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12-08-2010, 23:36
just a quick question. I'm quite new to WFB and played a trial game today, 2k lizard men vs 1k dwarf and 1k Bret. My lizards didn't do very well at all....the bret knights managed to charge and wipe up whole units!

ANYWAY enough of the grumbling.....Ive a quick question about the charge reactions.

Can salamanders stand and shoot if charged? what about cannons? I ask as it came up today, we decided they could as we couldn't seem to find anything saying "no".

Like I said it is a trial game as we are still trying to figure out the rules.

Your help is appreciated. :)

12-08-2010, 23:48
The answer is no on both accounts.

Warmachines may not Stand and Shoot. War Machines > Shooting with War Machines > first sentance page 109 = "all war machines weapons have ... Slow to Fire special rules."

Special Rules > Slow to Fire > page 75 = "Weapons with the Slow to Fire special rule cannot be used to Stand and Shoot."

For the Salamanders, Lizardman Army Book > Salamander Hunting pack > Special Rules > Hunting Pack > paragraph 4 page 56 = "They may not make a Stand and Shoot charge reaction."

PS - There is a Rules forum specifically for these kinds of questions. You can get there by using the following link:


12-08-2010, 23:59
yeah noticed I'd written in wrong forum after I posted :(

Thanks for the heads up. I knew we'd gotten in wrong but we couldn't find the right rules fast enough during the game so rolled a dice for it. Shows the danger of just going for it. lol.