match his fury (although the meat shields are felled). The Slayer arcs his axes into the three hounds but only fells two... The remaining hound tears his face from his skull and devours his body. The other Slayer fights toe-to-toe with the Shrine but fails to wound the floating monstrosity... Tzeentch's Acolyte ignores the Dwarf but holds in combat. A challenge is declared between Azaer and the Dwarf Thane, but neither side managed to injure the other. The remaining men slay many of the dwarfs for few casualties on their own side... And the Dwarfs flee from combat and are run into the ground (rolled 11 on Steadfast Ld9... This is why you take a BSB).

Nero launches his assault on the Organ Gun and tears the machine's crew apart before his Trolls even come to grips with their foe. The Hound cries victory from the corpse of the Slayer are runs straight into a torrent of lead pellets, but buys enough time for the Knights to circle in... The Thunderers lose their nerve and elect to flee (a bit of an error with charge reactions I think... something to double check- also, they go off the board), allowing the Knight's to redirect their fury on the two warmachines possessing the hill. The Tzeentchian troops fly from the forest and come to blows with the Thunderers amid another hail of bullets. Theergoth and his Named Men flay the skin from the dwarven crew and march upon the lonely engineer. Nero's Court devour the organ gun. The Tzeentch troops brutalise the thunderers into submission and march down their bloody remains.

Victory to Theergoth!

A few of the details are a little hazy- I think I've mixed up some of the turn order... But whatevs.

5 Hounds killing a Slayer :D
Nero's Court surviving 28 Organ Gun shots- only taking 7 wounds.
The table set-up was terrible. The marsh really hamstrung both of us. The Forest wailed on my Tzeentch unit for several movement phases but only killed 1 or 2 warriors. I seriously finished the game with less than a dozen casualties >_> Gotta love ward saves :D

10-08-2010, 09:07
Game 2- Vs Skaven.

Theergoth was happy with the sacrifice the Dwarves had paid on the alter of Khorne, but sought out new heretics to conquer...

Grey Seer
Warlord- Fell Blade, Bonebreaker Mount
Chieftain- BSB (These three piled into the ClRats)
Plague Priest- Furnace, Plague Scroll
50 Clanrats- Spears
Warpfire Thrower
50 Plague Monks- Banner of reroll hit and wound for a phase
6 or 7 PCBs
30 Night Runners with Tunnelling device- slings
6-8 Gutter Runners with poison and slings
Plagueclaw Catapult

Mission- Battle for the Pass
Monks+Furn PCBs


Shr -Marsh- Trolls

The tunnelling marker was placed slightly behind the Tzeentch Warriors. I hate that unit. And the Gutters were placed behind my knights.

The Skaven army thundered forward, dust kicking up behind the large volumes of rats and vast mostrosities of war. The catapult let loose a glob of poisonous death, only to have it veer horrifically off target and land in a forest (oddly enough, later it was found to be full of fungus). The Grey Seer gathered strands of green energy in his hands and uttered a prayer to the horned one, stretching a single finger towards the Khornate Warriors... (irresistible 13th spell) The command of the Khornate troops joined the BSB and set about slaying their mutating brethren before they could dishonour Khorne's name... (17 casualties) But Khorne, maddened by such a dubious ploy, reached through the veil and tore the Seer from the mortal plane! (bottom miscast, Seer dead + 8-10 ClRats). The warpfire thrower malfunctioned and exploded.crew pressed the wrong button and disappeared in green smoke...

Irritated by the losses to his troops, Azaer sprang forward into the loathed Tzeentchian troops and marched forward with the pet wizard. Theergoth bellowed his rage and moved to head off the Seerless Rat pack. Reinhardt summoned the winds to his control, but Khorne's pressence lingered still... The Wizard and his troop were burned by the arcane energies and his spell, while unstoppable, wreaked no damage to the foe (miscast, 1 wound on the Sorc, 8 models removed from the unit).

The Skaven troops mustered their anger and charged forward (or in some cases, failed to muster their sanity). The Clanrats hurtled forward into the Khorne Knights, the Censer Bearers flailed into the dogs before Nero on the right flank, and the Monks, overcome with zealous rage, walked into the forest (dealing 5 wounds to the Furnace) at a leisurely pace... The Magic powers of the foe bounced harmlessly from Theergoth's troops as Khorne smiled upon the carnage about to be wrought. Again, poisonous death rained down and claimed two of Tzeentch's minions... (the Gutter Runners were forgotten this turn and the Tunnel crew didn't show up). Combat was fought! The Dogs disappeared infront of the PCBs. Theergoth let forth a mighty bellow of challenge and the Warlord strode forward to claim him... Theergoth began his flurry of attacks only to find the Warlord was now a measly unit champion (My opponent accepted with his warlord and, after I declared I would strike first due to magic items, changed his mind- later he would claim I never said anything). The hapless minion was carved to pieces as Theergoth vented his rage! (5 wounds) The Fellblade then arced through the Knights, slaying a majority... The attacks back from the few remaining knights saw plenty of Skaven troops falls to the dirt... (I forget the numbers, but the combat was a draw or my victory... somehow...) Theergoth swore the dastardly rat would pay for his insolence. The Censer Bearers rage continued and they flew into Nero's Court.

The Tzeentch troop meanders forward and stops before the terrifying shrubbery (a fear causing wood with Monks inside). Khorne's few remaining foot soldiers prepare for the arrival of the tunneling worms... Reinhardt lets loose arcane bolts into the warmachine of pestilence, felling it and following up with a battle of wills that sees the Priest crumple to the dust. Nero's "men" annihilate the censer bearers and reorganise to face the Monks. Theergoth's challenge is met by the sneaky Warlord this time, and proceeds to wail on his corpse repeatedly (6 wounds, none saved) while his standard bearer cuts his own swathe through the lowly foot soldiers, but they refuse to back down.

Rats burst forth from the grouns and stare down the red armoured warriors, before ignoring them and raining stony death on Tzeentch's men (well, stones anyway). The Plague Monks let loose their fury and step forward (double 1s for charge). The catapult arcs a shot into the Tzeentch troops but does nothing. Theergoth challenges the remaining character only for the rat to retreat, so instead carves a bloody swathe through the clanrats (again winning, but not breaking them).

Nero cries his battlecry and awaits Azaer, Reinhardt and the Tzeentchian troops' support, but it never comes... The warshrine continues to slowly float around after the dastardly skirmishing sling-rats as they brutalise a unit of hounds. The Monks reveal a fell banner of poison and carve the trolls to pieces, those fortunate enuogh to escape are quickly run down. The reorganised formation of Clanrats hopes to win through weight of numbers, but Theergoth unleashes a fiery bellow, and between himself and his clansmen deal eighteen casualties to the unit before them, leaving only the Battle Standard Bearer... Caked in a musk of fear... He was then run down.

The Skaven rallied their troops and ploughed into the Depleted Tzeentch unit. 40 or so Plague Monks in the front, 30 Night Runners in the rear. Reinhardt challenged the leader of the Night Runners and felled him three times over... The back rank of the Halberdiers then cut the other Runners to pieces, while the front rank and BSB laid out almost every foe they could reach. 5 valiant Chaos Warriors were felled in return, but the bravado of their fight broke the Runners and the Monks held narrowly (double 1s to be exact).

The Shrine summoned mystical energies to the ensnared Tzeentch troops and bestowed upon them great vigour. Attacks poured from the five men and laid waste to the Monks, but the Theergoth's pet wizard was felled in return... The ratmen tried to escape with the corpse of the wizard but were run down by his comrades.

Game more or less called... Victory to Chaos.

Afterthoughts- Holy Crap!!! I thought I'd lost at turn 1. A Chaos Lord and a Knight Standard managed to see off 40 clanrats, a BSB and a Warlord! 8 Warriors, a Wizard and a BSB fought off 40 men to the front and 30 to the rear!

Unfortunately, this game was marred by unsportsmanly behaviour from my opponent and the onlookers. The game didn't go more than 2 minutes at a time without my army being called beard, my opponent committing dirty tricks (I never once saw a roll for the Fellblade), or a cry of "Well if my wizard hadn't died first turn..." Seriously? If my Khorne unit hadn't been vaporised it would've been quite a different game for me as well!

Also, I realise I missed a few Stupidity rolls on my Lord... This is due to me changing my wargear this morning, and I will apologise to my opponent for it, but it still won't excuse his behaviour. Really unfortunate given that he's a good friend and normally really quite fun to play against.

10-08-2010, 11:39
Thanks for the reports, I enjoyed them.

The combination of narrative-style reportage and clear descriptions of what's happening in game terms is a winning one.

A shame your second opponent was less-than-sporting, but the dreaded Gamer's Red Mist affects us all once in while.

10-08-2010, 12:17
"Unfortunately, this game was marred by unsportsmanly behaviour from my opponent and the onlookers."

It's one thing to have a unsportsmanly opponent, but it really gets under my skin when spectators get involved.

The game is between you and you're opponent, no one else has has the right to bud in and ruin or even slow down your game. They are allowed to watch, or better yet, bugger off and get their own game.

Thanks for the reports and looking forward to more :)

10-08-2010, 19:07
I could be mistaken, but taking the MoT and Rage Banner is not the best combo, as frenzied troops do not receive the parry bonus (the reason I'm assuming you went MoT). May want to give them great weapons, or give them MoN instead (or change banners).

Interesting to read. It seems a lot of games are going to be hard to determine the winner right away. The game changes rapidly!

10-08-2010, 19:22
I could be mistaken, but taking the MoT and Rage Banner is not the best combo, as frenzied troops do not receive the parry bonus (the reason I'm assuming you went MoT). May want to give them great weapons, or give them MoN instead (or change banners).

He isn't going to parry anyway with the halberds in his hands.

10-08-2010, 19:44
Oh yeah missed that they had halberds. Well then I'm lost for the MoT. Seems worth it on a 5+, but not 6. But that's a discussion for a different day. :p Thanks Mal.

10-08-2010, 19:59
Are they accompanied by the dude with the Ironcurse Icon?

10-08-2010, 20:09
Oh yeah missed that they had halberds. Well then I'm lost for the MoT. Seems worth it on a 5+, but not 6. But that's a discussion for a different day. :p Thanks Mal.

They are joined by the Sorcerer who has the Ironcurse Icone and bears a Collar of Khorne... 5+ ward vs Warmachines and 4+ ward vs magic, while the Khorne troops benefit from the 5+ ward vs shooting (Blasted Standard). I wanted to share the love between the units... But as the Skaven battle clearly demonstrated, the Khornate troops have no defence against magic :(

Also, pretty sure that the Helm of Many Eyes with the Rending Sword is a furious combo... Reroll to hit and wound vs just about anything :D It's only problem is lack of ap, and may struggle against Dragons >_>

11-08-2010, 03:08
Thanks for these battle reports! I recently have switched to a Warriors of Chaos army and I was a little worried about having only around 64 models in my 2500pt army, but these showed me that it wont be a bad thing.

11-08-2010, 03:45
Thanks for these battle reports! I recently have switched to a Warriors of Chaos army and I was a little worried about having only around 64 models in my 2500pt army, but these showed me that it wont be a bad thing.

I was likewise terrified. And in both instances I started the game wondering how the hell I could pull a win :p