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17-08-2010, 02:09
I saw this post....

Yesterday i went down to my local GW and picked up the rulebook and SW codex and battle force and while walking to pay i noticed it out of the cornor of eye the tau i instantly fell in love. The way they look the advancement in tech, the whole join us or die demeaner and the background i was hooked so i left with the codex and rulebook and i'm now off to write up mt first list.


and wondered......

How did you guys find your favorite army.....

Mine is chaos... and i was Given unpainted chaos marines.... the colours purple black white old school billouous green and a wierd bluey colour... and bronze.

so i bought the codex and got down to playing with them for a while... i fell in love with them quickly. the way they looked... played back ground... ive had other armys... but none feel like my Slaaneshi army.... none play like them... we just click... i mean im a form of artist too... martial-arts... drums... painting... could it be the will of the gods that i came across them? i used noise marines because of the way i eventualy (poorly) painted them. Turns out its stuck and im now Re-doing the army and giving the old models a back seat. :) characters will stay the same of corse. :)

Sounds romantic huh?

What about you guys? you must have some stories.


17-08-2010, 02:30
I just loved the relatability & background fluff of the IMPERIAL GUARD back in 4th Ed and have never looked back.

[PS] No I don;t play mech vet spam ... actually I don't play with veterans, vendetas, or PBS's at all ... ever!

17-08-2010, 02:48
Way back in RT days I took a shine to the IG, I can't quite remember why.
I think it was the rather neat illustrations of the "Imperial Army Troopers" in the RT book. But the IG have always been the army it's been easiest for me to identify with.

When I'm not stomping about pretending to be a super human in power armour :shifty:

17-08-2010, 02:50
When I started out, I just bought whatever took my fancy. I was 8 and my mother... or possibly grandmother.... got me the old metal Dark Angel Captain, with the sword, cloak and head dress. My first ever model.

It's always been marines. Then I migrated towards Chaos while also collecting Saim-Hann on the side. At one point I had a Word Bearer-Black Legion mixed force.

Then I got into the 3.5 codex and was reading the Emperors Children stuff and looking at the artwork and decided that I'd do a Black Legion Slaaneshi company.

From there I gradually moved into the Emperors Children totally. So in my case it was a slow migration from marines in general to Chaos to Legions to Slaanesh to EC. A sort of slow, protracted refinement of preference rather than a sudden choice.

Scribe of Khorne
17-08-2010, 02:55
In 3rd, I saw a picture of a Khorne Berzerker in a WD along with the plastics coming out. That was it right there.

17-08-2010, 02:59
i always liked the whole knight thing. warriors that dedicate themselves to a higher purpose such as honor. it's why when i first got into 40k i was drawn to the smurfs. they're pretty involved with the people of the imperium and seemed to be one of the more compassionate chapters (this of course being subjective in a universe like 40k)

as for the Guard. Who says the underdog can't be a bad@ss? really the only thing they have on their side is tanks. the eldar can out shoot and outfight them but compared with artillery they got *****. the tyranids outnumber them and have the most powerful (imo) upgrades in the game but because of the guards ability to issue orders its a close call with no clear victor. the orks also get shot to hell by guard artillery. as for going against csm its a very bloody fight but concentrated fire wins the day. all of this from an army that is:
1. the weakest individually
2. not genetically engineered
3. basically wearing bubble wrap
4. bullied by the commissariat
and 5. generally equipped with a large FLASHLIGHT!
when its mono a mono, squad vs squad the guard get their butts handed to them but when its army vs army you gotta bring your A game because they will not back down.
short form of the above the guards got steel balls the size of oranges

Sergeant Uriel Ventris
17-08-2010, 03:04
For me it was playing the first Dawn of War game. Hearing the squads of Space Marines yell "Claim it in the name of the Immortal Emperor" and other such rousing phrases really clicked with me. They're had a special place in my heart ever since.

17-08-2010, 03:04
I still haven't found my favorite. Every time I buy a new army I've been stuck between several choices and end up wishing I'd bought one of the others. :cries:

Chaos Marines would most likely be this army for me if their codex was more to my liking. Although I'm hoping Dark Eldar will be, they were the first army I was interested in when I got into the game four years ago.

Although it doesn't help that I'm generally an undead kind of guy, and there is no true undead faction in 40k.

17-08-2010, 03:05
I was asking to a friend about different armies in the game (this was before i had even seen a GW modal) he told me there was an army of robots that could self repair, and that's all she wrote.

17-08-2010, 03:05
after wondering into a gw for the first time with a friend (who had been collecting for a while) and was trying to decide on a starting army for myself being herded down the spacemarine path by my friend (an ultramarines collector which does make sense as there probarbly the best army to start with imo anyway)
on the way to the till i happeneed past the tyranid rulebook and the artwork sold it to me instantly i just loved the horror aspect to them never really looked back i use eldar as well but nids will always be my joy win or lose i always have an entertaining game using them :D

17-08-2010, 03:13
Well, when I started all this years ago, I actually wanted to get into the Lord of the Rings (following the movies).
I have been in the local Games Workshop several times, for some test games and painting advice.
Thats how I stumbled over the Fantasy Empire army...
so I didnt start Lord of the Rings, but Warhammer.
I loved the colourful state troups, the knights, wizards and the cannons.

When the new Dark Elf cold ones came out, I was immediately in love with them.
I didnt bring any Warhammer stuff from home to NZ, so I decided to start a Dark Elf army.
And that got me into something....

after attending a the club and actually seeing some great 40k models and learning the
40k game, I decided to start this.
I first was into Nurgle and went really crazy with conversions and painting the foul pestilent followers...

And then-- again, lightning struck me when the new Blood Angels came out...
I had played with the idea of starting skaven, but after I saw all the beautiful Angels....
Now I think I have found a new love and really look forward all day during work to come back home and work a little bit on my Angels, converting, increasing the army and explore more options....

17-08-2010, 03:18
The first time I opened a friend's Sister of Battle book, I saw the pictures of the armored ladies with bob cuts and fleur de lys, and I was like "A whole army of space St. Joan of Arcs...!"

Be well, be blessed!

17-08-2010, 03:36
I liked the design of the eldar from the start, but Jes Goodwin's redux of them a couple of years later just cemented them in my heart.

SoB are more of a 'whole army' of Debbie Harrys (as the original inspiration for the Blanch artwork was a picture of her from her "Blondie" days.) - although if they got a more deco look going for them and less baroque, it could also be a nice 20s look (the bob being rather popular then as well).

Fallen DA
17-08-2010, 03:50
For me it was walking into the local gamers store and seeing the Rogue Trader book. It had literally just been released... I instantly started dribbling, and spent half an hour flicking through the pages getting more excited all the time. Ended up rushing home to smash open the piggy bank, bought the book and got stuck on page 168. The picture of the Dark Angel top left. And it's been Dark Angels ever since, specifically Pre-Heresy.....

17-08-2010, 04:02
Dawn of War: Necrons.

Loved the robot zombie feel. Slow, implacable, and inevitable death to all.

17-08-2010, 04:07
I haven't - they are all my beeatches - and I keep each one around for a different reason. Right now the only ones that I can't field an army wit are Necrons though. My main ones are in my signatures...most are chosen for the way the minis look. The Space Marines are incidentals. I have smaller armies of Tau, Ork and Dark Eldar.

Wolf Lord Balrog
17-08-2010, 04:11
Walked into the LGS one day (that store isn't there anymore, they went out of business 6-7 years ago) about 14 or 15 years ago and I saw the old metal Space Wolves Long Fangs boxed set in the bargain bin. They looked beautiful, and I loved the paradoxical idea of space vikings in power armor with giant guns. I couldn't believe they were in the bargain bin. I had a friend that already played (Marines and 'Nids) and he had been trying to get me into the game for a while, but I just wasn't moved until I saw those Long Fangs.

I still use those models to this day (plus 2-3 more LFs I bought later that year), currently running at Missile Launcher x 3, Lascannon x 2. Right next to my squad of plastic-bodied LFs with the new-style metal heavy weapons (bought right after the new-style marine heavy weapons came out, years before they went plastic), in the exact same configuration. :)

17-08-2010, 04:17
Chaos Space Marines, my friends who introduced the game to me played Black Templars and Orks. I really liked the idea of Space Marines, but I didn't want to play them, because my friend did I thought we should I have a bit of variety. While looking through the 3rd edition BBB I found the Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marines.

I loved the look, and I got my hands on the 3rd edition rule book soon after Index Astartes 1 was published and my fascination with the siege masters was cemented.

17-08-2010, 05:21
DAWN of WAR. love the tau in there. bought a battle force and played a few months. soul was crushed by how underpowered they are...

17-08-2010, 05:29
For me it was the old citiadel battle cards I picked up while in spellbinders in Ohio when i was like 9 or 10. I remember looking through and seeing some blood angels cards. Then I got the Angels of Death codex. Read through that found out about ole Sanguineous and how he died fighting Horus. Also the tragic curse and nature of the blood angels. Trying to hold onto their glory while struggling with their dark secret. I guess I've always liked the tragic hero.

However I also came across another faction in 2nd edition which caught my eye and planted a seed. What faction was this you may wonder. Why it was the ordo malleus or more specifically their Ordo Militant The Grey Knights. A whole space marine chapter dedicated to the hunting and destruction of chaos and demons. This seed simmered in the back of my mind until 4th edition and Codex DemonHunters. Then that seed turned into a full blown army.

I still have my blood angels, about 5,000pts to be honest but aside from painting I consider them finished. I've also picked up Nids somewhere along the way. However my Grey Knights no matter how many times I tell myself they are finished seeing as they are about at the 6-7k pt mark. I still find myself at games day picking up a box of guys in power armor or more terminators. So that's how I found my love's in 40k

17-08-2010, 06:05
I wanted to get into 40k for years but never had the time for it. I got back from a deployment several years ago and went to the local game store to watch and see what I liked. I saw a game between an IG player and a Chaos Marine player and I really liked the idea of normal humans being able to fight extradimensional horrors and win. Luckily for my wallet the plastic Cadians had just been released so I walked out with $1000 of mostly infantry.

I have dabbled in Sisters and Black Templars because I love the gothic grimdark aspect of 40k but I always go back to the Guard.

17-08-2010, 06:26
I've always liked the Space Marines. I remember seeing games workshop models now and then growing up in different shops, but being deterred from spending pocket money on them as a child by my parents, due to the price. They were so different, made of metal, and you had to assemble them and paint them. Grown up toys, a massive step up from lego. It would be years later when I was in London on my tenth birthday.

To my surprise there was a WHOLE shop that sold the models, and just those models, when before my only sightings of them had been in the odd toy shop. I remember looking at the cabinets, seeing a beautifully painted Blood Angels army in rich reds, or big tyranid warrior figures. Back then I thought the big models were coolest. I rememver the store too. There were lizardmen on display against Brettonians on one table. I wanted to play that, but I was demoed a 40k game (not that i had a problem with that). The third edition had just come out.

It was Ultramarines against Dark Eldar on a snow scape with Dark Eldar defending a base. Playing that game was fun. After pleading with my father, I came home with the thrird edition starter set. I painted my marines up as Ultramarines, as most beginners do, and they were repainted into Death Watch over the years, and then my own chapter, and some of those old models are too caked with paint.

I have owned and played many armies in many games since, but marines are always ace in my books. At present, I have a full Iron Hands Battle Company that wer my second army, the proper attempt at the army I always wanted and could afford now that I work, fourteen years on from when I started, with better painting skills. Now I am working on a Crimson Fist army that is in progress. Memories.

17-08-2010, 06:32
Way back in the day, I was in a shop and saw the cover of Freebooterz. Lightning in the background, ork in a pirate hat, guns and fists aplenty, all around the most heavy metal thing I'd seen in a game shop in my entire (then 11 year old) life.

It sold me on 40k, and once I got into Epic, it sold me on Orks (which are now my 40k army, and I couldn't be more pleased). I've never loved any army quite so much, except perhaps Skaven.

17-08-2010, 07:38
I started the game with the BT vs DE starter, and really found myself loving the Dark ones despite their poor choice of models and terrible balance issues. What can I say? I like to root for the underdogs. :)

The fact that they have somehow managed to survive as a pseudo-competitive force this long without any help whatsoever? Well that is just amazing. Most people say we don't have a lot of fluff, and they are right. But that doesn't mean we don't have a lot of character, which is a much more important thing for me.

The Marshel
17-08-2010, 07:43
I hated marines, yet now i play them almost solely and only after collecting 5000 or so points of them am i considering work on a new army.

I originally began playing lotr sbg (where i feel in love with easterlings, but the relationship was complicated due to them being a bit dull and subpar ingame. eventually we settled into and open relationship with harad) and like most other obnoxious young non 40k wargamers, i saw marines as the cheap and silly poster boys, hated them cause thats just what you did.

so when i finally got relatively interested in 40k, it was vehicles that dragged me in. I jsut wanted to play with tanks really, so i started looking around the armies vehicle selections. eldar and tau tanks, whilst cool looking were to alien to me, necrons had just the monolith, i didnt like chaos much at the time and similar reasons for other armies. eventually it was guard vs marines (much to my horror). leman russes looked weird, so i decided to take a look at the marines. it was the predator that got me. autocannon varient specifically. It just looked right to me. Rhinos weren't bad either and overall the army was vehicle heavy enough for me so i gave the marines a chance.

the more i played with them the more i loved them. Specifically pedro kantor plus sternguards. eventually i started flirting with land raiders. one of my early loves were the marine bikes, and i still use them in almost every game.

So i didn't just walk in, see marines and think "yes, thats the army for me", but now i cant honestly say i think i would enjoy playing any other army more.

17-08-2010, 08:33
10 years ago at the start I was introduced to the hobby, but all my friends could not stop jabbering about space marines, eldar, space marines, guard, and space marines. So...when it came to picking my army...meh...I like the space marines pretty well I suppose.

Then...the day I got to look throught the rulebook...I saw the spikes! The glorious point-ended bitz of metal! The darkness of it all. I was and always will be a champion of chaos.

As a newbie of chaos I didn't know which way to go, but I have my good bud and son of Angron to thank for introducing me to Tzeentch and the Thousand Sons.
More specifically a legion fan and son of the Daemon Primarch Magnus the Red. Nothing reached out to me more than the tragedy of the Thousand sons, the egyptian look and the idea of a scholar-warrior. ALL IS DUST!

17-08-2010, 08:36
My initial Eldar army came from the Eldar Attack supplement from Space Crusade and wanting something different from my mates marine army.

In recent years I sold my eldar because they were mainly built up from 2nd hand models (I brought a 3000pts army off a guy in my local newspaper in 1995) and I didn't really have ownership over them.

My obsession with giant robots and transformers as well as wanting a uniformed army led me to the Tau where I built and painted my whole army myself. Originally I wanted a farsight enclave but my eldar side came through and I liked the idea of having different races to go with the Tau and now I love the sight of my black/red uniform tau marching alongside my bright green vespids and converted lizardmen kroot.

17-08-2010, 09:35
My friend and I were thinking about starting 40K, and his uncle gave me a couple of the original Leman Russ tanks still in the box. This was during the 4th edition of the IG codex, so even with limited funds I was able to pick up a huge mass of infantry and vehicles off eBay for cheap, and still love the army after 2 years. I've dabbled with tyranids (sold all of them off this week actually) and enjoy playing with a foot horde ork army sometimes, but my Leman and flame tank heavy traitor guard army is still my mainstay. I've tried out friends' Marines, Eldar, Tau, and just haven't been able to connect the same with the gameplay or the background for any of them.

Also helps that it's my only fully painted army, but we'll ignore that little notion.

17-08-2010, 10:33
Dark Eldar: Evil Space Elf Vampire Pirates. I've always like the whole 'evil elf' schtick.

17-08-2010, 11:22
The large stack of thor comics and love of viking mythology led to only one army being available to me


17-08-2010, 11:29
I started with Witch Hunters, and worked through a number of armies, going back to the Inquisition later on (and always with a view that they would be my favourite army if they had more models and an updated codex). However, I started my Angels Sanguine just over a year ago now, and they've remained exciting and interesting ever since, leaving me with no urge at all to move on from Blood Angels.

17-08-2010, 12:35
Vikings. In. Space.


17-08-2010, 12:45
For me, I've always loved playing Space Hulk ever since it was released, at first I played Genestealer spam and loved every second of it, but i've slowly progressed into Deathwing (all Terminators) and its great, being outnumbered, outmoved and outgunned but still pulling through regardless, really adds to the heroic feel, its also a very cheap army to play due to small model count ;)

17-08-2010, 12:51
Well for me it's all Sanguinius fault. He's my favorite primarch, I had to play Blood Angels. :D

17-08-2010, 12:56
I went to my GW during an auction and looked around. I saw the 20 Cadians Box with the old artwork on it and got inspired.

17-08-2010, 13:03
I saw reading through Slaves to Darkness shortly after it had come out and came across the army list for the Grey knights and instantly fell in love with them. marines built, engineered and trained to fight the ruinous powers, "what could possibly be more heroic than that?" I remember thinking and I was inducted into the Ordo Malleus that very moment. Over the years I've collected 3 armies based on that wing of the Inquisition and not planning to stop any time soon.

Of course, what really got my bloody pumping to smite Daemon scum was when the first GK terminators were released, I rushed out and bought 10 of them, then when mega sales came out and the line was deleted I visited no less than 7 GW stores buying up their entire stocks! With my (stupidly large) GKT collection they're collectively seen battle as an entire force twice and those were in the days of 2nd edition as part of a charity battle that lasted a entire week! The game was played on a 40' x 8' table (took over the local high school gymnasium for that week over the summer holidays), featured some 150,000+ points of chaos versus my Grey knights, it was truly epic and very fluffy. For each chaos model I killed I was being sponsored a couple of pence by 1 large (to remain nameless) company and to say I raised over £1000 at the end of the week (alot of other people sponsored me also, including many GW staff) is not a understatement.

Needless to say I want to find and break out all of those GKT again for Apocalypse and run another charity battle doing the very same.

Oops, went of on a ramble then, sorry.

17-08-2010, 16:28
Well, from the very beginning I had my heart set on an Imperial Guard army. Everything about it just seemed right. The whole concept of the average man standing up against the worst the galaxy could throw at and fighting back really appealed to me.

Then I started to buy them. I played a few battles with them, but I never really found a feel to the army which really appealed to me. Whenever I was happy with an army list, I found it got pummeled to pieces everytime I used it, and since I didn't want to go with a vetspam, air cavalry or blob platoon army, I slowly lost interest.

Luckily, my friend gave me his Ork army, about 1000pts worth, and I truly fell in love... The casual nature to death, destruction and war, I just loved it. Now, I have just over 3000pts worth of Orks, and I am getting ready to prep it for Apoc.

Other armies may come and go, but my Orks remain eternal :D

17-08-2010, 16:34
Chaos Space Marines for me. Specifically the Emperor's Children.

as a kid my dad and I used to play Hero Quest and one day he came home with a magazine called "White Dwarf". He was enticed to buy a copy when he saw the free miniature on the front of the issue, a Khorne Bezerker. The issue blew my mind all over the walls and after reading the battle report of Howling Griffin Space Marines against Space Orks and kicking the Orks buts I fell in love with Marines (yeah tell me about it). It wasn't till many years later that I got my next issue which had a Chaos Space Marine army against a Space Ork army. The concept of engineered Superhumans having turned against the very person who created them appealed to me that it threw me down the path of Chaos.

From then on I collected all manner of Chaos Space Marine models till I finally settled for collecting World Eaters of Khorne. Bloodletting psychopaths, and I loved it until near the end of high school when one day I switched interests from Khorne to Slaanesh. To this day I don't know what inspired this change but also to this day I've enjoyed every minute of collecting my Emperor's Children.

In addition to making my Emperor's Children army larger I'm adding a Slaaneshi Daemon army to it and also a Slaaneshi themed Renegade force called the Excess Legion that will focus on close ranged firepower and heavy use of Sorcerers. Call me nuts but that's what I like.

17-08-2010, 16:48
White Dwarf 182 had great pictures of the just released Ultramarine Dreadnought, along with a battle report featuring Terminators and an Assault Squad with checked markings on their jetpacks. I thought that collection of models was pretty much the coolest thing on earth. To this day I try to get at least one of each of those units in my armies.

17-08-2010, 16:50
How did you guys find your favorite army.....

I had friends playing 40k, I played Necromunda every once in a while with them. One of my buddies that's been playing the longest started with Tyranids many years back I can remember after we first met in college him telling me about the Tyranids and thinking they sounded kind of cool. Anyway, 12 years later, him and a few other college buddies started playing 40k like i said and we were helping a friend move and they were telling me about it. Being a little more financially secure, I decided maybe I could afford to give it a whirl. The Tyranids still sounded kind of cool and no one else was playing them.

Then I started looking into it. I started looking at the models & fluff of the Tyranids online and realized they meshed with what I tend to like a lot. They were one of the "bad guys" of the game universe, I've always liked having a bit of the anti-hero, and darkness in RP characters, or other game characters I get to play. But the Tyranids weren't the full on evil of Chaos, or the blackness of the Necrons, they were more a force of nature, terrifying, but neutral if we want to go into something like D&D alignment. Yes, they were the arrayed against humanity, but they weren't in it for the pain, they weren't in it to spread death and misery and suffering, they just needed sustenance, and humanity happened to be part of the biomass that was beneath them in the food chain.

Plus, there was the fact they basically represent evolution on steroids. I'm a huge fan of science. Science to me represents one of the greatest endeavors mankind has ever embarked upon in pursuit of truth. I am ideologically and philosophically aligned with it, and more than that there is a numinous connection I feel with the wonders it has been able to uncover for us in the wide mystery of the universe. The closest thing I feel to religious impulse is reverence for the natural universe as discovered by science, towards natural (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naturalistic_pantheism) pantheism (http://www.pantheism.net/paul/index.htm) specifically. I'm a believer in the theory of evolution (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evolution), and so the connection between it and the Tyranids is kind of neat to me, I just like the idea of them (of course with them it really is directed, not naturally selected evolution).

And I just liked the look of the models (of course, that goes for a lot of the 40k range, I like the look of Marine Armor, and Tau & Eldar & IG vehicles...).

There's something about their aesthetics I just really like though, and about the really terrifying concept they represent.

I'm getting close to finished collecting them now, but even as I transition to building a Marine / IG Apoc sized force, I think Tyranids will always be my first "love" in terms of armies.

17-08-2010, 16:59
When I was still with my evil ex, she played nids, and wouldnt stop bragging about how awesome the carnifex was. So we were visiting a shop and she told the store owner I decided to play. He offered to help me find an army. I really did not find anything but chaos marines interesting, I did not know daemons existed back then. We got on the topic of SW, the old box was a ponytailed space wolf on the front. I thoguht it was silly. He explained them a bit to me, and then sold me them with vikings in space. How a space wolf with a power fist can punch a carnifex where the sun doesnt shine and whatnot.
This was back with 3rd ed wolves, I bought the battlebox, he threw in a free SW dreadnought that was lying around the store. The evil ex was sooooo butt hurt with how the store owner was talking about wolves beating up nids. I think it hurt extra hard each time I beat her.

Daemons.... well, I have always loved how chaos marines looked, when I was 12 my brother tried to get us started playing. Too many rules for a 12 and 15 year old without any help. He liked chaos marines then. When I read the lore for daemons, I learned about nurgle and how he isnt just the god of poop. just the general idea of daemons. How Tzeentch does his thing with trickery and just causes.... chaos.
That and I love how daemons look.

17-08-2010, 17:33
I got really into the novels before I even picked up the game; so when I set out to buy my first army, I knew right away who I wanted to buy.

I was attached to the noble/inhuman aspects of Space Marines and I loved the look of the models. The rest is history. :D

17-08-2010, 17:51
I'm a sucker for the whole Chaos thing. The fluff is very mixed, but the imagery and so on is what I first think of everytime 40k or fantasy is mentioned. I might not actually play them due to rules anymore, but it's still my GW faction "love".

Gamingwise, I have just ended up never managing to stick with one faction for long - in reality I should just try to make an army out of every faction there is, as I always change my mind on what I want to do.

17-08-2010, 17:57
I'm a sucker for the whole Chaos thing. The fluff is very mixed, but the imagery and so on is what I first think of everytime 40k or fantasy is mentioned. I might not actually play them due to rules anymore, but it's still my GW faction "love".

Gamingwise, I have just ended up never managing to stick with one faction for long - in reality I should just try to make an army out of every faction there is, as I always change my mind on what I want to do.

Wow, Your like my evil twin. Only in a good way, since I feel an affinity for chaos as well. :P

Sadly, once I start putting mini's on the table nothing ever holds my interest for long... I think the biggest problem is the HUGE difference between what Units actually do- how they actually work VS. The Story and Fluff and description given to them in their respective army books - codices.

17-08-2010, 19:46
I first got into warhammer in 3rd ed 40K. I loved the "Grimdark" appearance of everything. I was skimming through the model range pages and nothing really struck me as really awsome. I liked the marines but they were super colourful and looked too robotic, and I dislike sci-fi alot. Anything that looks smooth and techy has no interest for me.

So I got into Chaos because they looked alot more medieval.

THEN the 3.5 ed Chaos Codex came out and I loved it. That was the best book ever produced IMO. Very abusable but super fluffy. I had like 6-7000 pts of Black Legion.

I later became a better painter, moved on to Warhammer fantasy and haven't really looked back at some of the old models I had.

I was thinking about getting back into Chaos Marines when the 4th ed codex came out, but then I read it...Worst codex ever. Most boring piece of garbage.

That being said Dark Elves are still my fav army. Pretty much everything I could ever want in an army is there.

I'm very anxiously awaiting Dark Eldar, I just hope they don't make them look too much like Eldar *Shudder*

17-08-2010, 20:20
I started with the 2nd ed box set. Being a bit younger than I am now, I thought Ultramarines were all sorts of awesome. I painted the orks, but they were mainly just target practice for the marines.

Over the years, I've played IG, eldar, chaos, and two different marine chapters, but it wasn't until the release of Gorkamorka that brought me to the orks. I've had 3 different incarnations of 40k orks and am now working on the 4th. I had 3 different gangs for Gorkamorka, 2 BFG ork fleets, orcs in bloodbowl, and orks in epic.

To this day, I still think Gorkamorka is the most entertaining GW game to date.

17-08-2010, 23:27
Many moons ago I went to a buddies place and he had this:


and it was explained to me that it wasn't an Ork vehicle so much as just a faster way to get their guns closer to the enemy. That's when I knew Orks were for me.

Nexus Trimean
17-08-2010, 23:32
I started Playing Marines, I like the Power armored Soldiers thing, But, Reading through the back of the 3e Rulebook i came across my love, The Basilisk, 120 inches of Explosive death. That got me hooked, But i didnt like the feel of the IG. Many many years later, I came Across the mechanus fluff, Here was a base that i could build my siege army from.

And now I have Magos Errant Arkos, commanding Sigma Epsilon Expiditionary force, and Magos Chiron, Commander of Rho Theta Siege Group.

I do play mech and have since the start of fourth, before it was cool.

18-08-2010, 02:28
Chaos marines because I always liked the 'bad guys'

18-08-2010, 02:59
I started out playing fantasy, 10 years ago or more, 12 years. Back in those days White dwarfs were worth buying, but I was a fantasy nutter and wasn't that interested in the round based 40k crap (that was my mindset back then :evilgrin:), now I don't remember the number of the WD (can look it up, but a bit too lazy atm to shift through that big stack of WDs) but Phill Kelly had an ulthwe army, and it tended to appear through several numbers of WD.

Now my favourite GW people back then we're always Phill Kelly and Matt hutson, I loved their writing and their battles even more. Anyway I slowly got bored with fantasy, painting all those green goblins (3000 points of just goblins is just pure torture to paint), and I said to myself:"I'm switching over to 40k because I'll have less to paint seeing how 40k armies consist of way less miniatures than fantasy ones!"

And thus my first 40k army became an Eldar Ulthwe force inspired by Phill Kelly.

Misread the thread for first army, but favourite is the case. Well have three armies so far: Ulthwe, Death korps of krieg and Witch hunters.

Death Korps I started because I fell in love with the models from FW, would never play any IG from GW, so bless FW!

And witch hunters, well I wanted a power armour bolter army, but I didn't want to be the next space marine among the zounds of them. So I picked witch hunters and to be honest whats not to like about sexy space nuns? :p

18-08-2010, 03:22
When I first heard the inklings of the rumors surrounding the Tau, I was immediately entranced. Like some great big blue ethereal was leaning over my shoulder. Then I saw the models. To this day, my favorite plastic models in the 40k range are the firewarriors (although the new tyranids certainly have contested that spot.) Then I found their maneuverable, shooting oriented playstyle when I picked up their book. It was like a million dreams come true.

Imagine my disappointment when they didn't get a new REAL book until years later- that's what made me switch from Dark Elves.

As for Fantasy... well, Wood Elves were always my favorite both in traditional fantasy lore and in playstyle.

The Ginger Ninja
18-08-2010, 09:34
Couple of years back (late 2007?), one of my dads workmates got us to play 40k, my first couple of games were 3 player FfA ,one squad of chaos marines with a lord each, at first I was skeptical about the idea of 40k, but it slowly grew on me. The guy lent me the full 4th edition rulebook to have a read of the rules and the have a look at the diffrent races. At first I was liking the idea of Dark Eldar (purely because of the Dark Eldar raiders :wtf:), then I toyed with the idea of Ultramarines for a long time, but finally settled on Necrons, I was into Egyptian stuff and the undead at the time. The final thing that sold me was the description given in the 4th edition rulebook and the shiny metal models. When I went into the store, the price tags were *this* close to putting me off 40k for good. I'm now glad (and a little poorer :rolleyes:) that I stuck with my decision to play 40k. My love of Necrons and 40K has still been growing since. :chrome: