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16-08-2010, 19:42
I've never fought DoC before and I've a 1k battle tomorrow Vs mono-khorne DoC army.

Ive written the following Tzeentch list and would be grateful for any feedback you guys can offer:

Sorcerer of Tzeentch. Level 2. Charmed Shield. Talisman of Protection. Blood of Tzeentch 190pts

25 Marauders. MoT. Shields. LA. Full Command (Sorc in here) 190pts

12 Warriors. MoT Shields. Halberds. Razor Standard 287pts

5 Warhounds 30pts

5 Warhounds 30pts

5 Knights. MoT. Rapturous Std. 270pts.

Are the standards worth it at 1k?

16-08-2010, 20:13
Rapturous on the Knights is a bit odd, I'd rather see Rage on them. Any reason you have the Razor standard in this list? He won't have an armour save on anything unless he is bringing Bloodcrushers?

If it's mono-khorne, you'll see a lot of killing blow from bloodletters. Try and take them with your marauder units so that you don't waste all your wonderful 4+ and 1+ AS on your warriors and knights.

Agnar the Howler
16-08-2010, 20:16
I personally don't think that the hounds are worth it; there's nothing to screen as he has no shooting, there's nothing you can bait etc. I'd rather put them towards more warriors and marauders, perhaps trying to bump those marauders up to 30+ men, dumping the chief as you go (he's not amazing for the extra cost).

Some people say just shileds work on marauders of tzeentch, I personally like Shields + LA, but that's just a personal preference; since khorne daemons have no shooting to speak of, i'd be tempted to drop the Light Armour and get more bodies, as the most important thing is your 5+ ward save from parry + MoT, his bloodletters don't care about armour saves if they KB you, and they're strong enough to render 6+s and 5+s basically useless anyway, at least ward saves can protect you from KB and can't be affected by strength.

Forgive me, I haven't got the 8th RB yet (haven't been paid) but what does the Razor Standard do? Either way, I prefer the Rapturous Standard on the warriors rather than the knights, who should be flank charging where possible to avoid retalation; your warriors will be fighting at the front, and would need the standard more.

Shields and Halberds I don't like vs Khorne; unless it's been changed you can't choose between halberd and shield before each combat (if it has been changed back then disregard this). The only reason to take shields is shooting protection, and since Khorne lack shooting... It's either shields or halberds; shields give you a 3+/5++, and halberds give you a 4+/6++ but you wound his bloodletters on 2s; assuming 6x2 formation, that's 18 WS5 S5 I5 attacks you're dishing out. But all of that means crap all if you're dying quickly, and a 3+/5++ can really take most of the pain out of his attacks. It's basically a toss up, gaining power whilst sacrificing defence, or gaining defence whilst sacrificing power.

The sorcerer seems strange, given the abundance of MR in Khornate daemons, but you're hardly spoiled for choice, as your fighty heroes get trumped by Heralds of Khorne almost every time. I'll leave a more expert hand to guide you on this.

17-08-2010, 08:16
Ok, I realise it was a stab in the dark so I'm really open to ideas as to what would be effective here.

I have the following to choose from (excluding characters):

35 warriors (2 sets of command)
12 old style warriors - could be used as chosen (6th ed? no command)
52 Marauders (2 sets of command)
10 hounds
15 marauder horse
15 knights
3 Dragon Ogres
1 Giant

I'm looking at how to equip an exalted too since i wont get 2 heroes in a 1k list...

Seriously, any help would be appreciated.

I'm working on a list too btw, not expecting anyone to do this for me...

17-08-2010, 08:59
Version 2:

Exalted: MoT. Talisman of Preservation. Halberd. Favour of the Gods. 174pts
35 Marauders. MoT. Sheilds. Full Command (Exalted Here) 215
12 Warriors. MoK. Halberds. Mus. Standard 240pts
12 Warriors. MoK. Halberds. Mus. Standard 240pts
Warshrine 130pts

Total 999pts

17-08-2010, 14:29
Thats a solid Exalted, 3++ and a handful of S5 attacks. Warriors should rock too, but just remember to try and get the Marauders to tarpit units of Bloodletters. KB is so freaking dangerous on RnF infantry when our best attribute is the Armour Save.

18-08-2010, 08:31
well I fought using version 2 and completely wiped the demons out to a man... will post a proper battle report soon

18-08-2010, 14:06
battle report here: Here (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=272139)