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12-08-2010, 08:18
Ok, we now have a healthy list of units assigned to Battle Group Warseer, and thanks to Askari we are close to the same for the despicable Warseer Black Crusade! Now the time has come to unleash all that power on the unsuspecting Galaxy....

The plan is this: This is the Background section, not the Battle Reports section, so we are not looking for extensive reports which would belong elsewhere, just brief in character transmissions straight from the battlefield.

If anyone who has forces that are part of either of our Warseer Factions plays a game against anyone else, whether they are part of the opposing faction or not (which would be tricky anyway given how wide spread we are!), then post a brief message in the style of an Astropathic Comminication, Radio Transmission or other suitable style of field report. You would need to begin by identifying yourself, your unit and where you are deployed, and then give us a couple of lines about the engagement you just played. Nothing too detailed, just something that is characterful and tells us what enemy you faced, whether you were victorious or not, and what your forces are doing next - retreating, pursuing the enemy, counting slaves, or whatever.

Occasionally, we may give you a theme to base your battles around, like a Chaos invasion of a particular world for example, which would give you a few places to fight over and tell you what enemies you would face on that planet, in which case post about engagements at those places and against those enemies and we'll see which Faction can rack up the most victories. I trust you will all post honestly! I've already had a word with both the Inquisition and slipped an e-mail to Tzeentch, so they will know if you cheat!

So brothers, to war!

And extra kudos to Imperial Forces that defeat the forces of Chaos, and vice versa - this is a blood feud 10,000 years in the making after all!

Good luck....

12-08-2010, 10:15
*frazzle* This is Private Mills of the 3./6th Monglor Ogryns on Bycan II. We're facing heavy resistance from Chaos forces. The Captain and the Commissar are dead, the beastmen and most of the Blood Axes you hired have fled. My Manticore is empty, only the Hydra is still ok, we're retreating to save the tech while the Ogryns delay the enemy. *frazzle*

(Objective game vs CSM, lost).

Lord Asgul
12-08-2010, 10:59
*frazzle* *screams of the dying* Your false Emperor has failed you Imperial scum *whimpering* This world will be ours and your armies shall be nothing but dust *frazzle* THE VICTORIOUS FORCES OF LORD ASGUL MARCH ON!!! *frazzle*

*frazzle* Helo IV shall fall soon *frazzle*

(Annihilation vs Guard, won!)

12-08-2010, 14:39
*frazzle* *explosions and autogun fire* This is Herak, Enforcer of Mamons Chosen reporting from Myrkridia II. We have engaged the enemy..... holding several key posit.......*explosion*......eavy casualties......*autogun and mortar shells falling*.....chime......estroyed......ammunition low......send reinforcements imm....... *chainsword revving and screams* *frazzle*

(seize ground vs codex marines, drew barely)

12-08-2010, 15:46
Addressed; Warseer Battle Group Command
CC; Segmentum [deleted] Command, Strategic Services Initiative, Inquisitor Eternus
Subject; Despatches, 1st Black Sun Militia, 1st Company 'Black Cats'
Author; Captain Aurelius, 1st BSM
Thought for the Day; A bleeding heart is ripe for infection.

It pains me to report that the 1st Company have been driven from our previous stated position. Initial reports suggesting that the area was devoid of resistance were proved false when, immediately upon deployment of the A128 'Thumper' device assigned to us, a brood of xenos (designate 'Tyranid') erupted from within our perimeter. The 'Thumper' was destroyed and we were forced to abandon Complex Delta. However, casualties were light and, as the alien seems content to dwell within Complex Delta for the time being (suggests possible lack of 'synapse' organisms?), 1st Company have secured a new perimeter around the battle site and are awaiting further orders or reinforcement. While this was a small-scale skirmish, a significant amount of materiel remains within Complex Delta and so I humbly suggest that this task is given B1 regional priority.

Please note; A128 'Thumper' device proved to be ENTIRELY INEFFECTIVE at countering the Tyranid threat. While the xenos' desire to destroy the device was obvious, no significant impairment of function was noted in the attackers. Magos Kind believes that the 'Thumper' simply exacerbates the alien into attacking; suggest that its use in Battlegroup defensive strategy is reviewed IMMEDIATELY.

Captain Aurelius (1st BSM, 1C)

Notable Mentions; Sergeant 'Aspie' Hiero, 1st BCM 1C (led a counter-charge against Tyranid close-combat bioforms) (deceased) - Private Ernst Bloom, 1st BSM 1C (autocannon operator, accounted for eight confirmed kills, including heavy bioform) (MIA)

12-08-2010, 16:53
+I have sent the World Eaters under my command to the southern continent of Velos V to cleanse the minor ork infestation. While heavy casualties were taken the area was not the less secured.+

+I am deploying the surviving elements of Dreagher’s host and the 17th grand company of Iron Warriors to begin the siege of the outer hives and sub hives, while my own Exiled Ones move on Hive Principal. In one weeks’ time the banners of the dark gods will fly and population will scream eternal glory to chaos!+

+As ever your servant Set’esh of the Sekhmet, Commander of the Exiled Ones+

(Annihilation vs. Orks, won)

Lord Nestron
12-08-2010, 17:20
"In the Glory of Khorne we have harvasted many skulls of our Missdirected Brothers and have secured the field of Combat." (won seize ground vs. space mariens)

12-08-2010, 19:01
++Vox-link opened++
This is Lord Zarris of the Night Lords XIVth. We have isolated the Ultramarines at Dafr Prime and retrieved intelligence as to further objectives.

I've sent an advanced vanguard to probe their positions. Of those who returned we flayed their corpses and mounted them upon our Rhinos.

I will not tolerate failure.

++Signal Lost++

(Lost an objective game 2 to 3 against Space Marines)

Lord Nestron
14-08-2010, 05:51
+++ STARTING LOG ….. +++

Logfile: #1
Authorization: Grom, Skull Hunter
Tag recognition: 12th Legion, 7th Expedition, World Eaters
Date: +++Error – Error – Error+++
Location: …. +++guidance tracking failed+++

+++ RECORDING… +++

Kallidians Logbook.
We have attacked a force of our missguided Brothers and after a short but decisive battel we both withdrew from the field of battel.


Draw vs. Black Templars in Anhilation

14-08-2010, 09:23
Moved to Stories and Art.

Lord Nestron
14-08-2010, 23:40
+++ STARTING LOG ….. +++

Logfile: #2
Authorization: Grom, Skull Hunter
Tag recognition: 12th Legion, 7th Expedition, World Eaters
Date: +++Error – Error – Error+++
Location: …. +++guidance tracking failed+++

+++ RECORDING… +++

Kallidian`s Logbook.
After the retreat 2 Days ago we had gathered in a valley when we where attacked by the Hounds of the Corps on the Throne. They Bombarded us with Heavy Shells we lost 2 Rhinos but in a glorius Charge I led my Brothers to victory.


victorie vs. Imp. Armee (Seize Ground)

Lord Asgul
15-08-2010, 00:54
*frazzle* CHAOS REIGNS SUPREME BRETHREN! *frazzle* We have defeated the despicable Eldar and their insidious tactics, hail our fallen brethren! They have made our gods stronger and those of you who have pleased them shall be rewarded *frazzle* Let Slaanesh feast upon these Eldar spirit-stones! Their souls belong to Slaanesh! *frazzle* Helo IV shall be ours soon *frazzle*

(Annihilation vs Eldar, won...barely)

15-08-2010, 01:52
*frazzle*Herak of Mamons Chosen reporting from Myrkridia II, we have struck a decisive blow against these lackeys of the Emperor! We have deployed troops into the towns outside the main city, I do not believe they will survive the battle but every soldier sent to fight them is 1 less to man the defence of the capital itself.*frazzle*

cityfight vs imperial guard, lost

*frazzle*Herak to HQ. As expected our troops have failed to take the outlying towns. Their deaths mean nothing to me, its all in service to Chaos. The Chosen have taken several imperial bunker complexes and are holding position awaiting reinforcements before the assault on the capital.*frazzle*

planet strike vs imperial guard, won

16-08-2010, 04:08
*Frazzle* Colonel Kaiser of the 4/42nd Krieg Siege reporting as ordered. Engaged in combat against a Chaos warband. Heavy losses among the Grenadiers, moderate losses among the infantry squads. The Leman Russ Imperator Judicata was knocked out of commission, along with the Manticore Amaranth. Requesting reinforcements, as we are in danger of being overrun. *crackle* Commissar Frederick fell in combat with foul Terminators. His wounds from a Power fist were too great, though he earns commendation for personally dispatching one of the foul brutes. End Transmission.

Objective Game Drawn v. CSM, very bloody.

16-08-2010, 21:58
+The tides of the warp were with us this day brothers, as we were able to call upon denizens of warp to aid us in are fight with are foul brethren of the thrice cursed Ultramarines chapter.+

+Eternal Glory to Chaos+

+As ever your servant Set’esh of the Sekhmet, Commander of the Exiled Ones+

(Annihilation vs. Marines, won)

16-08-2010, 23:24
*This is Lieutenant Dale of the 7th Consolidated Regiment reporting. Over*
*This is High Command, we read you loud and clear*
*Our surprise airborne attack against the entrenched traitors was a success, with only moderate losses as we seized the objective, a vile artifact of Chaos, from the Chaos scum.*
*I assume you destroyed it?*
*As soon the field was won. Of particular note during the battle was the duel between our commanding officer, Colonel Zoega, and the fallen marine that was leading the treacherous PDF elements. The fallen one charged the Colonel and when all seemed lost the Colonel shouted for a demo-charge. A nearby trooper gave him one, which the Colonel promptly shoved down the traitors throat. The Colonel is still recovering from the effects of the blast, but the corpsmen tell me he will live*
*Excellent, High Command out*

Objective game vs. traitor guard (straken list). Major victory for me...

16-08-2010, 23:30
+All glory to the Warmaster Askari+

+The Torillion incident escalated with the evacuation of forces from Scandous IV. Ulidantes Pact fought a rear guard action, lead by Ulidante himself, against the encroaching Tyranid Horde to ensure the safety of Sorcerers opening a Warp Gate.+

+My masters mighty loyal servants butchered the alien scum with out mercy. The Skull Throne grows as Father Nurgle tends to the rotting carcasses.+

(Infestation vs Tyranids, great victory: 0-7KP)

17-08-2010, 10:55
*frazzle* This is Herak, Enforcer of Mamons Chosen reporting from Myrkridia II. This world is ours! With the aid of Father Nurgles marines and Daemons we have taken the hive. A great plage struck down many of the defenders whose bloated corpses have risen and now follow us. We have captured several transport ships and are en route to the next warzone. *frazzle*

Apocalypse game (Apostles of Contagion, Host of the Blighted Pit and Mamons Chosen vs combined imperial guard and space marine armies, won)

Notable losses:

Imperial: 3 baneblades, 1 warhound titan, several guard and marine characters
chaos: Zaryknel, Mamon, Necrosius, most of the Chosen

17-08-2010, 12:08
<Sorcerous message mouthed through possessed medium>

+Good to see the tide of battle turn your way Herak. My master Ulidante bids Slaanesh to bring you pleasures fit for a mighty conqueror.+

Lord Asgul
17-08-2010, 12:14
*frazzle* For the Dark Gods! We have taken heavy losses against the newly arrived Necron threat, holding ground. Requesting reinforcements! *frazzle* *screams* FOR THE GLORY OF THE DARK GODS! WE SHALL BE VICTORIOUS THIS DAY! *frazzle* Our Gods have gifted us with our daemonic brethren! *frazzle* We have victory on Helo IV!

(Annihilation vs Necrons. Chaos Win! Bad first 2 turns, my daemons deep striked entirely on 3rd turn, won the game)

18-08-2010, 01:00
Far Eastern Fringe, Transmition from Lt. Co. Coteaz, Leading the Thorran 77th M.I. and supporting detachments inc. Thorran 42nd Armoured and Thorran 108th Recon, engaged tyranid splinterfleet on Vorax Primus.


Lt. Co. Coteaz "Status Voxman"
Voxman "The left flank is ours, & in the center the orks have been driven back as well..."
Lt. Co. Coteaz "Jolly good, what of the right flank?"
Voxman "No word Sir. Cup of tea?"
Lt. Co. Coteaz "Throne! I will have Captian Sidewinder! Try him again!"
Lt. Co. Coteaz "Sounds like thoes lucky Russes have found something to shoot at"
Voxman "No word from Captian Sidewinder, just static Sir. Sugar?"
Lt. Co. Coteaz "WHAT THE THRO..?"
Voxman "AHHHHHHH!"


4 Player, 2 way game, Dawn of War, Pitched Battle, Kill Points with defeat coming in the last turn of the game.

18-08-2010, 05:14
Fellow soldiers, I am pleased to announce that the fighting men of Draugar have successfully repelled a Necron assault on the temporary battlegroup headquarters on Mora V. Following the attack, the planet has been vacated of all battlegroup personnel.

The defense line was attacked at several points, though the heaviest attack was straight at the heart of Battlegroup command. Elsewhere, the attacking forces were insufficient and 'phased out' after brief confrontations, and though the Draugar regiments were sorely outnumbered, victorious units from nearby defense complexes rallied to relieve the Honor Guard. Together, the Imperial forces destroyed elements crucial to the Necron battleplan such that the aliens were forced to abandon their cause and return to their crypts.

I will consult our Ordo Xenos allies on the possibility of eradicating the Necrons. Should they be unable to, let no man set foot on Mora V from now until the end of days.

(Apocalypse special scenario vs. Necrons, victory by enemy surrender at turn 4)

Lord Nestron
18-08-2010, 19:05
+++ STARTING LOG ….. +++

Logfile: #3
Authorization: Grom, Skull Hunter
Tag recognition: 12th Legion, 7th Expedition, World Eaters
Date: +++Error – Error – Error+++
Location: …. +++guidance tracking failed+++

+++ RECORDING… +++

Kallidian`s Logbook.
After our victories on the western reaches. We could not got out of the Region befor a Tyranid invasion. We fought vallitly but lost many brothers but there loss means nothing


loss vs. Tyranids (Objektiv mission)

herald of kairos
20-08-2010, 23:00
++Data Transmission from Kar-Stagan VII++
This is acting commander Koira of the 992nd Kairosian Guard requesting immediate deployment of Reinforcements planetside, the Traitors have overrun our lines and are pushing deep into occupied territory. We can’t hold them much lon... Kar-Stagan is our the Oracle so decrees it send your reinforcements we shall defeat them all.
++Transmission Terminated++
Sieze Ground versus Tzeentch CSM. Lose to me.

21-08-2010, 00:03
+We have been betrayed brothers, the forces of decay attacked while we were engaged with the weakling followers of the False Emperor. The cowards waited until we bloodied ourselves against the enemy before they seized our weaken defenses from under us. We have been forced to abandon are operations on Valos V due to the under handed tactics of the plague god.+

+This affront must not go unanswered, either being these forces to heel under your banner and move them out of are theater of operation, or we will be forced to send them to their god before their due time.+

+As ever your “servant” Set’esh of the Sekhmet, Commander of the Exiled Ones+

(FFA, Objective game vs Chaos Marines & Guard lost)

Lord Asgul
21-08-2010, 21:49
*frazzle* Brothers, our feint has worked. Our Freemen allies have attacked where the loyalist scum were strongest. They paid for it with their lives. *frazzle* We shall attack soon *frazzle*

(Annhiliation vs Imperial Guard, lost)

22-08-2010, 09:07
Log: Epistolary-Sorcerer Thulian Delfuge
Log No: M41-14
Location: Aboard the flagship Skylancer Fury

Every day I see more deluded servants of the so-called God-Emperor, little do they know that he is no more God than they. We showed the Sisters of Battle the truth, as not even their famous faith could save them from the flames of Tzeentch.

(Annihilation vs Sisters of Battle, nearly tabled the opponent)

22-08-2010, 13:24

2nd Squad - Status Report

*Frazzle*.... 2nd squad here, we seem to have these ... monstrosities at bay. The Necrontyr technology that the research team salvaged apppears to be ok...... *static*..... *explosion*..... oly Terra ...... ynn's hamm.....ust been hit......Monolith!!!! Take it down!!!!......*crackle* .....*screams*........Brother Sgt.!!!!!......Brother Caerlion is down!!!!......Brother Ilioc reporting now, we're pinned, they're advancing on our position......*bolter fire*......They came from nowhere.......'re heavily outnumbe.....end reinforcem...nts.....*explosion*.......*static*


(Necrons VS Space Marines, Planetstrike, Marines got butchered)

Lord Asgul
26-08-2010, 11:34
*frazzle* Brothers! We have captured their precious cathedral! Defile it in the name of our gods! *frazzle, static* Set up my new headquarters here *frazzle* All captives to be sacrificed on the altar *frazzle*

(take and hold game vs guard, won)

Bubble Ghost
26-08-2010, 20:54
Dearest Warmaster Askari, Commander Yes Yes and So On:

I feel I must explain a spot of excitement that may have come to your attention. Sadly my brothers and sisters in temptation were involved in an ignominious spat with a detachment of the Black Legion a few days ago. We had found these most wondrous baubles in an abandoned settlement, but they insisted the things must have some sort of practical use and demanded possession.

Mostly Khorne followers, you see. No reasoning with their sort.

You will be delighted to hear, however, that we remedied this wholly unprovoked affront - thanks in the main to some artfully directed heavy weapons fire, it must be said, but also in that their skill at arms would seem to have been exaggerated. Honestly, you Khorney fellows, there are so many lovely deadly sins to choose from - why not try one other than Sloth, hmm?

We continue to supply for the Crusade, and our APCs now have some rather lovely decorative accessories.

Regards &c,

Lord Landris of the Serpent's Truth

(victory for my Slaanesh warband vs Black Legion in a homebrew archeotech-gathering scenario - pretty hairy on objective-related VPs, but relatively little trouble on body count)

26-08-2010, 23:33
Dark Apostle Ferrin-Kal of the 33rd Host of the XVII Legion smiled as the supposed Warmaster contacted his forces, attempting to re-direct them to some pointless battle in the Segmentum Pacificus. He had offered his "support" to their supposed Black Crusade in order to discover those who might be malleable and able to be shifted more directly to his cause. With his base of operations far to the Galactic East from the Galactic east, Ferrin-Kal would take little part in the operation as a whole, but he knew that every Astartes and Guardsmen occupied by his forces was not fighting elsewhere. The Gods had shown him the smoking ruin the Crusade would leave behind, and into that void armies of a billion faithful would flood following the great victories his forces were to win. Ferrin-Kal followed only the Gods, and the Gods had guaranteed his triumph. Armed with the Truth of the Word of Lorgar, Ferrin-Kal coded a simple transmission to the bulk of the Chaos forces.

"This is Ferrin-Kal, Lord of the 33rd Host of the XVII Legion, Corruptor of Physallia Tertius, Slayer of great Dante and Despoiler of Baal itself. To your Crusade I grant the Faith of the Word Bearers in the ultimate victory of the Gods. My men, however are my own. The Sons of Lorgar kneel only before the Gods, and any who stand before us are swept away. Tales of our victories should be proof enough of that. Whatever the outcome of this Crusade of yours, I swear to you on the throne of my Father that this galaxy will soon burn with the faith and fire of Chaos."

With that, Ferrin-Kal cut transmissions, and returned to orchestrating his grand plan for the Galaxy.

Just so everyone knows if they haven't seen the thread already, all the misadventures of the 33rd are documented here: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=259152 I urge you to check them out. There will soon be great battles fought against the Imperial Guard, and I do intend to support the Black Crusade, but ultimately my line of fluff is already quite altered, and Ferrin-Kal's Crusade is his own.

27-08-2010, 00:45
+ My lord Askari, we have engaged elements of the Imperial Fists in a minor skirmish! They hold fast against our advances, but we have gained ground against them! *crackle* Requesting reinforcements!

+ The Jenen Ironclads have heard our call, and are incoming. Rejoice, brothers, for our allies and victory are at hand!

(CSM vs SMs, minor loss for CSM at last minute of objectives game.)

27-08-2010, 14:27
+++++Incoming Transmission+++++Prepare to receive++++++

.....This is Baily, Colonel of the Talosian 24th, deployed at Invidia Reach, come in command?......fssssss......Can someone up there tell me what the...fssssss... is going on down here? We have been attacked by Sororitas Sisters under the command of Inquisi...fssssss....suspect rogue agents...fsssssss....inflicted heavy casualties.......They chose the wrong regiment to attack, that's for damn sure!.....fssssss.....Baily out......

Capture and Control, Talosian 24th Light Infantry supported by the Talosian 8th Armoured, 2000 points vs Witch Hunters - Victory for the Talosians, Rogue Inquisitor slain, Sisters took heavy casualties, Leman Russ Demolisher 'Overkill' distinguished herself.

Request formal investigation into this attack.

28-08-2010, 23:38
++++++Incoming Transmission++++++

Sir these accursed Crimson fists no not when to give up, we have taken down nearly two of their companies with the assistance of our lords the Black Reavers. Our casualties are high and the super heavy tanks "Apocalyptic Ruin", "Reavers Fury" and "Civilizations End" have been disabled, we have our units and some of the Black Reavers moving to secure them so our Dark Mechanicus allies can try to bring them back in to the service of the dark gods

We have lost almost three companies of Leman Russes and nearly all of the Vorkaden infantry in this battlezone. The Reavers themselves have lost nearly sixty Marines including twelve of the revered Chosen Terminators. The city the Crimson Fists were defending is nearly all destroyed and we are certain victory will come soon.

Requesting fleet bombardment on key locations pinpointed on your tactical map.

For the Dark Gods!!

++++++Transmission Ends++++++

(Planetstrike Apocalypse Annihilation, IG,CSM vs. SM. draw)

30-08-2010, 22:22
*This is Lieutenant Dale of the 7th Consolidated Regiment reporting. Over*
*This is High Command, did you stop the heretical ritual?"
*The Great Enemy knew we were coming and had prepared a ritual that scattered our flight. We arrived piecemeal, allowing the heavily entrenched enemy to pick us off. If it wasn't for Sergeant Drake and his boys, who took out an enemy Rhino and held up both the passengers and a foul dreadnought in a close quarter battle, allowing us to secure a bunker for our base of operations. Only after dispatching the last of the traitor marines did Sergeant Drake collapse from his wounds.*
*By the throne, I hope the Sergeant is alright, we need more men like him. But you failed to stop the ritual?*
Yes, we are actually in a lousy situation, me and my squad are the only non-wounded effectives left. We still have two birds in the sky and we have some walking wounded, but it's not enough. We need reinforcements and some more Birds....some Amasec would be damn fine too. Over and out.*

Objective game vs. CSM, Draw secured on last turn.

31-08-2010, 18:42
This is Colonel Luyen of the 450th Vietnamese Imperial Regiment stationned on outpost 188. I would like to report a most terrible incident.
Yesterday, one of our advance reconnaissance units led by Lt. Minh has engaged, during an hour,due to communication breakdown, allied Astartes from the Ultramarines sent to reinforce our positions. Due to his actions, we have lost a platoon commander along with his enitre platoon. Also, the Ultramarines 5th Company has lost a Dreadnought along with 4 priceless Tactical Dreadnought Armour critically damaged. Despite the unexpected assault, the Marines have been able force a withdrawal of the unit involved.

After the mistake was realized, Lt. Minh has been summarily executed on charges of sheer incompetence.

Annihilation IG vs SM, Lost due to forfeiting

The Highlander
01-09-2010, 20:43
+This is Major John Frost of the 2nd Cadian Parachute battalion, we have been attacked by an unidentified force of Space Wolfs, possible renegade. They have been driven them off with heavy losses on both sides, our survivors are now consolidating their positions. I am requesting urgent resupply and reinforcement to enable us to maintain these positions.+

(Capture and Control against Space Wolf, I won with one objective. Not much left of either side. Still, good to see a victory for the guard.)

17-09-2010, 01:55
*bzzt* Lord Warsmith, our armored column encountered loyalist space marines on our way to vital objectives! We engaged them in a skirmish and crushed them utterly! *bzzt* GLORY TO THE JENEN IRONCLADS, DEATH TO THE FALSE EMPEROR!

(Traitor IG vs Space Marines, seize objectives, traitor IG victory 2-0 (and almost tabled him!).)