View Full Version : Chariots, Full command?

16-08-2010, 19:53
People who are running chariots, are you just fielding them basic or do you include Champ, Banner, etc etc.

Korthos the all-seeing
16-08-2010, 20:47
All chariots, excluding the tomb kings ones, is unable to get full command. Usually they can't even have any upgrades.

16-08-2010, 20:57
lets assume he's talking about TK chariots, since it follows. in this case, no, i never take full command on my chariots. ill take a standard for the combat res and to add a magical banner if i think its necessary but the other two are unneccesary, either too expensive (champion) or useless (musician)

with the champ your pretty much sacrificing any chance of having look out sir, and he's only giving one more attack at ws3 and s4 for 20 pts. kinda stupid.

the chariots are already fast cav so the only benefit your gonna get out of a musician is the extra combat res if you tie. thats not worth 10 points cause if you need that, you already made a losing charge.

17-08-2010, 13:50
It was regarding Tomb Kings, I should have stated that.
Thanks for the quick replies.

17-08-2010, 13:57
I agree, Standard but not the rest.