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15-08-2010, 21:56
I have deecided on starting a new army and after a lot of thought i have chosen empire, with me being a vampire counts player i wanted to try something different.

General, warhorse, pistol, armour of meteoric iron, sword os sisimund =174

Wizard lord, lvl4 =210

Battle wizard, dispel scroll = 90

Captain, full plate armour, sheild, pistol, bsb, standard of arcane protection = 121

Warrior preist, great weapon, sheild, dawn armour = 131

Master engineer, pigeon bombs =90 (i know this is rather a waste of points but i found the rules for this hilarious)

Master engineer, mechanical steed, light armour, repeater pistol = 102

40x Halbediers, sheilds, full command, razor standard = 305
-Detachments, 20x Free company = 200 ( i have many good conversion ideas for this unit) ,10x Handgunners = 80

20x Crossbowmen, musician = 165
-Detachments, 10x Handgunners = 80, 10x Handgunners = 80

30x Flagelants = 300

10x Huntsmen = 100

8xInner circle knights, full command, steel standard = 186

2x Mortars = 150

Great cannon = 100

2x Hellblaster volley guns = 220

Hellstorm rocket battery = 115


15-08-2010, 22:29
what lore of magic?

15-08-2010, 22:31
I was thinking of giving the lvl 1 beasts so he can use the signature spell to buff up my units in combat, and i was thinking of giving the lvl 4 life that is my favourite lore as i can buff up my characters

16-08-2010, 10:38
you have got too many characters you will be pick off 1 unit at a time too a more unit heavy army