View Full Version : Video Battle Reports: How do you do them?

19-08-2010, 14:22
Hi Everyone,

The age of battle reports has grown. Now everyone is creating video battle reports. So I guess I have to move to the modern era.

Problem is, I don't know how to do it.

I have a digital camera, but what free editing software do people use to do this?

I assume you take photo's string them together, and finally add voice.

What packages does everyone use for this?

I want to start creating video battle reports, but I'm an old guy (Heck I don't even have text, photos or Internet on my phone) and not very up to date on this process.

Any help would be great.


19-08-2010, 16:11
If you're using Windows then you should have Windows Movie Maker installed (or be able to install it from the Microsoft website), which I think should allow you to do the sort of things you'll want, namely, setting up a sequence of images or movie clips, sticking a soundtrack over the top and creating a video file from it.

19-08-2010, 16:16
Yeah, windows movie maker is what you want, and it's simple since you say that you're not with the modern technology

19-08-2010, 18:26
Thanks guys,

19-08-2010, 18:33
Glad to help.