View Full Version : great standard of sundering : what lores can it effect.. ?

16-08-2010, 03:56
Well I've not played WFB since 3rd edition a long time ago and have a question or two..

for starters the great standard of sundering gives a penalty to a selected LORE.. I presume this effects your own spells should you pick it with a Tzeetch ability .. and are race specific list such as little Waagh affected by this ability..

I think its a yes and yes.. but just checking..

16-08-2010, 05:12
yes it affects all spells form the Lore, so if you pick a lore you are using it effects you too.

You can pick any Lore of magic, the only things you can't affect are Tomb King incantations, and gut magic as they aren't magic Lores (this is the in the DoC FAQ) also spells that wizards get outside of the lores, ie HE Drain Magic, and Vampires free spell aren't affected (also in the faq)

18-08-2010, 16:55
So if a DoC army was playing a WoC army and the tzeentch lore was selected would it effect both armies if they were both playing a tzeentch sorc and a tzeentch herald. There is an item in the WoC book that makes the character immune to nurgle spells, and it was faqed to include only WoC nurgle spells not those of the Demonic type.

I'm a WoC player and I figure it would set the precedence on how the lores may be named the same, but don't nessecarily operate under the same effects..


18-08-2010, 17:03
The Warrior Lore of Tzeentch and the Demon Lore of Tzeentch are two different lores.

Lord Zarkov
18-08-2010, 22:46
Yeah one is "The Lore of Tzeentch" and the other is "The Daemon Lore of Tzeentch" and they count as different lores.

19-08-2010, 03:41
Ahhh thank ya, I figured as much...never played against DoC yet, but I will be shortly