View Full Version : Rejigging my 7th edition Empire army for 8th edition - 2250 points

17-08-2010, 11:51

As the thread title states this is my initial 8th edition Empire list using the models I played with in 7th edition. Comments and criticism are welcome of course. In principal I am prepared to buy and paint some more models in order to obtain a solid army for 8th edition. Anyway, onto the list:

Wizard Lord: Level 4, Power Scroll, Crimson Amulet, Ironcurse Icon, Lore of Life: 270

Templar Grand Master: Sword of Sigismund, Laurels of Victory: 245

Capatain: Battle Standard Bearer: 75

Battle Wizard: Level 2, Rod of Power, Lore of Life: 130

30 Swordsmen: standard, musician, detachment of 15 Halbediers, detachment of 10 Handgunners: 350

9 Knights: lances and shields, full command: 243

23 Greatswords: standard, musician, 260

2 Great Cannons: 200

1 Mortar: 75

Steamtank: 300

Helstorm Rocket Battery: 110

Total: 2246