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This might be easier to read here: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/article/5380082

Randulf was worried. There were many reports on unusual high level of dark magic coming from the Reikwald forest. It seemed to come from the area around the Klagenhof Mansion. According to the annuals the noblewoman Irmella was the ruler of the estate 126 years ago, and no one had taken over after that. Could it be undead activity? The senior priest decided he had to raise an army to investigate.


This is my first battle using the 8th edition rules. We did some mistakes and I’ll try to point them out in the text.

Also this battle is loosely linked to my last battle:


You’ll notice that I don’t play the game very often.

Empire Army


Randulf on war altar + Van Horstmann's speculum (Arch lector(I call him senior priest as I have painted my army in the colors of Altdorf, and the city doesn’t have an Arch lector))


Meinlof with heavy armor and additional hand weapon (Warrior priest)

Wolfgang with heavy armor and shield (Warrior priest)

Dietrich with two dispel scrolls (Level 1 light wizard)

Felix riding Pegasus with full plate armor, shield and Sword of strife (Captain)

Ernst with Hochland long rifle (engineer)

Core units

39 Halberdiers with full command

15 Halberdiers detachment

39 Swordsmen with full command

15 Free company detachments (I am working on a swordsman detachment but I am not finished.)

10 White wolf knights with full command.

20 Crossbowmen with full command.

Special choice

10 Inner circle Reikguard knights with full command

2 x Cannon

5 outriders with musician



Helstrom Rocket Battery

Steam tank

Daemon army (note that I haven’t mentioned all the equipment for the daemons as I’m too lazy to ask my brother for his list)


Great unclean one magic lever 4


Herald of Khorne

Herald of Tzeentch with Flames of Tzeentch

Herald of Nurgle on Palanquin


20 Bloodletters with full Command

10 Horrors

10 Horrors

12 Daemonettes

20 Plaguebearers with full command

4 Nurglings

5 Flesh hounds of Khorne

5 Flamers

1 Fiend


Randulf was waiting for the scout. What could take so long? It had been hours since the last report, and the manor should be nearby. “Get ready to march” he yelled. And the soldiers stood up and got in formation. “We have to be careful” Dietrich the light wizard said “the air is full of dark magic”. The senior priest didn’t like the presence of the wizard in his army, but the commanders in Altdorf had insisted, and as a part of the Altdorf army, he had to follow orders.
They reached the clearing where the manor stood, or where it once had stood. Now there was nothing left but ruins. And they were not welcomed by the undead but daemons.
The standard in 7th edition was the “pitched battle” we were looking forward to try something “different” and rolled to see what scenario we should play. We ended up with meeting engagement. In this scenario the armies are placed close to each other. Some units are not placed on the board. You roll a die for each unit and those who gets an 1 is coming to the board as reserves. The armies are also place diagonally on the board.

Empire reserves:
Warrior priest with shield
Warrior priest with additional hand weapon
White wolf knights.

Demon reserves:

For scenery we rolled 1, meaning that 5 pieces of scenery should be placed. We decided to place one forest, two hills, a fence and some ruins. The ruins where dangerous terrain and the walls provided cover.

The Empire had to place its units first then the daemons placed his daemons. The reserves entered the board the first round anywhere on the empires long edge. The Empire had the first turn.

The daemon setup. From the left. Seekers of Slaanesh, Fiend of Slaanesh, Flamers, The masque of Slaanesh, Flesh hounds of Khorne, 2 x Horrors, Herald of Tzeentch between the horror units, Nurglings, Great Unclean one, Deamonettes, Plaguebearers and Bloodletters.

The Empire setup. From the left. Halberdier detachment, Halberdiers, Crossbowmen, 2 x Cannon, Swordsmen, Randulf on Waralter, Dietrich the light Wizard, Helblaster, Rocket battery, Outriders, Inner circle Reikguard knights and Felix on pegasus. On the window post you see the two warrior priest, the White wolf knights and the engineer who comes to the board later.

Empire turn 1

The Knights of the White wolf enters the battle field on the left flank to secure it. Felix riding his Pegasus steed flies into the Daemon rear on a mission to deal with the Demon wizard. In the center corridor between the ruins and the forest the steam tank moves forward shooting the Khorne hounds with the steam gun, causing one wound. The Inner circle Reikguard knights are following right behind. The Outriders it getting into position in chase the left flank doesn't hold. The Helblaster is having the same role on the right flank. If anything gets through, it will be met with a hail of lead. The Rocket battery just gets into position as I am not aware of the indirectly shooting rules. The swordsmen are moving backwards to let the Arch lector though. They are joined by the warrior priest Wolfgang. The other Ğlateğ characters, the second priest and the engineer Ernst are heading for the cannons and the halberdiers. Randulf and the Light wizard Dietrich are in the front but fails at casting their daemon banishing spells. The cannons have more luck and both manage to wound the roaring Great unclean one. Causing 1 and 4 wounds to a total of 5 wounds. Not bad! One of the cannon balls also manages to send two Horrors back to the realm of chaos. The crossbow men bring down two bloodletters, and the Halberdiers are closing in on the enemy’s flank.


Demon round 1

On the Empires left flank the Hounds of Khorne are entering the wood to deal with the white wolf knights.

multicolored flames against the outriders. They can only watch as one of the outriders turn into coal. The fiend and seekers of Slaanesh are quickly advancing towards the Outriders and the Empire main force.

The horrors, greater daemon and the daemon Wizard gets into position to better cast spells from the daemon rare. The daemons have to deal with the flying captain, but due to the presence of the Empire priests the magic fails to do any damage, except for a the spell cast by the herald of Tzeentch Meloths Mystifying Miasma who reduce the crossbowmen weapon skill to 1.

On the Empire right flank there are some important things happening. The plaguebearers are advancing towards the swordsmen. The beast of Nurgle and the bloodletters are charging the Crossbowmen, but the bloodletters are failing their charge, making them vulnerable for flank attack. The bloated beast of nurgle reaches its target, and slays 3 crossbowmen. The soldiers stay put and manages to reform into a better close combat formation. 5X3.

Empire round 2

On the left flank the White Wolf knights turn to face the vicious Khorne hounds. The Outriders and Rocket battery is combining fire and are destroying the Seekers of Slaanesh completely.

The steam tank is grinding 6 giggling horrors under its wheels with the inner circle knight following close behind.

A Cannon is shooting down a flamer while the second cannon ball manages to take down a plague bearer after it bouncing of the thick Great unclean ones hide. Randulf fails at controlling the energy within his jade griffon so all the remaining magical energy are rushing through the plague bearers as an banishing spell. Randulf grind his teeth as the watch all the fallen plague bearers except one stumbling back on their feet. The War altar can no longer cast spells!

The Light Wizard dispels the hex cast on the crossbowmen who again causes 2 wounds on the beast of Nurgle. The Halberdiers are charging the bloodletters in the flank, the herald of Khorne is seeking the battle to collect more skulls for his masters throne, but is cut down along with a bloodletter.

Demon round 2

On the left flank the White wolves are charged by the Hounds of Khorne and two knights are finding their rest in the giant jaws of the hounds, one hound is banished.

The Flamer reduces the remaining four outriders to ash. The herald of Tzeench and the horrors fails casting any magic but the Great unclean one bounces up in the air and lands in the rear of the Empire army. He sprays the helpless free company with gore and slime and they loses 8 men. The Demon Wizard wounds the captain with his flaming weapon. The plaguebeares charge the Swordsmen and cut down 3 men and their warrior priest. In return the Plaguebearers lose 6 demons from their rank. The fight is a draw but as the plague bearers don't have a musician so the Swordsmen win.

On the right flank the Deamonettes have charged the Halberdiers to aid the bloodletters. 5 halberdiers fall, but in return the Demons lose 5 bloodletters and 3 demonettes. The Bloodletters reform to better face their enemy.

The crossbowmen lose one man and the Beast they are facing takes another wound.

Empire round 3

On the left flank the White wolf cut down all the Hounds but loses two knights in the process.

The steam tank is destroying the Horror unit.

Felix and his winged steed charge the Demon Wizard who responds by shooting its multicolored flames towards the hero. He reaches his target, but the pain from his wound makes him miss all his and the Pegasus 7 attacks!

The Plague bearers suffer 11 casualties as the arch lector is charging their flank and only manage to take 3 Swordsmen with them. The Beast of Nurgle take down 2 Crossbowmen and manage to regenerate every wound he suffered in return. The helblaster start its hail of lead against the Greater demon but fails to do any significant damage. The cannons and rocket launcher also fails at getting a shot though.

On the right flank the reformed bloodletters, combined with the deamonettes, hacks through the halberdiers who lose their moral and flee off the table. The halberdier detachment that were right behind also lose their nerve and follows their parent unit off the table.

Demon round 3.

The Flamers aim and fells one white wolf knight. The demon wizard is miscasting and in the process he is slaying the hero. The pegasus stands and protect its master. (This is a mistake, we treat the pegasus as a monster, but as a Monstrous beast it should have been removed with the rider). The crossbowmen finally slay the beast of Nurgle.

3 swordsmen are slayed at the hands of the Herald of Nurgle, but the final plaguebearer is banished by cold steel.

The Great unclean one Charge and destroys one cannon and the remaining free company.

Empire round 4

The helblaster continue its lead hail against the daemon. It receives another wound.

The inner circle knight charges and destroys the remaining horror unit while the steam tank runs over the daemon wizard who is sucked into the realm of chaos only leaving a small purple cloud behind.

The crossbowmen throws away the remains of the Nurgle beast and charge the deamonettes who are destroyed by the enraged crossbowmen lead Meilof the priest.

The arch lector and swordsmen finish off the herald of Nurgle. They reform. Randulf to face the bloodletters and the Swordsmen to face the nurglings.

Demon Round 4[/b]

The white wolves realize their fatal mistake by exposing their flank as the flamers charge them and destroy them within their flames. The bloodletters charge Randulf who bravely fights them even if he suffers a wound. The greater daemon turns to face his foes.

The fiend of Slaanesh charges the helblaster and one of its crew is sent to the realm of Moor. (we also handle the warmachines wrong, as we operated with the crew as in 7th edition, but I don’t think it had any impact on the fight)

Empire round 5

The Light wizard focus all his energy into an irresistible force who nearly kills him, but he also gives a wound to the greater demon. The Crossbowmen filled with hatred and courage after slaying the deamonettes charges the bloodletters in the rear to save their general. But it is to late as Randulf is thorn of his war altar, but he is avenged as the bloodletters are destroyed to.

After three rounds of shooting, the helblaster blows up at the end of the hail but don't finish the greater demon. He has one wound left. The swordsmen charge and destroy the nurglings.

Demon round 5

The flamer close in and takes down one swordsman with flames. The greater daemon kills one of the cannon crew (The thunderous stomp is forgotten) while the fiend on Slannesh take down the Rocket crew.

Empire round 6

The Wizard release banishing magic that destroys the fiend but flees as he sees the cannon crew destroyed in the hands of the greater daemon. With one wound left the greater daemon is in great danger. He cannot be shot as he is in close combat, but the Swordsmen are in charging distance. The engineer is in the way so he tries to charge the fiend but fails by one inch. (Rolls 3 needs 4) This leaves him in the way for the charge so the swordsmen stops, leaving the Greater demon alone.

Demon round 6.

The greater demon wants to avenge the destruction of three of his units and charges the crossbowmen that are destroyed.
End of battle

Dietric was running in fear as he saw the great unclean one disappearing into the woods. He stopped. Had they won? He saw the battle field, where the medics treated the wounded. He wanted to find out what happened to Randulf but there was no time, there had to be a rift to the realm of chaos nearby. It didn’t take long before he found it. He started his ritual to close it right away

The sixth round was over and the points should be awarded to figure out who won. Only removed units count, and fleeing units such as the wizard that haven’t left the table yet isn’t counted. You get extra point for taking banners and destroying battle standard and general.

This left the Empire with 2350 points and the daemons with 2096. According to the rulebook it was a draw as you had to have twice as much points to win! Later I noticed the insert that came with the rulebook that corrected this and said you had to score 100 point more than the enemy to win. Hooray! The Empire was victorious.


We were happy with how the new rules worked. In the end of 7th edition the balance was awful, and many units didn’t have any impact on the game. I realize now that this was because the latest list for 7th edition was really made for 8th. The balance seemed to be just right in this battle, as both armies could have won the battle. The horde rule really fixed the cheap units. It was wonderful to see how both halberdiers and swordsmen did against the stronger but fewer daemon units. The biggest surprise was the Crossbowmen who did very well. In previous edition they have always been lost if charged. I wouldn’t say that shooting have changed much as I usually got two ranks of shooting as there usually were a hill to deploy shooters on.

There are a lot of changes, so we had some of the details wrong. The biggest mistakes that haven’t been pointed out in the text is that we forgot to roll for fear on many occasions. This could have turned the battle. It will take some time to get used to the new terrain rules. But I think they are more tactical now, as they don’t just block movement but can be used with a risk. I am currently very happy with the new edition.

10-08-2010, 10:01
good battle! In my fights we also forget to roll for fear....

I did notice your wizard carried 2 dispel scrolls. Dispell scrolls and power stones are now 1 of a kind items, and you cannot get duplicates. This is still a minor thing though.

Keep on playing and glad you enjoyed 8th ed the way I am!

Go Men of the empire! (and go frogs as well!)

10-08-2010, 10:03
good battle! In my fights we also forget to roll for fear....

I did notice your wizard carried 2 dispel scrolls. Dispell scrolls and power stones are now 1 of a kind items, and you cannot get duplicates. This is still a minor thing though.

Keep on playing and glad you enjoyed 8th ed the way I am!

Go Men of the empire! (and go frogs as well!)

Thanks for pointing that out. I never used the second scroll, so it didn't matter much.

10-08-2010, 11:31
I want to congratulate your brother on his fantasitci painted army.

Also, the empire will be a force to be reckoned with in this edition....

10-08-2010, 11:49
I want to congratulate your brother on his fantasitci painted army.

Also, the empire will be a force to be reckoned with in this edition....

Yes. His army are very nice. He use to win the "best painted army" on tournaments he join.

10-08-2010, 12:10
Nice bloody battle and glad you got the win over deamons :)