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13-08-2010, 18:26
Great Bray-Shaman lvl4 w/Chalice of Dark Rain, Ironcurse Icon, & AHW. 284pts -Beasts- -goes w/Bestigors-

Doombull w/AHW, Armour of Destiny, Crown of Command, Uncanny Senses. 338pts

Wargor BSB w/Heavy Armour, Shield, Gnarled Hide, & Beast Banner. 206pts -goes w/48x ungors-

Bray-Shaman lvl2 w/AHW, Dispel Scroll, & Stone of Spite. 162pts -Beasts-

48x Ungors w/Spears & FC. 303pts
36x Ungors w/FC. 195pts -Ambush depending on opponent; potential 'bodyguard' for Doombull-
Tuskgor Chariot 80pts
Tuskgor Chariot 80pts
Tuskgor Chariot 80pts

Razorgor Chariot 145pts
24x Bestigors w/FC & Standard of Discipline. 333pts
5x Scouting Harpies 70pts
2x Razorgors 110pts
2x Razorgors 110pts