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Askil the Undecided
11-08-2010, 13:09
I was looking at my background for my Imperial guard army when I thought to myself "Who else does this?"

This thread is the result.

History of the Mordenmire DIX (509th)

Mordenmire is a planet on the fringeward extremity on Segmentum Pacificus that was once known as Kelcis.

Kelcis was a world of fertile shallow marshlands, full of rare edible plants and rich quarries with great mountain cities fed power by geothermal vents the greatest of which is Kel, the first settlement and capital. Known by collectors across the segmentum for it's fine ceramics and renowned by gourmets for it's rare delicacies.

The forces of Nurgle attacked Kelcis in 153.M38, this event changed the planet forever, although the forces of chaos were defeated the taint they carried poisoned the planet irrevocably. Kelcis is now called Mordenmire (Deathswamp in the local dialect.) Mordenmire is a dying world of stinking marsh-farms surrounded by a sea of polluted mud, punctuated by the few remaining cities in the great mountain ranges, swept with heavy rains.

This change has deeply affected the people of Mordenmire they have become coarse, superstitious and fatalistic, those reckoned fit willingly join the PDF in the hope that they will be selected for induction into the Imperial Guard. Their only hope, to spend their blood on living worlds, touched by the Emperor's grace.

All Mordenmirers selected for service in the guard take their last rites and don their traditional silver-piped funerary fatigues before leaving their family homes and heading for the rain-pounded founding grounds in Kel nestled in the mountains above the great marshes.

Most Mordenmirers have a tendency to drink heavily, this stems from the dangers of other recreational activities on their homeworld. Despite this they are devout if-quiet followers of their local interpretation of the Imperial creed who characteristically have little of tolerance for the pomp required by some branches of the faith.

An oddity of Mordenmire is the frequency and quantity of it's guard foundings, this is due to the sector's Munitorum branch failing to adjust the planetary tithe to the new population after the planet's nearly cataclysmic invasion by Chaos, as such roughly every twenty years a nigh irreplaceable portion of Mordenmire's small population is inducted into the guard.

The Mordenmire 509th is a relatively newly-raised regiment, with only seventeen years since it's re-instatement after mustering out at the end of a campaign in the halo stars.

At it's founding the DIX was a large light infantry regiment with a munitorum-attatched Leman Russ tank company and a small complement of commandeered PDF “Mirestrider” Sentinels.

The DIX were deployed in several notable actions such as the withdrawl from Salsbri IV hive and the taking of Hawth XXX asteroid mines.

The current commander of the DIX, Lt. Col. Drost “Askil” Askillian has commanded the Mordenmire in battle against the Eldar and unfortunately the course of his career has led him into conflict with the Astartes of the Midnight Excisors chapter on a handful of occasions. The latter is due to an incident after a costly joint operation in which the DIX suffered 37% attrition. The incident involved three bottles of near-toxic home-distilled “Emperor’s Finest” and an extended tirade of abuse about the Astartes’ drop force “Turning up bloody late,” and being “jumped up bastards” he further claimed “it’s easy to be the best thing since grilled Grox with a Bolter and six inch-thick armour.”

Drost has described his preferred battle doctrine as “ not waiting for the filthy scum to start shooting at you, but making bloody sure you keep shooting at the bastards until they’ve stopped… and for the Emperor’s sake try not to bloody die.”

11-08-2010, 13:32
If you're asking the question "does anyone else write extensive histories for their armies, complete with detailed information regarding their force's homeworld", then the answer is yes.

One day I might even share it with you all.

Edit: given the following post, please consider this a placeholder.

Askil the Undecided
11-08-2010, 13:40
If you're asking the question "does anyone else write extensive histories for their armies, complete with detailed information regarding their force's homeworld", then the answer is yes.

One day I might even share it with you all.

It's more of a "let's share our armies histories and backgrounds, after all some people put alot of effort into them, plus I like hearing them" thread.

11-08-2010, 16:51
I did it for my Blood Feathers a successor chapter of the Blood Angels. I also have the background of my Orhonian Lynx, my Imperial Guard.

11-08-2010, 21:12
Yup, I do this... I'll go find me my background and I'll edit this later.

EDIT: Found it, it's quite long mind;

Homeworld: Majore, Askarite system, Segmentum Pacificus
Organisation: Space Marine Chapter [Excommunicate Traitoris]
Unknown Founding [Earliest recorded action: M3-.---]
Unknown Primarch
Leader: Chapter Master Ra Osiran
Chapter Traits:
The Dark Lancers have a high concentration of psykers, this in addition to the first date of their recorded conflict and fact they do not know their origins means it is often rumoured they are related in some way to the Blood Ravens.

They utilise very heavy weaponry, backed by a large number of infantry, emphasising ranged firepower over close combat. They care little for the Codex Astartes, and vehicles and their crews compose their own Company. Nearly all Company Captains are also members of the Chapter’s Librarium, and have at least minor psychic ability. They are not particularly well-equipped however, and their Assault Squads are split between the Jump Pack using Reapers and the Rhino-mounted Assault Squads.

Chapter Organisation:
Master’s Retinue:
Chapter Master, Ra Osiran
Master of the Watch, Lathril Orthos
Master of Sanctity, Karthok Tannin
Chief Librarian, Isak Amari
Recruiter-General, Reskai Moril
The Obsidian Guard, 15 Librarium Terminators

First “Veteran” Company: (Epistolary-Captain Thulian Delfuge)
10 Librarium Terminators, 30 Terminators, 20 Librarium Vanguard, 40 Sternguard

Second Company: (Epistolary-Captain Jaial Gerzort)
Librarium Command, 2 Reaper Assault Squads, 40 Sternguard, 4 Devastator Squads

Third “Reaver” Company: (Codicier-Captain Aquita Nalcis)
Librarium Reaper Command, 6 Reaper Assault Squads, 4 Tactical Squads

Fourth “Glass” Company: (Codicier-Captain Kallis Videric)
Librarium Terminator Command, 6 Tactical Squads, 4 Devastator Squads

Fifth “Animate” Company: (Techmarine Commander Theron Videric)
Librarium Land Raider Crusader, 12 Dreadnoughts, 4 Siege Dreadnoughts, 2 Venerable Dreadnoughts, 20 Predator Tanks, 8 Vindicators, 2 Land Raiders, 2 Land Raider Crusaders, 18 Razorbacks, 40 Rhino APCs

6th-9th Companies:
Command Squad, 2 Assault Squads, 6 Tactical Squads, 2 Devastator Squads

Tenth Company: (Recruiter-General Reskai Moril)
Command Squad, 10 Sternguard, 100-300 Scouts & Equipment, 6 Land Speeders

Subject: OcularisTerribus/Legions/ThousandSons/DarkLancerBrigade
Written: M38.494
Topic: Recording Inquisitor Githar’s hunt for the Dark Lancers

Fall of the Dark Lancers
M38.493 4/10
Inquisitor Githar present. Citizens of Majore found guilty of trading with vile Xenos, large cult of Xenos-converts found in the Ithilcar Citadel. Urgent action required.
M38.493 12/10
Requisitioned Crusade arrives, 3 Imperial Guard Regiments, Order of the Fallen Angel Commanderie, single Squad of Grey Knight Space Marines, 2 Arbites Shock Platoons. Oddly… the Dark Lancers fail to answer my request. I would have thought they would relish removing heresy from their homeworld.
M38.493 28/10
Citizen Xeno Cults resist, they are indeed numerous, 85th Arcadians wiped out during combat with traitor 11th Askarite Cavalry Regiment. Otherwise purification proceeding as planned. I must go to find out the Dark Lancers reason for avoiding this war.
M38.493 12/11
Dark Lancers Chapter Master Ra Osiran refuses to fight those he was protecting, it seems this Astartes’ affection for his homeworld is driving him to radicalism. After the world is purified, I shall deal with this.
M38.494 1/01
Askarite defenders almost eliminated, when 34th Sumerian Regiment reports combat with Astartes. The Dark Lancers have come to save their homeworld. 34th Sumerians suffer 50% casualties in initial Astartes assault, curse them. I shall have to inflict Exterminatus.
M38.494 4/01
Majore bombed with cyclonic torpedoes, majority of the crusade were evacuated safely, around 600 Dark Lancers rumoured killed, along with any surviving citizens. Dark Lancer’s Battle Barge Starlancer Fury arrives and it promptly destroyed by Navy Battleships, number of Thunderhawks managed to escape to the surface however. I shall have to weed them out myself.
M38.494 7/01
We have discovered the Ra and his Astartes are fortified in the ruins of Ithilcar Citadel, I shall lead my forces down to end this rebellion. Encrypted message sent to Terra warning of the excommunication of the Dark Lancers.

<<end of article>>
Addendum {M38.520}
<<Inquisitor Githar and Crusade yet to be heard from>>

Subject: Dark Lancers Space Marine Chapter
Topic: Reports on activity since Excommunication

Date —

Crushing of the Ultramarines; Lihto Desert, Taranis IV
Ref; Thulian Delfuge, Librarian of the Dark Lancers

The meteoric explosions of falling Drop Pods echo through the sky, across the dusty plain, the Daemon Prince Isak’Ra surveys the battlefield. As the loyalists spread out and secure the frontier, the Cult of the Severed Heart, a Tzeentchian insurgency fathered by our forces a century ago, ambush and harass them. Of course, the poorly armed zealots are no match for Space Marines, but we do not need them to live, merely irritate and consume ammunition. Our own squads advance nearer our prey, watching the Thunderhawks closing in above us, carrying a veritable company of the Imperium’s finest.

As the last cultists die, the Company Captain Jonas and two Dreadnoughts begin to emerge from the Thunderhawk, bolstering the enemy forces. It was then we began the slaughter. Squads Raptus and Vargus kick in their jump-packs, pinning down and scything the Devastators as they take aim towards our vehicles, unfortunate for them, as the Defiler sprints ahead, crushing the souls of the Sniper Rifle-armed Scouts in the Oasis. The Thousand Sons squads start trading fire with Tacticals, slow yet steadily they cut down the Ultramarines, their aeon-long experience of the Warp providing them with a hellish shield to resist the opposing firepower.

Isak’Ra himself flies overhead, as my own Sorcerer-Coven immolate the Veterans duelling with our Terminators. A Lascannon fires right by as our Predator explodes in an incandescent ball of fury and flame. Then as we clear the corpses blocking our way we stare in awe of our most majestic Lord, sweeping his glaive and battling the Captain of the Ultramarines. The Captain was quite skilled, but few were those who could stand before Ra even back when we were not blessed by the Architect of Fate. A fountain of crimson spray erupted from Jonas’ severed head, and Squad Raptus quickly jumped into the Thunderhawk, killing the crew and securing a way off-world from this cursed planet.

<<Holotape recovered M38.619 from the Thunderhawk Prideful Victory >>

Taranis IV’s satellite, Taranis Valton
Valton Farmlands

<<Begin Report>>
Many hundreds dead, including thousands of livestock and burnt crops. Small troop of Black Templar Space Marines stationed at Valton Orbital Shipyard intervened only to be cut down defending a Food Processing Plant, Taranis PDF found mutilated and scattered. It appears they were routed by some large creature before being run down by fast moving infantry. Fragmented holotape seems to imply Astartes-size enemies.
<<End Report>>

Raid on Ultramar, Ultramar Sector
Transmission from: Merchant Frigate ‘Calming Water’, Captain Julius Masolius
Recieved by: Astropath Valerin, Station Iota, Ultramar PDF

We are under fire from numerous frigate-sized warships and a single Astartes strike cruiser. They are coloured blue and gold! Have the Ultramarines gone mad? Our escorts have been neutralised, only the Vista of Solace remains holding them off. We have done nothing to provoke this kind of reaction! We are .........
<<Transmission interrupted>>

Inquisitorial Addendum: Inquisitor Malar Deon, [Successor to Inquisitor Githar]
Shortly after this Transmission, contact was also lost with Station Iota. The Ultramarines Strike Cruiser Valour and Shield was sent to investigate, but contact was lost with them as well. The only way we could tell the enemy was the discovery of a single boarding torpedo, which evidently missed it’s target, and the corpses of 5 Dark Lancer Space Marines inside. Station Iota was found untouched after the loss of the Strike Cruiser, it seems as though the Dark Lancers somehow blanked it from psychic hails and radar scans in order to draw the Ultramarines to investigate. Cunning indeed...

I have tracked down one of the Dark Lancer Librarians to Taranis IV. How apt that villains return to their place of villainy? It seems his master left something of importance here, hidden, incase he required it later. Unfortunately for “mighty” Isak’Ra, it was found by one of my Arbites squads, while excavating the remains of Captain Jonas in the hope of discovering more information on Dark Lancer tactics. We found more than we could imagine, a map of the galaxy, seemingly randomly marked with different locations and numbers. I assume the numbers mean the order of movement, for Taranis IV is marked both 1 and 6, while the Ultramar Sector is marked 3.

However I can only guess as to what interest’s the Dark Lancers in some locations. What exists on Kronus that could warrant their attention. And how indeed they hope to make an assault on Forge World Anaryon is beyond me...

For now, I shall continue my tracking of them, and not letting them know of my presence, Githar was a fool to so openly oppose Astartes.

<<Several Months Later>>
We have caught up with Aquita Nalcis, former Codicier, now seething Chaos Sorcerer of Tzeentch. He and his retinue are skulking about the Oasis they fought on nearly a century ago. The guardians of our rather haphazard fortifications are under strict orders to not attack or let the Astartes know of our presence. They seem to be lurking around the Lihto Desert’s fringes, at the edge of a mountain range. We shall assault them soon...

<<Sage-Adept Ignario Report>>
The Inquisitor led his Arbites into the mountains in the early morning just as the sun was about to rise, and the splashes of hellgun blasts lit up the first cavern we came across, a single sentry was stationed there, easily dispatched. Onwards we went meeting Aquita and his small force on a plateau near the summit. He and his coven were in the middile of a summoning ritual it seems, explaining their surprise at our arrival. Two of the Rubric Marines nearest our force were slow to respond and were destroyed with Plasma Fire.

Then the killing began, hellguns and bolters rang across the sky as we engaged the Dark Lancers proper. However we were too numerous for them, though we lost many loyal Arbites, the Coven was killed one by one until Aquita alone stood against us. Flaying three of the Combat Servitors with a sweep of warp lightning, he was an orgy of destruction until the Inquisitor himself moved ahead and held the Null Rod before him, Aquita howled in pain as his source of power drained in it’s presence, but as the Inquisitor went down to strike the Sorcerer down, a great shadow appeared from behind Aquita. Nalcis exploded in a rush of blood and a Daemon of Chaos stood before us. It seemed weakened by the Null Rod and Aquita’s little remaining lifeforce did not translate well to the Daemon, and it was banished quickly.
<<End Report>>

From Nalcis I discovered the location, and purpose, of Isak’Ra’s next attack. On the planet of Anaryon V, he appears to be heading to aid a Black Legion Daemon Prince, Drin’moirin, in his assault on the system’s outer regions. No doubt I expect to prepare for an assault on the Forge World itself.

---Holotape recovered on Anaryon V---
Ref: Thulian Delfuge, Librarian of the Dark Lancers

We have arrived in the Anaryon system, after a brief interruption with an Eldar Pirate Fleet... And Isak’Ra is now in negotiation with the Daemon Prince Drin’moirin. A large, black, and atypically daemonic creature, he is vile to the eyes and a fool. Nevertheless he leads quite a large Black Legion force, and we need his troops for the capture of the Advent Blade.

The Advent Blade, an ancient weapon born from a long-dead race of warp-worshippers. They believed Tzeentch was the bringer of days, and if they did not appease him, tomorrow would never arrive and they would be stuck living the same day over and over. Hence, each day, they killed a rare type of mammal with the Advent Blade, signifying how they would sacrifice some of their valued possessions to just be left to live. All of this may or may not be true, as my master typically tells his stories, however the Advent Blade has inherited some properties from this system-wide belief, it can slow time down for it’s user, allowing them to live the present a moment before it happens. It is this power Isak’Ra wants, he cares not for the Black Legion master’s ambitions, and once we achieve ours, we shall abandon him to his hopeless crusade...

12-08-2010, 00:17
Some of us are such geeks that we even create entire websites (http://starbase10.com/gilead) about our armies :D

12-08-2010, 16:58
I was looking at my background for my Imperial guard army when I thought to myself "Who else does this?"

No one in my player group, for example, but after having some battles with my Cadian 82nd "8-Balls", I´ve been thinking about writing something up for them. Perhaps something like your story, which I really liked!:)

After fully modelling and painting an army, it is only appropriate to create some fluff as well.