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12-08-2010, 21:54
So it even possible to screen a unit against template weapons anymore? Or for that matter a single character - foot, mounted, doesnt matter. With TLOS if you can see the model you can shoot at it. So for example I have a mounted Chaos Lord on a steed walking behind a unit of DOgres, as long as that stone thrower can see any portion of the model he gets to direct fire (as opposed to indirect) at that character? I got the -2 to hit with BS shooting, but would gain no benifits against template warmachines. The whole "the template must be placed within full LOS of the machine" is arbitrary as there are no specifics as to where the template is actually placed other than "over the model".

The only way that I can think of to screen a character now is to walk back and forth from warmachine to character and adjust to the milimeter so the warmachine can't see any portion of the model in question. Which you can forget about should the character be mounted on say a Juggy, as its to wide to hide behind anything...barring a hellcannon I guess.

Thoughts/arguments/suggestions? All are welcome.....minus the "Why is your Chaos Lord on a Juggy trying to hide behind anyhting?"

12-08-2010, 23:38
And that is why true los sucks in fantasy. I'd try to to use system similar to old one as much as possible if I were you. Shouldn't be too hard, considering I have yet to meet anyone who thought it was a smart move.
Tournamentsaround here have shunned that system as well so far.

Lord Inquisitor
12-08-2010, 23:50
Yep if they can see it they can shoot it. The problem stems from the fact that fantasy doesn't have an integrated shooting system for all weapons so non-BS war machines and magic missiles entirely bypass the cover system. In this regard the cover save system would be far superior, or by making all ranged attacks use BS. TLOS isn't the problem, it's just made the flaws with the existing system more obvious.