View Full Version : Selling my large Ork army, had some questions about ebay.

17-08-2010, 19:14
I recently realized that I don't enjoy my Orks very much. So I'd like to sell them. So I have a few questions.

Is anyone interested in buying an ork lot? I will post what I have under this.

Could someone with ebay/warhammer experience let me know if it is better to sell as a lot or another way?

This is what I have that I am looking to sell: (many of the Boyz and vehicles are primed)

1x Ghazghkull Thraka
1x AoBR Warboss (Primed/skin partly painted)
1x Warboss on bike made with AoBR Boss and some green stuff (Actually doesn't look awful, could use a touch-up)
1x Big Mek with Kustom Force Field
1x Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun

6x Nob Bikers: 1. Banner 2. Power Klaw 3. Power Klaw / Bosspole / Removable Banner 4. Big Choppa 5. Normal 6. Painboy w/ Orderly
10x AoBR Nobs
6x Nobs w/ Power Klaw / Bosspole
1x Waagh Banner Nob (Metal Blister from GW)
8x Other uniquely outfitted nobs
1x Painboy w/ Orderly
8x Burna Boys (From plastic Loota/Burna Box)
3 Box sets worth of Tankbustaz. (1 Box still unopened)
8x Lootas (From plastic Loota/Burna Box)
11x Kommandoes (Metal Box set + some plastic boyz w/ stikkbombz.)
2x Kommando Burnas (Metal Blisters)
1x Boss Snikrot
1x Kommando Nob (From Metal box)

52x Boyz (About Half Primed)
18x Shootas
11x Rokkit Boyz (About Half Primed)
4x Big Shootas
10x Gretchin
1x Runtherd
4x Trukks w/ Boarding Planks (All Primed)

1x Warbuggy with Rokkits
6x Twin-linked rokkit Koptas from AoBR

3x Battle Wagons with GW Deff Rolla Add-on (all 3 are primed, 2 have been painted parts red, 1 of the 2 has a lot of red on it, was testing the color I wanted)
1x Deff Dread (New Plastic Dread)(Arms were made to be magnetized)
3x Killa Kans (New Plastic Kans)(Arms were made to be magnetized)

There are also 4 Battleforce sized boxes with sprues/bitz of stuff I decided not to build or put on my vehicles.

marshal odysseus
17-08-2010, 20:31
hi there have had a fair bit of experience in trading with ebay my advice is rather than selling it all in one go you should try and seperate it into smaller forces say 1750 points something that is good for tournaments and people should be interested

17-08-2010, 20:37
I have seen some small kits go for big bucks because of magnetized. A good example was a standard grey hunter from the new box.
The auction included a large variety of arms all magnetized for customization. I think 2-3 heads as well. that single model sold for about the same cost as the 10 man box.

17-08-2010, 21:37
Try posting them on the trading forum here before putting them up on Ebay, it might get you some sales before you even get started :)

Col. Dash
17-08-2010, 22:32
If they are well painted then sell them as a lot. If they are not well painted, read "you are not an advanced painter" then sell them as individual units. Current ebay charges will rape you either way especially since you arent a "Powerseller".
For the love of god, if you are not a good pro painter(you actually take on jobs painting mini's for people) do not list pro-painted, you will be laughed at. There are some horrid mini's out there on ebay that look like someone slapped on three colors of thick paint and some clown threw on a pro-painted label. Dont be that guy.

17-08-2010, 23:46
Unless they are all well painted and in matching colour schemes there's almost no way that you are going to get as much money by selling them in one lot. If you're really short of time then put it up in 2-3 lots, but you'll get more money overall by breaking it up into 2-3 units per lot.

If you sell them on eBay - photos, photos, photos. The quality of your photos is what will alter the price the biggest amount - if people can't clearly see the condition of what they are bidding on then they won't bid decent money.

I'll make you an offer by PM. ;)