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Lord Damocles
12-08-2010, 11:09
I've got way too much time on my hands at the moment, so I knocked up a potted history of the planet Angelis, of Gorkamorka fame.

I've included the most important events and dates which have been detailed in various places over the years. Feel free to pick it apart.


..................- Adeptus Mechanicus expedition to the dead world of Angelis in orbit around binary star XCV-103 in the Borsis cluster on the north-eastern finge of the Imperium1 aboard the Eternal Vigilance2, following the Firmament Reproached.
Known members of the expedition include Adeptus Prefectus Primus Saul Magellan (Site Director), Chief Orbologist Luteus Vox, Adeptus Astrologicus Herveus3, Explorator Torson, Gorman, and Adler4

8100[-112]344.M35 - Venator and Indagator class assayers dispatched. Archaeo-investigator teams sent for (expected arrival in four months)5

8115344.M35 - Energy waveform of unknown type detected eminating from 434 locations across Angelis6. Possible link to deterioration of surface conditions.

8431345.M35 - Expedition establishes base camp on surface of Angelis.
Orbital scans completed7

2935971[.35] - Excavations beneath/within pyramid result in recovery of sarcophagus from ante-chamber.
Pyramids have been identified as Necrontyr in origin8

..................- Ork Hulk sucked towards Angelis through warp rift9; knocking Eternal Vigilance out of orbit before both ships crash into the planet surface10.
'The Big Blast' - a huge flash of energy which blazed across the sky, pulsing up into the stars - occurs. It is unknown whether the Big Blast was caused by the crash of the Space Hulk, or whether it was the Big Blast which caused the Hulk to hurtle from the warp11
All contact with explorator mission lost12

..................- First Pre-Digga War, as explorators trapped in tunnels beneath the pyramids fight for control of machines which can create food from air, and lights which burn for a lifetime13

..................- Orks begin construction of a new vessel from the wreckage of the Hulk14

..................- The Imperium abandons attempts to reach Angelis after astropahic contact fails, and impenetrable warp storms block the planet.
The only record of the expedition is a brief entry in the files of the Adeptus, whose final entry is stamped
'All Contact Lost – Present Status Unknown'15

Several generations post Hulk - Second Pre-Digga War, as human tribes beneath the pyramids fight for space and resources16

..................- The Schism; Orks beliving that their new vessel was a likeness of Gork (the 'Gorkers'), and those believing that it was a likeness of Mork (the 'Morkers') fight it out, leading to the catastrophic destruction of the vessel.
It is agreed that the vessel will be referred to as Gorkamorka in the future to prevent any similar argument standing in the way of the Orks' return to the Waaagh!17

Several centuries post Hulk- Survivors from the Eternal Vigilance who have been mutated by radiation leaking from wreck of the Hulk -known as 'Muties' restore the wreck of their ship (renamed Etervigila) to much of its former glory, and roam the desert for remnants of their forebears' technology as well as any evidence of their passing18

..................- Wrecker War; The 'Wreckers' tribe beneath the pyramids emerge from the darkest depths of the tunnels after making an alliance of sorts with the Necron inhabitants. Each Wrecker becomes head of a tribe as each surrenders or is destroyed in turn19

Several generations after the Wrecker War - The humans beneath the pyramids dig their way out and encounter Orks who are conducting their own excavations. The Orks name the humans 'Diggas' and promptly enslave them.
One night, the pyramids glow with power as huge portals open, unleashing an army of Necrons upon the Orks, who are massacred.
The Orks name the pyramids 'Morgargdurlurkgulskardregsnikslag' (Fortress of ancient, terrifying power, land of waiting death, pain and destruction)20

Several years after the massacre at the pyramids - Necron legions sweep towards the Orks base at 'Mektown', destroying mobs and whole forts21

..................- The warp storms shrouding Angelis from Imperial ships lift. Another expedition is sent to the planet.

692.M41......- Excavations uncover a Dirge class raider several hundred metres below the surface of Angelis. The ship, refered to as the 'Angelis Boat' rises entirely out of the sand and departs witout a trace22

.............M.41- An Ordo Xenos Kill-team is dispatched to Angelis.
All contact is lost23

Post 020.974.M4124- Ultramarines Chapter Master Marneus Calgar leads a force drawn from the 2nd and 10th Companies to Angelis to investigate the disappearance of the Kill-team alongside other [unidentified] allied forces.
The Ultramarines are attacked by Necrons. Although the 2nd company's defences are in no state to withstand the assault, Calgar orders a counter-attack which breaks through the Necron lines. The Necrons are surrounded by the Ultramarines and their allies, and are defeated25

..................- A recently unearthed tomb complex is explored by Ultramarine Scouts who once again come into conflict with Necron forces26

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12-08-2010, 11:42
Well done. You were bored, weren't you? :)

I'd suggest putting it up on Lexicanum, but you've gone and properly cited it, so it's unsuitable for Lexi. :)

12-08-2010, 14:38
Gorkamorka was a great game, reading this brings up lots of fond memories.

Did you not think the last citation was possibly a mistake (by the writer), it doesnt look like the Angelis i remember. I know name drops are never usually an accident when so inconspicuously placed, but they could have at least took a photo on a desert table.

Good job!

Lord Damocles
12-08-2010, 15:04
I usually adopt a position of ignoring what's in a photograph, and just concentrating on the caption.
Note that the image of the Ultramarines' breakout in Codex: Space Marines (4th ed.) doesn't look like Angelis either (what with all the grass!).

I didn't know where to put the excavation of the Dirge in relation to the arrival of the Ultramarines (which has no date). In the end I decided to put it prior to their arrival since it explained why a Killteam was dispatched, and made some sense of, 'In the light of later events, it would seem
probable that the 'Angelis Boat' was in fact a Dirge class raider' (BFG: Armada, pg.78).

12-08-2010, 16:11
I usually adopt a position of ignoring what's in a photograph, and just concentrating on the caption.
Note that the image of the Ultramarines' breakout in Codex: Space Marines (4th ed.) doesn't look like Angelis either (what with all the grass!).

Necron holograms!

Amendum to report:
Present Status Unknown - likelihood of necron control 97.38%

12-08-2010, 20:17
Angelis is a big planet, and most of the action occurred in a fairly small area, all things considered. That city in the photo could be on the other side of the planet. Alternatively, it could be the Ork settlement after the Necrons had ... removed the prior inhabitants.

12-10-2010, 20:14
Sorry if this bump comes too late to be acceptable, I just had to comment.

I've been compiling a timeline of events on Angelis as part of a bigger project and this topic helped immensely. There are several bits of information I hadn't heard of at all, having been added later.