View Full Version : What would you rather face? (magic or more warmachines?)

10-08-2010, 14:29
I don't want to bias the poll with any other information so I'll just go straight to the question:

What would you rather face if given the choice, an empire army with 3 warmachines and a strong magic phase, or 7 warmachines and no magic phase?

Ultimate Life Form
10-08-2010, 14:33
Magic; at least you can do something to shut it down as opposed to warmachines. One single stupid Helblaster shot annihilated half my Saurus unit, and don't ask what the Cannon did to my poor Stegadon.

Idle Scholar
10-08-2010, 14:38
Voted for the extra machines from a Skaven perspective as they have a few tools to handle war machine spam. I expect most peoples answer will depend on their armies but to be honest neither option looks like a barrel of laughs.

10-08-2010, 14:39
magic- gunlines are boaring- I'm always happy when people bring a medium amount of magic and so it becomes more tactical rather than who spent the most points on magic (for the current 1500 7th editon tordment I'm in I'm bringing a level 2 and a BOS exalted and my BSB) and its nice when I have some tatics to think about rather than me dominating the magic phase (though I hate people comming with 3 level 2s and some other stupid way of getting crazy hard magic)

gunlines on the other hand are just as boring- I mean whats the point of bringing infantry if your opponunt has march blocked them and then just duel cannons and duel bolt thorwers your cavalry (even if it is screened by dogs!)

so bring a mix- much less cheesey

10-08-2010, 14:43
3 wm isn't that many, and magic can't be stacked up to be as overbearing as it could in 7th ed. a little bad luck with the war machines and they are useless, a little bad luck with the magic and it is useless. to the contrary, when you have 7 war machines, you need alot of bad luck to render your arty useless.

10-08-2010, 15:13
As a dwarf player I can see all those Irresisable force magics coming through be a pain in the neck. Purple sun and all the other fancy things to force a Initiative test or DIE. Yippeee! roll on 3+ and my dwarfs are dead! Also making the unit to hit itself is nasty. The magic in this edition got a pretty sweet boost, to bad the dispel of the dwarfs did not come along. Sure we do have some fancy stuff up our sleves, but we cannot use it for anythin other than dispel dice.

10-08-2010, 15:16
Magic is at least Interactive, I recently faced down 12 Warmachines in a 4k game and it was tremendously unfun.

Bloody Nunchucks
10-08-2010, 16:08
easier for me to avoid WM than to have to counter boatloads of magic destruction and buffs that will wipr me out

10-08-2010, 16:19
I'll never forget the days of old when my two opponents used to bring 3000 points of dwarf war machines (runed up to the hilt I might add) to the battle, I believe they had 4 organ cannons (and as they were 'cannons' and not 'guns' they were adamant that the rune of forging could be used) which equated to 20 shots, normally ALL aimed at my chaos lord, often before he got the chance to move.....

when it came to guessing their ranges, it took so long that my team would normally just read magazines, pausing to occasionally remove huge handfuls of chaos knights, black orcs and greater daemons......

this was back in 4th edition btw, and magic wasn't much better, the book of ashur was a given then, and pretty much everyone used it to get skaven magic.... I once had my chaos lord, 2 sorcerers, a battle standard, a hero on a dragon, 24 chaos knights and 30 chaos warriors annihilated by the old plague spell (for those that never experienced the most stupidly overpowered spell in the game, it was: every model in the unit takes 3D6-toughness wounds, no saves, and it could spread to another unit within 6" it basically killed everything until it ran out of things to kill.....)

either extreme sucks, but it's nothing compared to those days...

10-08-2010, 16:25
Never liked warmachines (I'm a chaos/beasts player :D ).

But really depends on opponents theme, but i'd much rather favour the more balanced machine/magic list.

10-08-2010, 17:31
Wow! I must say I really didn't expect this...

I think I can safely say now that the reason for this thread was because of my Welsh Legion which is an empire army with no magic at all, and I was trying to use that to justify taking more warmachines.

The point of this thread to me was to see if people thought that was a fair trade (no magic but more warmachines) but it's obvious from the poll that people would actually rather have me take magic and not over do it with war machines.

And here I thought at worst it would be even... :o

Now if only I had done this poll before I had ordered 3 mortars and 2 rocket batteries :(

Ultimate Life Form
10-08-2010, 17:44
You can reserve them for opponents you really hate. ;)

Desert Rain
10-08-2010, 17:45
I'd rather face more magic and less war machines with my high elves. War machines just kills stuff, but I can at least dispel some magic. And with magic you can roll poorly for the number of dice as well.

Citizen Lame
10-08-2010, 17:46
I'd probably prefer to go against the warmachines. I have had little luck with magic so far.

10-08-2010, 18:02
I agree with Noserenda - at the very least Magic gives a nod to interaction with the other player (other than telling them how many models of which unit to remove that is).

10-08-2010, 19:32
I dunno about anybody else but combat seems to happen rather quickly in 8th- making at worst two turns of hellish salvo fire. After that it's hand to hand time. But then again not everbody has slaves or goblins to screen there lines. =). I personally fear magic now/ battle/college magic anyway. Whatever happen to ice magic?

10-08-2010, 19:47
Have a magic phase. It's more fun.

10-08-2010, 20:55
I personally always cover every phase of the game, its one of the reasons I got rid of my Dwarves years ago. . .

10-08-2010, 23:14
At least a magic phase can be countered by dispel dice. If you go all out on warmachines all the dispel dice are worth nothing. At least your opponent get some choices if you take magic. 7 warmachines....not so much he can do.

It is more fun to have a back and forth magic phase than getting shot to bits as you desperately scramble to get into combat.

Of course, 7 warmachines is probably the most effective choice. If you want to take them I'd say you should consider your opponent and how much cheese he's been feeding you over the years. Maybe he deserves a good lead shower :p

10-08-2010, 23:17
You can reserve them for opponents you really hate. ;)

You can reserve them for ULF ;)

10-08-2010, 23:38
You can build some defence against magic but when a cannon or stone thrower fires, there's nothing you can do except hoe for that 1/6 chance the machine misfires.

Wizards, for the most part, have to move with their army and as a target, they get closer. With war machines, if you want to take them out then you can
either shoot at them with your own war machines (if you've got any) or (if you're a lizard or an elf) try to get your fast cavalry and/or flyers behind enemy lines to take them out.

10-08-2010, 23:43
7 Empire War machines is just bad news! Mortars of doom, cannons of hell, and rocket battery of hell! Not to mention the volley blasting killer!

Empire war machines, in conjunction with inexpensive infantry, and good access to characters - it's the Star Wars Death Star - only without silly Ewoks!

10-08-2010, 23:51
I got things called dispell dice ^^
And when people are around me then they get bad dice rolls xD It's like I have an aura of "horrible dice rolls".

11-08-2010, 00:00
Magic. Magic is fun.

11-08-2010, 00:55
For an empire army i think loads of warmachines is fine but the key is VARIATION. 3 mortars and 2 rocket batteries aren't going to win you many friends. Especially considering rare warmachines as devastating as the helstorm, 1 is often enough.

Personally i prefer to see more magic in 8th, because the new spell lists require more tactical acumen then previously, and certainly have a greater risk/reward than dropping pie plates over the battle field every turn and hoping the enemy doesn't get to grips with you.