View Full Version : Help building 2500pt High Elf and Skaven lists.

Warboss Spleenstabba
19-08-2010, 11:55
Well I played fantasy a while back and am looking to get back into it for 8th edition, for the most part I really played fluff driven games and chose units based on their fluff and the models I liked, not anything competitive. Now I'm no longer able to play that many casual, fluff based games (local gaming club is splitting up as people are off at different universities) so for the most part I'm not going to be able to play this way as since the local gaming shop is really the only place I'm going to be able to get a game and it is a very competitively oriented setting so now I need to up the anty. The reason why I'm asking about High ELves and Skaven is because I already have a good sized High ELf army, Island of Blood, and the second waves for both armies coming out I think it's the perfect opportunity to start a Skaven army. So including the 2 Island of Blood boxes I plan on buying I will have: Skaven: 2 warlords, 2 warlock engineers, 4 Rat Ogres with 2 handlers, 2 warpfire throwers, 2 poison wind mortars, 80 clanrats. High ELves: Teclis, Caradryan, Lord or Mageon Dragon, Two Lords on Griffons, 1 noble on steed, 1 noble on foot (bsb), 3 mages on foot, 1 mage on steed, 32 spearmen, 32 archers, 20 lothren seaguard, 35 sword masters, 15 phoenix guard, 8 silverhelms (i guess I could count them as dragon princes until cheaper platic models come out), 2 tiranoc war charriots, and 1 white lion charriot. I'm looking for 2500pt very competitive/tournament ready lists and I am open to getting new models (obviously I'll need it for skaven), so while I guess it would be nice not to have to many new models, essentially I'm just looking for what you guys think would be the best armylist and or advice for both armies. I know this is asking a lot so I appreciate any and all help your willing to offer.