View Full Version : Building a no-holds-barred Dwarf tourney list.

04-03-2006, 17:15
Hey guys.
While I'm a great advocate of the friendly game and thoughtful army composition, it dawned on me the other day that I may like to plan and construct a horribly beardy tournament list to go along with my more regularly usable 'friendly' list. My problem is that I have not been playing WH for very long at all, having been a lifelong 40k player.

You may ask why would someone want to build such a list? Well firstly I quite fancy having a crack at the GT next year, secondly, there has been a very competitive side to many of the games played in my local shop recently and I wish to be able to hold my own amongst these cheese-merchants when really necessary.

What I need from you Longbeards are some ideas, maybe even some complete lists if you have the time, for building the most sickening Dwarf tourney force of 2000 points yet seen.

My only conditions are the following:
1. It must be made purely of dwarfs (No Dogs of War).
2. It must be of 2000 points and not one point over.
3. When posting unit ideas/lists, please submit a clear explanation and examples of what makes it so effective.

Thanks guys, any help you can give me with this (somewhat) controversial request is much appreciated.

04-03-2006, 17:19
Well... first of all, are you good at guessing ranges?
Second... What do you expect to face? Lots of Ranked up, lighter armoured units, or, fast heavy cav and big monsters?

04-03-2006, 17:23
well, yeah I'm pretty good at guessing ranges.

As for my opponents, in a tourney situation surely I should expect to be facing just about anything...

04-03-2006, 17:31
Just about anything... well...

Let's see...

A tourney, great cheesemongrers at your local area you say... so... when thinking about you playing Dwarves, someone may certainly be Playing Skaven and there must be an Empire player in there... I wouldn't expect any big Monsters here, so.. move away from Bolt Throwers.

I'd deffinately get an Anvil of Doom due to the extreme power it can add to your arsenal of varius pieces of artillery.

Thunderers are a must, they can actually kill stuff in Close Combat to.

I'd also go for a Slayer character to park right at the Anvil, nothing is gonna get past him.

A unit of Slayers to nail one flank in place, a unit of those Stubborn lads joined by a character with the Grudgestone to nail the center and an Organ Gun on the other flank, this would give the enemy a tough time to break through your lines.

A Grudgethrower to take out large blocks of Infantry and land stones atop the Steamtank if there will be one should be included.

Good luck with your beardy (pun intended :p) list.