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Toe Cutter
16-08-2010, 00:03
I'm something of an occasional warhammer player and, with the new edition, and some persuading from some friends, I am reacquainting myself with my rather modest skaven horde. My hordelet you might say.

The models I have at my disposal are as follows:

One assassin model
One chieftain model
One plague priest
One warlock engineer
Thirty clan rats with spears and shields
Thirty clan rats with hand weapons and shields
2 ratling guns
40 plague monks
10 plague censer bearers
3 rat ogres plus pack masters
as many giant rats as I can kit bash out of the batallion set.
30 or so night runners
1 gutter runner

So basically I'm looking at creating a thousand point list with which I can reacquaint myself with the vagaries of warhammer in general and the skaven in particular. From there I can get more stuff and, eventually, get a decent force together.

I've come up with the following, comments and criticisms most greatly appreciated:

1000pts Skaven

Plague priest (lvl 1), flail, dispell scroll - 129

Chieftain, battle standard bearer, grand banner of clan superiority - 100
(goes in the hand weapon clan rat unit)

30 clan rats, hand weapons, shields, musician, banner, ratling gun - 202

30 clan rats, spears, shields, musician, banner, ratling gun - 217

20 giant rats, 3 pack masters - 84

19 plague monks, banner, musician, plague banner - 178

Warp lightning cannon (to buy) - (somewhere between 80 and 100 pts)

Most obvious questions are should I get ward saves for my characters and should I spend some points making the chieftain a little bit more killy? Thanks for any assistance.

16-08-2010, 01:40
Lose the shields on the spear rats. Use those points to get a couple more PM.

Chieftain needs a halberd

Also check out the link in my sig for more help.