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17-08-2010, 23:10

As promised, I'm back with another Quannum battle report - this time, with pictures! This time, I'd be playing my mate's Tomb King army, a highly underrated race that is universally unbreakable, boasts some impressive and powerful magic items, and excels in the Magic Phase where others races fail - Incantations are truly horrendous to counter.

We rolled Scenario 6 - Watchtower - and 8 pieces of terrain, (three hills, four forests and the Tower) set up as the following picture shows:


Runelord - Anvil, GW, 3 x RoSpellbreaking
Thane - GW, MRoGromril, MRoChallenge (wasted I know, but I dont list-tailor...)
BSB - Strollaz Rune, RoGuarding
30 Warriors - FC, GW
30 Longbeard Rangers - FC, GW, Throwing Axes, RoBattle
19 Longbeards - FC, GW, MRoGrungni
15 Quarrellers - FC, GW
19 Hammerers (joined by Thane and BSB) - FC, GW
20 Miners - FC, Steam Drill
Cannon - RoForging, RoBurning, RoReloading
Grudge Thrower - RoPenetrating x 2, RoAccuracy
Organ Gun

Here are my boys:


(Back Row: Warriors, Miners, Rangers. Front Row: Artillery, Longbeards w/ BSB, Anvil, Hammerers w/ Thane, Quarrellers)

Tomb King on Chariot w/ Spear of I-Get-Wounds-Back and Collar of You're-Wounded-Not-Me
Liche Priest (Heirophant) on Skeletal Steed w/ Ward Save of some sort
Liche Priest on Skeletal Steed
Liche Priest w/ Casket of Souls
12 Archers - A1
12 Archers - A2
13 Archers - A3
25 Tomb Guard w/ Banner of the Undying Legion Bound Spell
8 Skeleton Chariots
8 Skeleton Cavalry
2 Scorpions
Bone Giant

Again, a very interesting list - I have no idea what Khalida does, and I hate burrowing Scorpions charging on the turn they appear. This is gonna be intriguing.


I won the roll-off and controlled the Tower - I placed my Longbeards (without BSB) into it. Good times. My fate was now in my hands. Here they are:


From left flank to right, the Dwarfs deployed:

1) Anvil - extreme left corner, 2" on.
2) Organ Gun - in Blood Forest in my deployment zone (see following pic), 12" on.
3) Grudge Thrower - right of the same Blood Forest, 2" on.
4) Hammerers - right of Watchtower (WT), 12" on.
5) Warriors - to the right of the Hammerers, 12" on.
6) Quarrellers - on the far right hill, 6" on.
7) Cannon - perched just behind Quarrellers, with a good view of the battlefield, 2" on.
8) Longbeards in WT. (duh.)

From my left flank to my right, he deployed:

1) Chariots and King - to the left of the Tower, 12" on.
2) Heirophant, Liche Priest and Cavalry - next to Chariots, 12" on.
3) Tomb Guard and Khalida - next to Cavalry, behind the Tower, 12" on.
4) Archers 1 (A1) - in Normal Forest.
5) Bone Giant - on right flank, 12" on.
6) Archers 2 (A2) - next to Bone Giant, 12" on.
7) Archers 3 (A3) - in House in top left.

He also popped one Scorpion counter as close to the Anvil as possible, and another near the Tower right, to the left of my Hammerers. After that, I deployed my Rangers on the left of his battleline, 12" from the flank of the King/Chariot unit, forgetting that he would...

...use his Vanguard movement to move towards the Tower with that same unit, leaving my Rangers far away from anyone, and in the open. The Cavalry also moved up towards the Tower. Bad start.


WIth my Longbeards right where they wanted to be, only the Warriors and Hammerers needed to move - the Hammerers wheeled and headed for the left of the Tower to answer the Chariots and King closing in, whilst the Warriors moved straight up to guard the right-hand side of the tower. Before we start, I'd like to say that I passed EVERY Fear test I was required to make this battle except for one (read on!) so assume I passed unless I say otherwise.

All told, this is what the battlefield at the start of Turn 1 (the Anvil is just out of shot in the bottom left corner):


As he was given automatic turn one, he took the chance to make an early strike, successfully charging the Tomb Guard containing Khalida into the Watchtower. Elsewhere the towering Bone Giant started lumbering towards the Quarrellers on the opposite hill, whilst the nearby Archers in front of the House wheeled to face the Watchtower. The Cavalry shuffled around the Tower a bit. In the opening Magic Phase, the Tomb Kings started their nefarious machinations by trying to draw out my 5 Dispel Dice (all told!) with the Banner of the Undying Legion. Nice try. Khalida then used her undispelable incantation to cast RIghteous Smiting on her unit engaged with the Longbeard defenders in the Tower. 5 of the brave beards were slain, leaving 14 holding the keep. Spamming Urgency, the Tomb King drew out one Rune of Spellbreaking before successfully casting it on a 1 (jank!), charging the Chariots and King into the front of the Hammerers. Another Rune was used to dispel another Smiting attempt. A1 was magically-infused with zeal, and opened a salvo on the Warriors, killing 1. The rest of the Magic was shut down.

In the Shooting Phase (haven't we already done that??), another Warrior was slain but nothing else happened. The first Combat turn of the game was rather brutal. In the fight between the King/Chariots and the Hammerers/Thane/BSB, combined Impact Hits killed 1 Hammerer, and the King challenged the Thane. Each inflicted a Wound on one another, but the King bounced his wound onto an unlucky comrade with the Collar of Shapesh. The Chariots put a first wound on the BSB, and killed another Hammerers. The boys in orange retaliated by dealing 5 unsaved wounds, winning the combat 11 - 6. Another Chariot crumbled leaving 6 all told, and the King used his Scorpion Armour to take a single wound (3 left), rather than 3 on the unit. In the big fight in the middle, Khalida challenged the Champion who died 5 times over to her ASF Poison. Her Guard added another kill (12 Longbeards left in the Tower). The Longbeards struck back with reckless abandon, slaying 5 of the elite undead, but still had to test. Thanks to the building, the LBs were Steadfast and duly rolled an 8 - passed. Phew. Kalida and unit were forced to disengage.

The Dwarf Turn started with the Warriors swift-reforming and moving to threaten the flank of the Tomb Guard. The lonesome Rangers started slogging towards...well...the rest of the battle. No Magic.

Shooting started with the epic Grudge Thrower firing a beauty of a shot onto the Heirophant's unit (wanna get them crumblin!). Both the Liche Priest/Heirophant passed their LOS rolls and 5 Horsemen were slain. The Organ Gun was eager to add to the tally on the unit, and was in perfect line of sight and range. Perhaps too eager, however, as it rolled a Misfire and was out of action until at least Turn Three. Damn. The Quarrellers fared well, wounding the Bone Giant even at long range. 5 wounds to go. The Cannon and crew - who are fast becoming artillery legends, let fire another flaming cannonball towards the foul Casket. It hit, it wounded and causes the maximum 6 wounds! DEAD! Take that, contemptuous sorcerors! Finally, the ever-crucial Anvil struck the Rune of Oath and Honour, sending the Warriors charging into the exposed flank of the unengaged Tomb Guard unit who has failed against the Tower. Passing their Terror, in they went, readying their great weapons with pride.

In Combat, Khalida moved through the ranks to engage with her assailants - killing 2 Warriors with lightning-swift attacks. The few Guard engaged to the flank, however, managed nothing. In return, the stout Warriors, with 18 attacks, wounded Khalida once (2 Wounds left), and killed another 3 Tomb Guard - well under average, however. Losing by 6, 6 more TG crumbled, leaving 11 Guard and Khalida. The Dwarfs reformed into a 5x5(+1) formation. Against the Chariots and the King, the Hammerers battled on. In the continuing Challenge between the King and the Hammerer Champion, the Thane put another wound on the King for no loss (EPIC!) but again, the cowardice of the King 'donated' the Wound to one of his henchmen. My BSB caused another Wound, though the Chariots killed a Hammerer as recompense. Finally, going last, the Hammerers stripped another 2 wounds off the unit. Losing by 6, (I'm noticing a pattern...) the King this time took a Wound (two left) whilst a whole Chariot crumbled away - 3 left. The Hammerers reformed into 2x7(+1).

At the top of Turn 2, here was the battlefield:


The first of the two Scorpions appeared near the Anvil but scattered closer to the Organ Gun, which he charged without hesitation - understandably. The Bone Giant now changed direction towards the rear of the Warrior unit, clearly commanded by the beleaguered Khalida. The whittled-down unit of Cavalry, containing those precious characters headed towards the rear of the King's unit engaged with the Hammerers. Bracing myself for another Magic phase, I recieved 8 dice total (5 rolled, 2 for Runelord, 1 for Anvil). Khalida tried to slay more with Smiting but managed no wounds on the Warriors, but the Guard with her killed one, leaving 25 engaged in a tight 5x5 formation. Rolling snake eyes on a dispel attempt, I failed to get rid of another round of Smiting from the Chariots and King, who executed another Hammerer. Not so bad, then.

In his Shooting, my opponent couldn't scratch the natural toughness of the Dawi and so, onto fighting. Against the Organ Gun, the Scorpion causes 1 wound for 1 in return but the Stubbornness of the crew meant they held. Against the TG, the Warriors FAILED their Fear test, meaning it was 6's to hit. Kalida killed 3, and another two were killed from the Guard, but the Dwarfs remained resolute, still winning the combat on static resolution by 3, leaving Khalida and 6 Tomb Guard. In the other combat, the King finally killed the pesky Thane and regained a Wound (some spear?? - 3 wounds again). My BSB took another wound off the war vehicles, whilst the Chariots killed a single Hammerer (14 left excluding BSB). The Hammerers, enraged at the loss of their beloved Thane, wound up their swinging arms, and blew the Chariots out of the park - causing 8 wounds to wipe out the unit, leaving only the Tomg King himself left, taking another Wound due to crumbling (2 wounds again - little by little...)

The Miners failed to appear for the Dwarfs, even with the re-roll and so the Movement phase only saw the Rangers steadily march towards the WT. In the Shooting Phase - which is fast becoming my favourite! - the Quarrellers kept their sights on the shambling Bone Giant - stripped another 2 wounds off it (3 left). The Grudge Thrower targetted the Heirophant's unit again, aiming to slay the General. Without the protection of a LOS roll, both character were hit, along with 2 of the horsemen. The Priest under the S10 hole took 6 wounds and was obliterated, along with the two horsemen. The Heirophant however, passed a crucial Ward Save and stayed 'alive'. The Cannon, aiming at the Heirophant, missed! Must be some magical protection... In a rare burst of adrenalin, the otherwise venerable Runelord unleashed the Rune of Wrath of Ruin on ANCIENT POWER in an effort to slay the Heirophant and start the crumbling. 3 out of a maximum of 3 units were targetted, each taking 2D6 S4 hits. The Heirophant's unit took 8 hits, wiping out the squad and leaving the crucial character on ONE WOUND. THe Bone Giant was next, only taking 4 hits and saving them all. Finally, the nearest Archer unit, (A1 in the Forest) lost 8 of their number.

In Combat, the lone King sent the BSB to the back of the unit after my Champion refused a challenge, and though the King slew a Hammerer, the rest wiped him out, suffering nothing from his Curse. GO ON! They reformed, preparing to march onto the flank of the Bone Giant.Against the Warriors, Khalida killed 3, and the Tomb Guard added another 1, but the great weapons of the Warriors answered with 3 kills of their own on the Tomb Guard, and a crucial second wound on Khalida (1 left). Her retinue crumbled around her, leaving her to brave another round next turn. Not faring quite as well, the Organ Gun was destroyed by the Scorpion. And so, a crucial Turn Three began...

At the top of Turn Three, things were looking pretty dicey for the Tomb Kings, but the Dwarfs couldn't rest just yet...


The second Scorpion failed to arrive again, but the first charged the Grudge Thrower, who held. The Bone Giant, now within combat range, successfully rear-charged the Warriors. In the rest of the his Movement, the Heirophant hid from the devastating Dwarven guns behind the Tower, whislst A2 moved down the hill, and A3 exited the House on the Hill. With 7 dispel dice against his dwindling casters, only Khalida managed a kill - 1 more Warrior. Shooting was equally poor from the TK - no Dwarf casualties. With that, Combat commenced - with no time to prepare themselves against the onslaught of the Bone Giant, the Warriors were slain let and. The construct slew NINE dwarfs, whilst Khalida, who had challenged the unit Champion, got 5 overkill. Needing snake eyes but failing, the brave Warriors broke from combat and ran a huge 10". Neither the Giant nor Khalida could catch them, but they could not rally. As if empowered by its Queen's momentum, the Scorpion engaged with the Grudge Thrower wiped it out completely, and overran off the board.

The Dwarfs needed a boost, and it arrived in the form of 20 sooty Miners emerging on the right flank, to the rear of A3. The Rangers continued their slog, figuring that if they could just reach the Tower by Turn 4, they might get a glorious end against a now-looming Bone Giant. Great. The Hammerers moved right onto the flank of the Bone Giant. In the ever-wonderful Dwarven Shooting Phase, the Quarrellers couldn't wound the Bone Giant, and though the Cannon got a direct wounding hit, I rolled a 1 - words cannot describe...The Anvil, now calmed down a bit, targetted the Heirophant-in-hiding, ("Yer can hide from me guns, but yer canny hide from my noise!")but rolled a Misfire and was out of action for this and the next turn. Words still cannot describe...

No combat. Felt weird. Ate a Twix. Felt better.

Here's how it looked at the start of the Turn:


Finally, the last Scorpion appeared and rearcharged the Hammerers threatening the Bone Giant, whilst the Giant in turn charged the Longbeards in an effort to clear out the bearded defenders currently winning the game for me. Khalida moved back towards the front of the Hammerer unit whilst the Heirophant shuffled a bit. With another 9 dispel dice only Khalida's unstoppable spell got through, targetting the Bone Giant with Smiting who proceeded to kill a Longbeard. In Shooting, one Miner was killed.

In Combat then - and a rather important Combat phase I may add - the Scorpion fluffed its fight against the Hammerers, who, turning round, hammered the arachnid back down like some awesome version of Whack-A-Mole. The Bone Giant managed a much better 4 dead Longbeards including his Thunderstomp, however there were enough bearded boys to strip the last of its 2 Wounds off (they actually caused 5 wounds, but who's counting!), leaving the Tower relatively safe in my hands again.

In my turn, the Miners completed their surprise move, rearcharging the A3 unit, whilst the Hammerers, who'd racked up a huge number of kills/VP's by now, charged the lone Khalida. All the while, the Rangers, who hadn't even taken a Wound - and my opponent was quite correct in ignoring them - moved a further 6" towards the Tower. In fact, go back through the photos I took, and watch their advance...they're the ones coming from the top left of the shot.

In my Shooting phase, the Cannon killed a skeleton. Yep, my reaction too. In Combat, Khalida took a wound off the BSB, but his retinue of Hammerers wiped her out.

At this point, due to time constraints, we had to call it a day. And though I'd like to make it very clear that my opponent didn't concede (he loves to fight to the end and we like him for that!), he more than happily agreed that the Dawi had won the day - he really had nothing that would challenge the objective.


Victory to the Dwarfs! The Longbeards stayed put all game, and it worked.

1) As you have read, the Longbeard Rangers did absolutely nothing this game. I'm pleased I didn't need them to win, but my relatively small prior knowledge of the Tomb Kings left me a bit disorientated during deployment and I completely botched it. I could've doubled their speed with the Anvil, but needed the Anvil elsewhere.

2) Tomb King Magic is just insane - even though the Dwarfs controlled it well. The TK can cast without using power dice - in other words, and each character brings a guaranteed number of dice to use, and can roll a 1 or 2 and get the incantation off - Dwarfs just about managed but other armies will really struggle, especially as the Tomb Kings basically have the three best type of spells in the game - extra move/charge, extra shooting, and unit regeneration.

3) It was strange keeping a unit - especially such a kick-"I swear too much" unit as the Longbeards - holed up in the Tower all game, but if there's one Core unit that's gonna stay put there for the whole battle, it's them. Incidentally, I didn't deploy my BSB with them as usual, but could I have?

4) I do have a newfound fondness for the Grudge Thrower - especially given the previous appraisal of it. It was probably the unit my opponent was most concerned about. It's gonna stay.


17-08-2010, 23:26
Really good battle report, just one thing though, when you failed the fear test you hit him on 5's, not 6's, you are just reduced to ws1 so 5's is still the worst you can hit on :)

Well played game on both parts :)

17-08-2010, 23:27
Ah thanks! I'll remember that for next time!

Glad you enjoyed it.


18-08-2010, 07:17
My pleasure :)

18-08-2010, 07:41
Well quite epic lol. Poor TKs have not been doing so well this edition. Here to hoping for a new book soon ;D

18-08-2010, 13:51
Dwarfs in a watchtower is not something TK can not easikly shift without something like ushabti... which he didn't have... or offensive characters on foot... which he didn't have...

18-08-2010, 14:03
Dwarfs in a watchtower is not something TK can not easikly shift without something like ushabti... which he didn't have... or offensive characters on foot... which he didn't have...

Pretty much.

Given his list and barring some insane luck in his favor, he was doomed to lose from deployment. Rolling the Watchtower just added insult to injury. I think his biggest mistakes were fielding Khalida and the Casket of Souls against Dwarfs. That's nearly 600 points that could've gone anywhere else just about (except more of our garbage cavalry) and made a huge difference.

Golden Lion
18-08-2010, 15:42
Very nice report! Thanks for putting that up. Your style of writing is very clear, and the pictures from above make it much more easy to follow - and in my mind, much more entertaining as well. Do you have close-ups of your dwarfs? I like the blue & white scheme.

Nice battle - love both armies!

18-08-2010, 21:53
Doesn't Khalida make her archers poisoned? I may be thinking of a different character. Reason being his archers seemed VERY useless throughout the game. A lot is likely due to your T4 and good armor saves.

You may have forgot....Where did the Giant fall when it was killed?

18-08-2010, 22:52
Khalida can make any archers in the army have poisoned attacks, but at the cost of 1 point per model. And I'm also pretty sure that the TK bone giant doesn't get the fallen giant template when it is defeted. When I play my friends Beastmen again I'm going to run Khalida along with a BUNCH of poisoned archers and light horsemen. Chariots have fallen out of favor for me since they usually don't get to strike first on a charge anymore and their impact hits don't do squat. Incantations have become very VERY nasty and the casket and SSC have become just as nasty as the incantations. Shooting a catapult twice in a turn is just sick.

18-08-2010, 23:38
Bone Giant doesn't fall, it crumbles.

I'll try and get some more pics up with some more close-ups - had another game today and will be writing it up soon!


19-08-2010, 02:33
Khalida can make any archers in the army have poisoned attacks, but at the cost of 1 point per model. And I'm also pretty sure that the TK bone giant doesn't get the fallen giant template when it is defeted. When I play my friends Beastmen again I'm going to run Khalida along with a BUNCH of poisoned archers and light horsemen. Chariots have fallen out of favor for me since they usually don't get to strike first on a charge anymore and their impact hits don't do squat. Incantations have become very VERY nasty and the casket and SSC have become just as nasty as the incantations. Shooting a catapult twice in a turn is just sick.

Khalida is a solid, if expensive choice against low AS and/or T armies if you flood the board with archers. Against Dwarfs or Warriors of Chaos, however...she is a waste of points for both the character herself and any additional points you invest into Arrows of the Asp on your units.

It seems the OPs opponent likes our SCs. Hey, I do too...they're cool and very flavorful. I wonder how a Settra list would've faired in this same scenario? 2-3 TG units, a largish Chariot bus for Settra himself, Skeleton Heavy Horsemen (just because they're almost serviceable in a Settra list), Ushabti and Bone Giants.

19-08-2010, 05:32
Hehehe I loved watchin your longbeard rangers slowly move across the board in each pictures. I think your opponent coul have dropped the casket for a pair of SSC and it would have helped him a lot better.