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Grey Hunter 88
19-08-2010, 15:31
Hey all,

So back in 7th I had the idea to make an army entirely made up of Chaos knights. I am certain I wasn't the first, nor was it probably very creative. I just got into an argument with our friendly neighbourhood neck-beard about whether a balanced list (note not some list that spammed lore of metal casters etc.) would have a chance against it.

Either way, in typical hobbyist fashion I have half the models built and painted, but never got around to finishing them and having a game in 7th. So now I'm on the cusp of 8th and it's definitely a no-fly zone for this list anymore.

The army theme was sort of "Four Riders of the Apocalypse". I converted each of the marked chaos lords on daemonic mounts to look like one of the four riders, and gave 'em each a squad of Chaos knights to back them up. Core choices were of course the requisite 15 marauder horsemen split over 3 units, originally supposed to only have javelins but ended up building up one with flails and one with HW/S because i couldn't stand the monotony.

Having recently finished a very nice looking ice and snow table, I have a strong urge to build a WoC army and play with it (for once).

Was wondering if anyone would care to drop some suggestions as how I could build it up to 3000 points nicely. I figure I need to get to 3000 because i want to keep the theme of the army, and I need 3000 to take more than 3 of one special choice, being the knights.

I'm guessing the first place to start would be some marauders and warriors?

Three units of 50 Khorne marauders with great weapons? ;)


19-08-2010, 15:41
I had a similar idea for 7th (as will many people), with just 3 units of 10 marauders and then 3 units of 8 knights, at 2000pts. For 8th and at 3000pts, I'd say make sure all your knight units are pretty big (8+), fill up with a mix of warriors and marauders as core (personal preference really, though marauders can help compensate for you lack of numbers), and chuck in your fav lord (sorcerer lord is more competitive), a bsb, and some low level sorcerers if you didn't go for the sorcerer lord. Maybe not the best list, but still fun to play with and reasonably competitive. If you have the inclination and the points, squeeze in a hellcannon or two. The marauder horsemen can still be used, but I would go for a single 10 man khorne unit with flails, if you don't mind converting 5 of your current guys.

Hope this helps,


Grey Hunter 88
19-08-2010, 15:53
Thanks man, some solid advice in there.

I'm guessing consensus is that the five man knight units just aren't going to cut it anymore in eighth. I'll admit that while I've played quite a few games in 8th, I've always brought out the dwarfs. Something about having an army that I loved to death but couldn't for the life of me enjoy a game with now being competitive has really made me happy.

My only real experience first-hand with heavy cavalry in 8th has been cold one knights, and well, they didn't do so hot head on.

I'm wondering why 8 for the knights though? Is that so it makes a full two ranks of 5 when a daemonic mount is stuck into the squad?

Marauder cavalry with flails are definitely awesome. I might not even have to convert them. They can have flails AND javelins right? 5 in the back throwing spears over the guys in front?

Marauders are cute, but I'm definitely feeling blocks of Warriors. I have never been able to strike a balance with how many to bring though, in any edition. Buddy of mine used to play WoC and he'd make either squads that would be so costly that when they died (inevitably due to their huge footprint and flanks being Insta-Death), they'd give up too many points. Small squads of like 12 never seemed to hack it either though.

15? Or is that just WAY too small for 8th? 25? Too large?

Finally, I'm assuming you meant a Tzeentch Sorceror Lord? Flying around on an awesome disk perhaps?

Okay... there are certain problems when an army has so many models that are cool, and that each cost like 200 points.

19-08-2010, 16:52
I don't know about that, in my last game, my 5-man Khorne Knights killed off 20 clan rats, 20 stormvermin, a Doom Flayer, 5 PCBs and was putting the hurt on a clanrat/bell unit before they got a flank charge by a doomwheel and I fluffed all three 4+ saves.

Knights will still scare the crap out of most enemies and get their points back.

19-08-2010, 17:07
You actually want 6/7 knights for spare casualties, as any less than 5 start to become a bit ineffective. Not bad, but not great.

I personally think the most competitive WoC armies will involve a couple of 6 man khorne knights with banners units (to complement the inevitable lv4, hellcannons and great weapon marauders). They can grind away at units like nobody's business.

19-08-2010, 17:11
I personally like 8 because it allows you to take 2 casualties before you start losing models who could possibly fight, as 6 is the max you can get against a normal 5 man frontage of 20mm base troops (you can get 7 against 25mm base troops).

Anyway, here is my list which runs in a similar vein, it is reasonably competitive, though I do need to get some more models to substitute out the few bad things: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=272345

That flail and javelin unit sounds good, I'm a fan of those kind of mixed units, and flails and javs is a good way to go tactically.

For warriors size, I'd say 15 to 18 for khorne with halberds, so you can do 3 ranks of 5 or 6. With tzeentch, 15 but preferably 20 with shields is the way to go IMO.

Hope this helps,


19-08-2010, 18:12
In keeping with the all mounted theme, you could take all your min core choices as large units with flails and MoK of maruader horsemen blocks and add in Exalted Champion/Lord mounted on Slaanesh daemonic mounts.

Super fast, ranked and killy enough to not be complete non-threat like most fast cav in 8th.

19-08-2010, 18:28
I just rolled 47 dice on my buddies empire spear unit with Flames of Phoenix and killed 38 of them. I love big target units like that.

Seriously, 50 is easy to avoid, when they are 10 wide. Please think logically before you do that! Plus warmachine can an will destroy units like that pretty easy.