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13-08-2010, 10:40
Played my first big game of Warhammer 8th this week, what follows is a brief rundown.

I played Dark elves, my opponent Skaven.
Lists -

Dark elves:
-*high sorceress, lvl4 lifetaker, tome of furion
(dark magic- all bar word of pain)
-sorceress, lvl 2, dark peguses
(death magic- signature spell, dreadgaurd and sapping ld spell)
-#Lokhir fellheart (my general)
-22 corsairs with double hand weapons, full cmnd 6 wide with sea serpent banner #lokhir joined these#
-11 corsairs with hand bows, full cmnd and double bows for reaver, banner of murder *high sorceress went here*
-6 harpies
-7 coldone knights full cmnd
-10 black gaurd, full cmnd banner of fear
+ kouran(should have stuck with ring of hotek really but wanted to try him out)
-reaper bolt thrower

-*greyseer, double dispel scrolls and 4 up ward and screaming bell
(mixed both skaven lores- plague, thirteenth spell, warp lightning, cracks)
-warlock engineer all upgrades bar warp blades
(ruin lore- warp lightning, skitter leap)
-#assasin, poisoned weapons, throwing stars, extra hand weapon and poisoned tail weapon
-~BSB chieftan with banner of ?verminous tide? (gave extra ratty attacks)

-50ish clanrats full cmnd, rattling gun ~BSB went here~
-30ish clanrats full cmnd, rattling gun *grey seer here*
-30ish night runners with slings, full cmnd #assassin is here#
-3 rat ogres with master bred
-4 jezails with champ

Game was dawn attack
All our units mostly rolled set up on his right flank, my left with a couble being middle
and my harpies being my right flank.

Skaven got turn 1,
they advanced

winds of magic rolled a 3

slinged some blackgaurd, failed to shoot with jezzails,

Dark elves turn 1
frenzy resisted, everything moved up bar black gaurd who pivoted to reposition and cold ones who charged night runners and harpies who march to flank

snakes eyes on winds of magic :(

no range for corsairs bar life taker which kills one jezail and I forget my bolt thower

assasin revealed!- he fluffs spectacuarly, cold one knights hit and kill with all attacks I win combat skaven flee beyond my pursuit

skaven 2
night runners ralley!
rest moves on bar bell unit who reform and jezzails who stay put
and rat ogres who flubb a frenzy induced long charge at my frenzied corsairs moving 3

4 for winds of magic and 1 channel for skaven,
bell casts scorth it gets dispelled, plague is cast
devestating my handbows, rebounding on the bell unit killing 17! of which 11 pass their wards (damn MR) then moving on to the blackgaurd leaving them with 3 men before vapping a few cold ones

combat none

Dark elves 2
movement corsairs charge BSB skaven (contacting rat ogres too), hydra repositions for a flank on bsb skaven/ rat ogres
harpies scurry away from rattling, black gaurd reform to suport vulnerable cold ones

3 for winds of magic, black horror gets scrolled

handbows and reaper multi shot thin out 7 bell skaven

Lokhir is amazing and minces 9 skaven before his squad masacre 13 more and put a wound on the rat ogres
I win he holds, skaven kill 2 of me rat ogres wiffle there hits killing none


13-08-2010, 10:49
pretty cool, other than the fact you should remind your opponent that dispel scrolls are no longer allowed to be taken in multiples....1 only per army :)

13-08-2010, 11:10
Really oh well thats a shame, still I think we both got things a bit wrong so its no biggie, after all its just a game:)

And so Onwards with the reportage!

skaven 3
bell unit charges cold ones night runners atempt to leg it back into charge distance

9 rolled
Bell causes peels of thunder that smush my bolt thrower
second plague is cast it kills a few more handbow corsairs, down to 5 plus the high sorceress, but is irresistable! killing a goodly chunk of bell rats,
warp lightning wipes out kouran and his banner waving mate

jezails fail to kill the long forgoten sorceress on dark steed who is inefectualy waiting to soul ravage the grey seer, bell rattling gun missfires but fails to kill the jezzails its now pointing at

a load more skaven are mangled with 5 more personly axed by lokhir
rat ogres claim a few corsairs negating one of my ranks, I win skaven hold

other combat bell skaven gank the cold one knights :eek: and reform

Dark elves 3
hydra charges harpies menace thier way near the bell skaven and night runners as I forget march blocking never works anymore, both the sorceress close in on the rear of the bell unit

snake eyes is rolled, opponent allows me to reroll it i get 11 which is powered of darkness to 12

soul steal gets scrolled

black horor pretty much gets nulified with MR, ditto with blade wind, doom bolt fails

handbow corsairs kill 2 bell skaven life taker only 1

lokhir with disdain hacks more dudes limb from limb before his men butcher a couple more
hydra handlers put another wound on rat ogres
rat ogres knock 2 wounds off the hydra, hydra retaliates by breathing all over remaining rats, muching all but one ogre before stomping the last into the dust, the bsb rats flee and get doubly run down. Painicning the warlock engineer and rattling



Skaven 4
night runners move foward a tiny bit and pivot whilst looking for targets, rattling gun fails to rally and leaves the table
warlock engineer falls short of the table edge by 2 inches

plague leaves me with reaver and high sorcerss on 2 wounds
the dreaded 13th spell turns lokhir and his mates into cackling rats!

remaining rattling missfires and explodes, jezails ping the high sorceress down to one wound
and kills the reaver
night runners kill 3 harpies with slings and throwing stars


Dark elves 4
Hydra charges the former lokhir come ratman and his vile warped minions
harpies move to rear of bell unit for a rear charge

5 rolled for wind, chill wind dispelled, grey seer taken to 1 wound left my soul whatsit from lore of death
bladewind takes bell unit to a few less people and the seer but is irrasistable and kills the high sorceress!

hydra eats some of the ex pirate rats

skaven 5
warlock engineer runs off the board after failing to rally

no magic gets through

jezzails kill the flying sorceress
slings from night runners ping off the hydra

the hydra finishes of the ex elven rats

Dark elves 5
hydra and harpies charge the bell
bolt thrower crew run to cower in cover out of sight of the jezzails

nope all dead

nope all gone

harpies munch some rats hydra chomps others down harpies all die bar 1
thunder stomp finishes unit off, hydra reforms

skaven 6
night runners fail to charge the hydra


jezzails on 6's to hit hydra so kill of the lone harpie
nightrunners pour everything into the hydra double tapping
but allas the hydra stands


dark elves 6
hydra charges night runners, stand and shoot does nothing again



hydra eats and thunderstomps all before it before overrunning nearer the jezzails


with only 3 jezzails, 2 cowering bolt thrower crew and one hangry (that's hungry AND angry) hydra remaining....



-horendus dice rolling all round made both side face palm several times

-I should stick ring of hotek back in the gaurd insted of korun, magic seems to be more of a deal than challanges
and combat in our meta

-I may not have portrayed it well but both sides spent ages trying to out maneauver each other
only to be foiled/have their charges exgerated in effectiveness by the new random charge length

-the new 'streamlining' of the to hit in combat table made us both go wtf with far too many 4+'s
made it all a bit meh and too 50/50.

-lokhir although horibbly overpriced this eddition with paying too much for regen and terror
is a great blender like equaliser against huge units and hordes

-MR now is either too good or dosnt even come into it with being an adition to ward saves
against damage only (we may have got this wrong) now.

All in all some fun large unit meat grinders and scary spells for everyone with monsters etc being mainly
relegated to suport and mop up mean our group are loving the new edition.

shadow hunter
17-08-2010, 15:04
Thanks for the report. Sounds like a fun game, with both armies devestated. That's my kind of game.

Gabacho Mk.II
17-08-2010, 16:53
I too agree.

Good report and well done! :)

17-08-2010, 16:57
Nice battle report, very easy to follow :)

Lokhir is interesting in 8th, but his real problem is that he is weak to return attacks.

18-08-2010, 20:26
you should watch yourself, Hydra thunder stomp doesn't work against Ogre sized creatures, sad but true...

My hellcannon hate it to...

18-08-2010, 23:56
Not really sure what you mean by the new cc to hit, its been the same for as long as i can remember.

Ive also noticed magid resistance to be far more situational, especially since it doesnt help against the most brutal of spells. It does make demon/pheonix guard units far better against magic hits though.

09-01-2015, 06:38
Did the Grey seer have double dispelscrolls?