View Full Version : Help to modify 2.5k dark elves into 8th ed.

scar face
10-08-2010, 09:01
I've heard that 8th ed. has screwed up a lot of armies and I'm not really sure how to change mine to fit it. Help would be much appreciated:

Dreadlord =570pts
Black dragon
Armour of Eternal servitude
Pendant of Khaelith
Crimson death
Sead dragon cloak
Heavy armour

Sorceress =150pts
2 dispel scrolls

Master BSB =170pts
Ring of hotek
Whip of agony
Heavy armour
sea dragon cloak

20 warriors =155pts
full command

20 warriors =155pts
full command

5 dark riders =117pts

5 Cold one knights =143pts

5 shades =90pts
great weapons

Hydra =175pts

Hydra =175pts

Whilst this is a 7th ed. 2k list, I would very much like to keep the dragon, so am going to bulk it up to 2.5k.
Would a unit of 20 witch elves and a cauldron of blood be worth it in 2.5k?



10-08-2010, 09:10
This is a very 7th ed list and should get smashed by good 8th ed armies.

I think to make effective DElves in 8th ed you need a lvl 4. THe dragon is simply not going to get his points back and is very susceptable to shooting now from all over the board. Shades are useless, cold one knight cav is sensationaly

I would get:
Lvl 4
Big blocks of spearmen (to sacrfice with dagger :P)
couple units of 10 xbows
harpy units x 3
Executioners (they are gold in big blocks now)
Big block of cold one knights
2 x hydras

and maybe blackguard if you can fit it in.

But that is my opinion

scar face
10-08-2010, 09:27
May I ask- why the harpies, and how many cold one knights would you recommend for a big block.
Also, would any magical banners go with the executioners to boost them or are they hard enough on their own (horde?)


10-08-2010, 10:18
You cant have 2 dispel scrolls. There normal arcane items now. I would give her either seal of ghrond or a dispel scroll.

The composition of a good DE list is large blocks of spearmen (30-40, ranks;10x4 = 235-305. Bargain!) mages galore (1 lv.4 and a couple of 2 lv.2s), some units of cold one knights (1-2 units of 10) and as many hydras as you can (2 would be good, 4 in 3k).