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20-08-2010, 16:01
So basically after getting trounced quite severely non-stop with Tomb Kings I decided to try Beastmen (Dark Elves and Skaven were the other competition - they'll be next!). After many years of tournament play, I finally started to stop caring so much about lists, and more about whats miniatures make it to the table. So when approaching an army I first go "what looks awesome" grab a bunch of those, and then begin to fine tune it so it hopefully balances out!

So here is my 2000 point army - aiming to have it painted ready to go by April next year (progress will be in "A Tale of Painters"). I'm happy for response, critisim and suggestions but most I'll mention which things are definitely staying!


Great Bray-Shaman - 235


Bray-Shaman - Dispel Scroll - 100

Battle Standard - Talisman of Preservation - 155

35 Gor - Full Command, Two Hands Weapons (Staying, might give shields) - 305

40 Ungor - Full Command - 215 (Staying, might give spears)


20 Bestigor - Full Command - 270 (Staying)

6 Minotaurs - Two Hand Weapons - 354 (Staying)

3 Razorgor - 165 (Staying)

5 Harpies - 70 (staying)

So I have 131 points left, not sure what to get - I wish I could squeeze in a Ghorgon, maybe in 2250?

20-08-2010, 22:32
I would use the rest of the points to (with some dropped gor) squeeze in slugtouge. He is very worth it, and lore of death is a great lore.

BTW, what lores are you taking? I would recomend Shadow on the lv.4, beasts on the lv.1


21-08-2010, 03:36
Mmm you can see how awesome I am at this, didn't put BoC in the title :wtf:

Currently I was thinking of having twin Lore of Beasts. I really want the +1 toughness going across the battlefield to offset shooting, and the +1 strength to make my Gors and ungors awesome in combat. I was thinking of adding the Jewelled Dagger, and hoping for the No.5 Beasts spell, so by turn 3 (hopefully will be in combat) I can start using that spell to boost my Great-bray and getting more power dice.

However someone did remind me, that Lore of death would probably be more appropriate with that kinda mentality - more range of spells!