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10-08-2010, 10:52
Basically in 750 vrs 850 game (I had 750 Lizardmen, my opponent had 850 Chaos warriors) My unit of 11 skink skirmishers with blowpipes got charged by 10 maurders with flails, 3 died because of stand and shoot, and after the combat phase of his turn after that they were all dead, and the skinks were down to 8 skinks, the skinks actually killed something in combat:eek:
They were then charged by 2 chosen with great weapons, they killed one, the remaining chosen though killed 1, meaning my skinks broke and ran into some dogs, which then caused my Saurus and scar vet to run as well,the saurus rallied next turn.
The Skinks killed more in combat then when they shot. Beware the Ninja skinks.
Anyone else have tales of Ninja skinks and other units that normally people say just gives combat resalution away actually manageing to kill something in combat?

10-08-2010, 11:02
21 Gnoblars, charged by 20 Greatswords with Warrior priest, Stand and Shoot:1, lose 1 Gnoblar, kill another Greatswords, Greatswords run away and get caught.

50 Gnoblars Stand and Shoot Bloodthirster down.

Conclusion: Gnoblars are the HAX.

Ultimate Life Form
10-08-2010, 12:17
My 10 Javelin Skinks recently killed a unit of 5 attacking Squighoppas over the course of 2 CC without taking a single casualty.

Not as impressive as yours but it marks the first time my Skinks actually killed something in combat.