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17-08-2010, 18:48
So i am trying to make a unit that can hold for a few rounds of combat, without using tree spirits as per my fluff.

I am thinking of using a unit of 15 wardancers, with a wardancer highborn with crown of command, annoyance of nettling, and amarenthine brooch?

Let them charge me, use 4+ ward save, hopefully hold without being compleatly destroyed,

then flank charge with either another unit of wardancers, wild riders, or glade gaurd. (I would like to negate ranks for combat resolution so would prefer something that can do that, but all i can really think of for that is glade gaurd...)

I know this is not a great unit for a 500 point sink, but i like it more then my eternal gaurd.. i think :P

17-08-2010, 18:55
eternal guard are stubborn with a hero in them....thats unquestionably the best anvil unit in the wood elf book. I'm pretty sure they arn't tree spirits.

wardancers have 0 static combat res......0. how are they supposed to hold for a few rounds? its a surgical unit, not a unit that holds the line. Units these days can easily pump out 30 or so attacks, your 4+ ward isnt quite good enough to survive all that, and have the kills to overcome an opponents static combat res. Sorry, but it has to be eternal guard if your looking for someone to hold for a few rounds of combat. cast some lore of life on them and give them regen or extra toughness and youve got a great defensive unit.

17-08-2010, 19:14
crown of command LD 10 and the BSB near by should hold as long as everyone doesn't die. I have used eternal gaurd but i only own 25 of them, and quite frankly they did not do well at all. I do not expect great things from this, but at least they should be more killy, and i like the models more:P

17-08-2010, 19:25
Crown of command would make them stubborn at leadership 9 with the noble, so static combat res wouldn't really matter.

But 18 points a piece and toughness 3 with only a ward at 4+ vs what every attacks the enemy throws at you I could imagine only your noble surviving and only if his challenge is accepted.

17-08-2010, 20:00
would take 60 S4 sub Ws6 attacks to kill 10 So i think i should hold a couple turns, Even 30 Chaos warriors with MoK are only putting out 50S5 attacks :P which is still only killing on average 10, but yea considering i am sticking 500 points into the unit it is dissapointing i am just hoping to hold for 1-2 turns against 540 points of core:P

Any advise on what would work better for my poor elfys!

17-08-2010, 20:08
I dont have my book on me, but a unit of eternal guard with full command, a bsb and a highborne with the item which gives the entire unit he is with 5+ ward save.

I know that that is what othere people have said to, but there are no othere good anivls left when you don't wannt tree spirits.

17-08-2010, 21:54
Aren't skirmishers steadfast in forests?

17-08-2010, 22:02
yes they are! Its actually one of the only decent things about being a skirmisher

Desert Rain
17-08-2010, 22:03
Yes they are.

Bah, ninjad

17-08-2010, 22:03
Anvil in a wood elf army? I don't even think we can do this in an effective manner.
EG can do it - if the character isn't killed. Then we can talk about them being horribly overpriced for their low killing power, but that's neither here nor there.

Really, the best thing you can do to hold a unit in place is to use a great eagle and a fast cav unit (possibly depleted, it's not that important). Put the eagle in front of the unit ("charge this or stand still"), and place the other one to deny reforming to face your upcoming flank charge after they obliterate the first.

This will set you back 50 points (the poor eagle will die) and set up a flank charge if done correctly. I'd love to advise you to toss dryads in the flank, but you insist on avoiding tree spirits, wardancers it is.