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14-08-2010, 17:31
Hi. Im designing an army of 2000pts for warseer tale of fantasy painting, which I will then paint over the next 12 months (in theory). Hopefully I can get a reasonable list to use as Im finding it difficult to get the right split on the characters and normal troops for this edition for any of my armies.

Would appreciate any assistance!

Dwarf Lord- Shield Bearers,MRo Spite,GW,Ro Stone (Go with the Hammerers)

Thane-BSB, Ro Guarding, Rune of Sanctuary x2 (Dwarf Warriors 1)

Runesmith-GW, MRo Balance (Dwarf Warriors 2)

Dwarf Warriors-28, GW, FC

Dwarf Warriors-28, GW, FC

Hammerers-18, FC,Ro Slowness

Ironbreakers-25,FC, Ro of Sanctuary

Cannon-Engineer, Ro Reloading,Ro Burning

Cannon-Engineer, Ro Reloading

15-08-2010, 19:01
Couple of questions:

Why 28 Dwarf warriors in each unit? Are you going to Horde them?

Personally I would lose the Iron breakers in favour of a couple of units of either quarrelers or thunderers to help thin out some of the cavalry that will be trying to flank you.

The rune of slowness doesn't really help in my opinion any more. With H2H now in initiative order all you are doing is putting of by one round a combat in which you are striking last.

Also I would never leave home without runes of forging...

Or a grudgebearer...

Also think about a unit of Rangers or miners to go warmachine hunting and/or a gyrocopter for fanatic baiting/warmachine hunting...

Just thoughts


15-08-2010, 21:28
I think you need a MRoChallenge and a Strollaz rune on the BSB as you're too slow.

Gyrocopter or Organ gun would be pretty good for dealing with skirmishing fast cavalry. Are the runes of reloading really worth it?

16-08-2010, 17:40
Murdoch- Wasnt planning on running the dwarfs in a horde. Numbers are high so that there enough of them left when they get to CC, with the nasty spells that seem to be prevalent in this edition.
I see your point about the ironbreakers, but I actually quite like the models, and I like the thought of having some very good armour saves in the army.
Thanks asdfghjkl I will switch out the rune of slowness & rune of sanctuary, and put the strollaz rune on the BSB.

Would it be worth it to reduce the dwarf warriors numbers and replace with some quarrellers? Possibly 20 each unit.