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Time of Madness
10-08-2010, 16:22

Archmage (General)
- Level 4
- Book of Ashur (+1 to cast and dispel)
- Guardian Phoenix (5+ ward save)
***Takes High Magic***
= 355pts

Noble (BSB)
- Great Weapon
- Armour of Caledor (2+ save)
- Dawnstone (re-roll failed saves)
= 168pts


25 Spearmen
***BSB Here***
- Full Command
- Warbanner
= 270pts

10 Archers
- Musician
= 115pts

10 Archers
- Musician
= 115pts


18 Swordmasters
***Archmage starts here***
- Full Command
- Banner of Arcane Protection (MR2)
= 325pts

18 Swordmasters
- Full Command
- Banner of Srocery (D3 extra casting dice)
= 350pts

5 Dragon Princes
- Musician/Standard
- Banner of Swiftness (+1 Movement)
= 195pts


2 Eagles
= 100pts

TOTAL POINTS = 1993pts

Lords - 355pts or 18%
Heros - 168pts or 8%
Core - 500pts or 25% (bare minimum)
Special - 870pts or 44%
Rare - 100pts or 5%

I really like the current character set up I have going. I don't see many people taking the book of ashur, but I think it is a pretty nice buy. The +6 to dispel goes a long way in keeping my army safe from magic. The +5 to cast allows me to use only 2 dice while casting the majority of high magic spells. This keeps my wizard safe from miscasts and allows me to get a fair number of spells off a turn. The low casting values of high magic when compared to other lores and the ability to have 5 spells (drain magic) gives me an effective magic phase. On top of that I have the banner of sorcery to give me a few more dice. I tend to end up with at least 8 most turns.

The bsb has some protective items on him and provides some much needed pop for the spearmen. The warbanner and bsb give the unit a lot more stability when it comes to combat res. The dawnstone works well, however I do like the armour of caledor/guardian phoenix build a bit better. Unfortunately I had to give my Archmage the phoenix.

A lot of people ask my why I don't take Lothern Sea Guard instead of 2 units of archers and the spearmen. I like basic archers for 2 reasons. The first is they provide me with 2 units of shooting which I can choose to focus on one unit or divide the shots up between 2 units. I also like them for the deployment advantage I get. I almost always deploy my 2 archers and 2 eagles first, giving me 4 units to deploy before I have to start putting the big boys down. People really underestimate how important the deployment stage of the game is. I tend to win a lot more games when I "win" the deployment stage and can better dictate the battle.

The 2 units of swordmasters are interesting choices. Many people put them below phoenix guard and white lions this edition. I really like the killing capabilities that the swordmasters have. With 19 S5 attacks while re-rolling misses they tend to decimate enemy units in one turn. I prefer them over both phoenix guard and white lions just for the killing potential. With 2 units I tend to always get at least 1 unit into combat mostly intact. The banner of protection helps as does high magic 5+ ward save.

The dragon princes are a fairly standard unit. I like the banner of swiftness for the +1 movement however I still might switch this out for the banner of ellyrion. The princes give my opponent another unit to worry about and I find they take a fair chunk of firepower away from the swordmasters.

Overall I'm happy with the list, but would love to hear some comments.
Time of Madness

101st Vostroyan
10-08-2010, 16:37
It looks like a pretty hard list with good magic offense and defense, as well as a good amount of shooting and anti shooting(eagles, dragon princes), combined with a solid battle line.

All in all, I think it is a pretty hard list