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18-08-2010, 22:02
Hey guys, I just wanted to know how quickly do you think the Island of Blood will sell out on release date from my LGS (games workshop Cambridge). I've never been in the store on release date of anything major (starter box set, new rules edition etc.) but I just wanted to know If I would have to be queing outside the shop for an hour before opening time to get one, or wether I could amble in at 11 O'clock and still be able to pick up a copy.

Also, if I were to pre-order it (from GW), would it definatley turn up on my doorstep in the morning on saturday the 4th september.


18-08-2010, 22:12
your buying warhammer starter set, not a new generation Iphone :) you should be fine :) and if your worried, just preorder it from the store, or from a website that offers 20% off...

18-08-2010, 22:19
just preorder it ... from a website that offers 20% off...

Yes this was tempting but many of them say "dispatched on 4th september" and in their policay say something like allow 5 working days for delivery. I don't really want to receive it 1 week after release.