View Full Version : I want to start Dark Eldar

Shadow Reaper
18-08-2010, 21:17
Hello all, I currently play CSM and have collected quite a large force. I've been playing 2 years and now want some variety in my gaming. So I want to play Dark Eldar because I like the fluff and really like the look of the army. I have zero experience with DE having never even played against or seen them played. So my question is; Is there anything I should stay away from? I don't want to spend money on items that don't offer much or are not worth there points. I made some purchases with the CSM and now those models sit and collect dust because I just jumped in and did not ask for advice. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

18-08-2010, 21:19
Wait until November.

The entire DE line is due to replaced by mouthwatering goodness.

18-08-2010, 21:20
While I've been playing DE for pretty much 12 years now, I'd rather not give you any advice. We'll get a new codex soon (probably November-ish) with all new models, so I would wait. We don't have an idea what will be good and how the models look (and if you don't like the new models, I guess lots of people will unload their old armies on ebay ;)).