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17-08-2010, 20:33

This is a rather silly 1000 point list.
But the fact is that i have limited models.
I would love to add some plaque monks to the Furnace.
And i would rather bring a BSB.
But i cant have another hero if i got the priest and furnace.

Great weapon

93= <25%

1 plaquepriest
Plaque furnace

250= 25%

35 clanrats, shields, spears. mus/stand
15 giantrats
3 packmasters

256= >25%

3 jezzails:
20 Plaque monk, mus/stand:
Plague banner

= 245 < 50%

Doomwheel: 150 = <25%


17-08-2010, 23:23
Furnace in 1k isn't going to be a good investment in points. I personally adore my furnace, but at this level you're spending 250pts on a furnace, rather than 150 points for a furnace and 190 or so points on a wizard. You'll get dispelled too easily and such and such... Get your friends to play 1750, furnace (L2, 50pts of gear, flail) and a BSB with a halberd and a 25pt banner (under empire banner being my personal choice) comes in at 0.5 points under the 25% cap.

If I were you, I'd grab some more clanrats. Maybe a whole battalion really. You'll need to throw in some slaves too, they're just too cheap not to take though it's horrible painting a whole box and suddenly... 40 pts!

Giant rats/jezzails are too small to do anything, they're just eating up your points. If your opponent is playing an equally inefficient list you may be okay, against anything even slightly competitive you'll be eaten alive. Too many easy targets without the ability to hold things up.