View Full Version : Ogres in 8th edition

10-08-2010, 20:58
I have just played my first game of 8th edition. With my Ogre army vs an Empire army.

I would just like to report that after reading the rules I thought that this edition sounded pretty lame, but it was the most fun I have had with Warhammer in years. The game definitely seems to be more balanced now, better balanced than I can ever remember really and I have been playing since 4th edition. I have only played one game so I may be completely wrong and I might yet change my mind, but I am interested to see if any one feels the same, because having read through a lot of messages from people moaning about 8th edition changes - they all seem to be (IMO) because people can no longer cheese their way to victory every game or at least do it less than before.

I thought it was just a lot more fun and a lot less effort than before and the ogres are now a really powerful army again as they should be. I just want to say well done to gamesworkshop for finally getting something right.

On a side note the Island of blood box set is pretty nice having seen it all up close now.

Now all gamesworkshop need to do is release bloodbowl again and I will forgive them for everything