View Full Version : 2500pts of Daemons + Kairos

Your Mum Rang
17-08-2010, 14:22
Hey all. I know Kairos is nasty but I've tried to temper this with the big, inflexible units.

30 Bloodletters: Full Command + Icon of Endless War
30 Daemonettes: Full Command + Siren Standard
10 Seekers: Full Command + Siren Standard
12 Flesh Hounds
6 Flamers: Pyrocaster
2 x 1 Fiends

Any comments and advice? I am thinking that I will go for the following spells:

Fire: Fireball for flexibility of blasting.
Metal: Enchanted Blades might be fun on Flamers and Bloodletters.
Shadow: Pit of Shades
Beasts: Wyssans Wildform
Heavens: Harmonic Convergence
Light: Speed of Light
Lore of Life: Regrowth or Throne
Death: Purple Sun