View Full Version : 2000 pt. 8th Edition List, Friendly list needs some tuning!

16-08-2010, 00:20
Hey there!
Still haven't had many games since I started the hobby, but 8th has me all giggly and excited so I've been working on a list.
This is strictly for fun/casual/fluffy play, and I know it isn't optimum by any means but I want to get a feel for the units and overall gameplay before I change it up too much.
Mostly I could use a hand with the math and the composition! My points totals come out different every time it seems, and I'm still unsure if this is legal (despite the fact that both the armybook and the rules are sitting in front of me. :rolleyes:)
Any critique will be helpful, though!
Here goes:

Beastlord (General)
- Heavy Armor, Ramhorn Helm, Uncanny Senses (plus about 50pts. more that I haven't decided on yet.)

Wargor BSB
- Heavy Armor, Gnarled Hide, Manbane Standard

- Dispel Scroll

- Chalice of Dark Rain

28 Gors, AHW, FC
- BSB and BL go here

30 Gors
- Bray-Shaman w/ Chalice here?

Tuskgor Chariot
- other Bray-Shaman rides in here.

6 Ungor Raiders

6 Ungor Raiders

6 Ungor Raiders (Ambush)

6 Chaos Warhounds

20 Bestigors w/ FC
- Totem of Rust

6 Centigors


Chaos Spawn

Chaos Spawn

Thanks in advance! By my (screwy) calculations, I'm at 1,991 pts....
The next 500 I add will include a wrecking ball of Minotaurs and a Gorebull, depending on where I move the points around. Or maybe a Ghorgon.