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19-08-2010, 18:41
So As my "fun" army for fantasy, I'm going to do a beastman army based on the book animal farm, And I was wondering what roles the Animals would play for beastmen. All I have so far is the pigs as the wargors. and bulls as the beastigors, and sheep as the shaman. Any Ideas on what other animals I could add?

19-08-2010, 18:46
Cows as Minotaurs?
Sorry cldnt resist :p

19-08-2010, 19:12
from the book, the pigs were the smart ones and masterminds behind the uprising

seccond thought, whenever something dies send it off to the glue factory :)

19-08-2010, 19:13
Honestly, horse as minotaurs would be best. That doesn't really flow though, after all the horses are the stable workmen of the Revloution. Maybe make the gors horsey?

19-08-2010, 19:30
Th Pigs should really be the "characters" of the army.

Boxer, Benjamin and Clover (horse/donkey) as razogors
THe dogs as well... dogs
The hens as harpies
The sheep as the ungors... (blind followers)
The goats as the well goatmen (gors)
Moses the Raven as a Jabberslythe
Cows as well cows :)

If you're doing it comedically you may be able to change the chariots into milk carts as well...