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20-08-2010, 15:12
I have been looking for an army to start that will allow for some out of the box converting and zombies came to mind. All of my zombies will be models from every army and I will paint them and convert their arms and weapons to be the newly dead. I however still want my army to be competitive so please review my list below.


35 zombies with std,mus
35 zombies with std,mus
19 skeletons with full command
19 skeletons with full command
1 corpse cart with load stone

25 Graveguard with GW, full command, +1 to hit banner

Black Coach


Vampire Lord - forbidden lore (Light), WS10 sword, crown of commandment (transfer WS10), master of the black arts, summon skeletons (40 points for a ward save of some kind)


Vampire - Master of the back arts, 2+ ward think, potion of strength

Wight King - Killing blow on 5+ sword, BSB, HA, enchanted shield

Necromancer - IoN, dispel scroll

Necromancer - VanD

Comments please.

How is my character setup?