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18-08-2010, 10:56
In the time of 8th edition, as an Empire player, I find myself needing to take larger units of State troops. Before yesterday I thought I was in the position where I would have to spend 45 to complete the army I wanted. I have 23 Swordsmen and 10 Halbediers and want to field a block of 30 of each unit type.

However, looking through my box of old, neglected models produced 13 metal Bretonnian Halbediers as well as some characterful "novelty" models such as the old Jester who accompanies the Bretonnian knight Tristan. Even though these models have a very bad paint job I was pleased to see they formed, with the new plastic Halbediers, a good looking, unique unit, numbering 27 models, and whilst the unit looked coherent, it had more to it than 30 of the new Halbediers ranked up regularly.

I was now in a position where I needed 7 more "Swordsmen" and 3 more "Halbediers". Playing on both the stereotype and the actual appearance of these two units I realised that the more traditional looking State Troops would fit better in the unit of Swordsmen whilst I could afford to put "scruffier" looking models in my unit of Halbediers. With this in mind and a surplus of Empire missile troops that I bought, painted and then never fielded, I added 7 Hangunners to the Swordsmen and 3 Huntsmen to the Halbediers.

I now plan to give the Handgunners shields so that, along with their paint job, they are further tied in to the Swordsmen unit, whilst I plan to strip the paint off the old models in my Halbedier unit and repaint and base them. I have to say I am already really pleased with how the units look. They are still identifiable as the unit they are supposed to be and I prefer them already compared to their "linear" counterparts. Additionally, since I don't have any detachments in my army it is easy to imagine with my Swordsmen for example, the first couple of ranks firing off a volley before they near their distance with the enemy.

Has anyone else mixed and matched models to produce "non regular" units? I have really enjoyed it and if I start a new army I will definitely it do it more often. This has to be about the fourth modelling project I have done that was initial motivated by price though has actually evolved in to something much more.

18-08-2010, 11:34
I am in the process of doing exactly the same thing. I brought a load of cheap LotR rohirrim on foot a while back, some with spears, others with axes and some with bows. Had no use for them for ages. But with 8th making marauders good, I came up with the idea of using them. I have the guys with axes in front (with 3 dunlending guys as the command), the spears behind and then the back rank as bows. A nice 40man horde. Looks quite cool even if I say so myself. And before anyone says, I know they are quite small, but they are going to be Khorne, and I'm justifying that Tzeentch shrank them all for a laugh.


18-08-2010, 13:40
I think my Empire pretty much totally is,

Greatswords are the old Imperial Knights,
Swordmen are a bunch of Estillian foot
and the free company are a mix of old Foundry Pirates

18-08-2010, 20:09
Every one of my Orc units has mixed weapons, gives a more unorganized feel to the unit. As long as tue majority of the unit has what they are supposed to be equipped with I don't see a problem.