View Full Version : suiting dwarfs for 8th and have some idea's but need help!

16-08-2010, 05:39
i've read a lot of stuff for 8th and to be quite frank it's a big daunting!
i need to vamp up my lists for different armies, but to get use to the game, i'm going to ignore trying to use magic at first and see how the dwarfs do with this boost in movement.
what have you guys found that are musts in the dwarf list?
i've heard:
oathstone surrounded by iron breakers
plenty of shooting from thunderers
bolt throwers out and grudge throwers and cannons in
anvil is good but sometimes not worth it
gyrocopter is a must!
obviously a BSB with at least rune of guarding
strollaz rune

any help would be great!

16-08-2010, 11:38
Well, a "must" is only the BSB, then there are very good units/WM.

I realy like WM, so I think 1 or 2 Grudgethrowers and 1 cannon are a must, but this depends on your list and your plan.

Oathstones are great, but you don't need ironbreakers (if you have and you like them, take them), you can take it on a unit of warriors/LB with HW/shield for a similar but cheaper effect.

I don't think a lot of thunderers is a good idea. I like having one or 2 little units for fire support, but what will make a difference in the shoting phase are the WM.

The rest of your list is up to you. Almost any option is good in the Dwarf list unless you want an uber-competitive army.

16-08-2010, 13:18
not looking for uber competative, but being able to keep up with the masses would be great..
so you think maybe two units of 10 thunderers w/ shields? i mean they are very small and don't put out a lot of firepower, but it would be just as effective as one unit of 20 but i can split them up and not take up a lot of frontage in deployment.

16-08-2010, 13:40
Players hate thunderers, they try not to go near them so it depends on how you want to use them. In small units players will just chance it and charge them. This way they will get to shoot, and will most likely get their pts back, however, if you field them larger players will try and just avoid them, leaving you a guaranteed amount of pts on the board.

Field 2 units of warriors, 1 with sword/shield the other with great weapons, both between 25-30 models.

You could instead of Thunderers field quarellers. Field them in a large unit with great weapons and they can pull double duty (shooting and CC)

The jury is undecided on the Dwarf Lord (field him if you want to have a dwarf lord but he isn't really necessary)

Personally I don't think a Master engineer is worth the points.

Miners (field them if you like them)

Slayers- not really they die too fast.

Hammerers- if you like them field them they are optional

Longbeards- no except for LB rangers

Not sure, about the flame cannon- no one has said much about it-

Most of your runic standards are worthless. Minus (strollaz, grugni, slowness, guarding (maybe) and determination.

16-08-2010, 15:23
after reading a bit more, i thinkthere are two ways to go about it.
there really is no way to go with a point denial army because stuff is just going to die (and quicker now)
but, i would imagine you could go pretty shooty and steadfast. take hammerers just because of the stubborn rule, they have a 3+ save and have great weapons..not bad, but expensive to lose.
the ironbreakers with a thane on stone with a unit about 25 strong i would think would be great. then of course the rest shooting, warriors and magic defense with runesmiths and those select few runes

the moving army i would take it would consist of long beard rangers,warriors, quarrellers, and miners.. then you have stubborn units every so often via huge warrior unit of 30-40, then hammerers and some shooting. perhaps a decent sized miner unit and the anvil would make this list a bit better

it seems like forshooting this is what i'm seeing most:
1-2 units of quarrellers or thunderers
1 cannon with RoForging
2 grudge throwers with combo's of accuracy, penatrating, and fire
1-2 organ guns
1 gyrocopter
so i think that will be my staple

16-08-2010, 15:45
I think that hammerers only have a 4+ armor save, since they can't use their shields in combat due to the great weapon. . .

I routinely play against a Dwarf army, and he uses a combined arms force it is pretty solid but due to our area he doesn't field the Grudge throwers often enough. . .

1 Rune Lord usually running the Anvil (Occasionally its the special character.)
2 Heroes one is always a BSB, he hasn't settled on the banner.
2 Unit of Warriors
2 units of Long Beards (occasionally one is a horde unit.)
2 to 4 units of Thunderers in units of 10
2 to 3 Cannons all with the Rune of Forging of course

2 Organ guns whenever points allow, (which is damn near every time, god I hate that damn thing.)

16-08-2010, 17:58
no.. they have a 5+ armour save only

dwarf lord at this moment is not the best option. a runelord on an anvil is a much better choice wich even thou is quite expensive will provide you with some solid magic protection and it's own (sometime awsome) runepowers

BS based firepower isnot the best option either on this edition. get multiple runed stonethrowers (the best weapon ever) and cannons. those are the basics but you can also fit an organ gun or a gyrocopter wich are both still very usefull.

for elites take either slayers if you can get MR of grungni on another banner or hammerers and stick the banner there.

BSB is obviously a must and you should gear him up for extreme survival

for core stick with solid units of GW armed dwarfs and you can do no wrong.