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14-08-2010, 22:45
My wife was awesome enough to buy me a battalion box of Ogres. Nice, huh? Of course she didn't know that I need a code- er, armybook. I'm not here asking for rules, of course. I just want to get assembling and I want to make sure that I don't inadvertently glue some weapon somewhere when I ought to be glueing something else.

Like, are those hand spiky things the same as hand weapons? Should I just wait?

i have a mess of night goblins and some various other bits as well that I am going to convert into a scrap launcher, and I also have a model that is a decent proxy for a Yeti or Gorger.

15-08-2010, 00:07
it depends on what you want^^

best start with Ironguts:
they are the easiest (not to assemble, it's just that you can't give them the wrong weapons). there are 4. and if you want, you can also make a bull into an irongut standard bearer for a total of 5. (nice unit for a character)

then bulls:
right hand --> any weapon you want.
left hand ---> Ironfists, Additional Hand weapon, or nothing(glue on Add. HW and cut off weapon). [I'd suggest ironfists] now you have 5 or 6 bulls (depending on whether you gave the Ironguts a standard)

finally leadbelchers:
pretty straight forward. If you want leadbelchers, you get 4. if you only want two, just assemble two of them as bulls. (etc.)

you get about 40 gnoblars in total. you just need more bases. make sure they rank up properly.

I'd go for 4 Ironguts, 1 iron gut standard bearer, 2 lead belchers, 6 Bulls, 1 converted character, as many gnoblas as you can make.

that should give you the perfect modelcount to make a strong 1000pts army (strong for ogres at least^^). and don't worry about having used 2 of the leadbelchers as bulls, you can always buy more bulls and use the bits to get additional belchers.

more ogre info on www.ogrestronghold.com

15-08-2010, 01:25

i didn't realize you could make extra gnoblars. I do have bases. I also didn't realize you could stick with 2 belchers. I was assembling the ironguts before I read this. Good call Dregs!

Do you have any suggestions on making a bull into a character?

15-08-2010, 14:04
irongut-helm-head or the 2-skulls-head from the command group sprue (if you want a butcher, use the iron-gut head without a helmet)

command sprue plate (2 knifes + maw) or one from the irongut sprue

build your own, there are lots of unsused parts to make cool weapons, also use bits from other armies.

-use shields from the irongut sprue to give him more armor (if you haven't already used them for your ironguts)
-another fun conversion would be to use the irongut gutplate with the single spike, cut off the chainmail and use it as a helmet. :D (used that for my irongut standardbearer)
-put 1-3 left-over gnoblars on his base. (sword and luck gnoblars)

15-08-2010, 15:42

I was going to ask if he should have a 1 or 2 handed weapon, but what I think I'll do is give him a really big weapon in one hand. That way it could count as either, just because he's holding a weapon in one hand doesn't necessarily mean he can swing it that way, right?

As for a helm, I think I am gonna use the hat from my monopoly game. I read somewhere it fits, and I could use it as a Wizarding hat if I choose! Maybe I can gs a tie on him so he'll look all dapper.

Happily, when I built my ironguts last night, I used a couple of bull heads/gutplates just in case. I figured the only thing people would see was the 2-handed weapons when identifying them anyway. I guess it shows that I have done this stuff before!

Sticking gnoblars on his base didn't occur to me, appreciate that.

This thread has given me exactly the info I need, which is rare and awesome. My wife was all disappointed when I didn't immediately build my stuff. Now I feel vindicated.

15-08-2010, 16:46
this thread just reminded me that I wanted to convert a butcher :)

used the butcher-like head on the leadbelcher sprue (i think), basic arms cut the bigger basic sword in two (above the hand) attached the blade to the left arm (skrag the slaughterer-like) and used the hand for the right arm (with the butcher's cleaver from the bull sprue). for the gutplate i used the command maw plate. then i attached some knives and spare ribs to his belt and I was finished. it's pretty basic, but look alright and is easy to make :)