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20-08-2010, 16:27
Hi all,

Wondering if anyone has some good feedback on the current draft of my UKGT list. I've played a handful of 8th ed games so far (about 5 I think) so I'm still tinkering with things.

I'm having a warmup game against a mate of mine on Sunday, so will come back and let you know how it went.

Here it is:

The Shadow Host of Chichimec

Lord Huehueteotl = 395
Slann Mage Priest
Rumination, Mystery, Cupped Hands, BSB
magic lore to be decided, likely life but bit boring

Itzamna = 380
Skink Chief
Ancient Steg, Stegadon Warspear

The Blades of Tutul = 486
38 Spear Saurus w/ full cmd

Itzamna's Cohort
13 Skinks = 65
13 Skinks = 65

Sacred Guardians of Chichimec
16 Temple Guard w/ full cmd
Banner of Eternal Flame
Charmed Shield on the champ

Uitzul's Hunters
4 Terradon Riders = 120

Salamander = 75
Salamander = 75

Total = 1999

I know many are not keen on running saurus in a horde - I've had some good success with them so far, as they are such an intimidating unit (they look massive on the table) and they can take a lot of damage. If it becomes inconvenient I just do a fast reform into a 6x6 formation.

I've also been tinkering with taking the steg or not. On the upside he can kill a lot, and also draws a lot of fire away from the rest of the army. He can be replaced with 6 Kroxigor or a lvl 1 Priest on Engine with Scroll.

I might also drop one salamader for Becalming and Bane Head, not sure yet.

Anyway, all c&c welcome.

Jetty Smurf
20-08-2010, 17:35
I find it interesting that you would run the saurus 10x3 (I assume this is what you referred to when suggesting running a horde or reforming to 6x6) since they already have a fairly wide front rank when 6 wide. Also, since they have spears, they will get 3 ranks of attacks either way (unless you charge). I can't see the benefit in running the unit 10 wide, but you said yourself you have been successful with it, which is as good a reason as any to continue running it as such.

I highly recommend keeping the salamanders, and if anything, would try to get more in the list. These guys are devastating to just about everything they can shoot at.

I have not had a chance to run any stegadons in 8th yet, so I can't give any solid advice for you on that front. It is indeed a fairly hefty price to pay to include a war-spear ancient, and can be rather risky against armies with warmachines, but if you choose life, this shouldn't be a problem.

I do agree that life tends to get a bit boring, but with a stegadon it almost seems a necessity just for the lore ability. If you choose to drop the stegadon, then just about any lore should be fine, though I hear good things about light, and if you choose death, there is little reason to take a dispel scroll/skink priest since you can snipe (well, attempt to at least) the enemy mage(s).

Overall though, I really do like your list. I wish you the best of luck at the tournament! :D

Anyways, I hope this has helped.

20-08-2010, 19:39
Cheers for the comments. The saurus are run 10 x 4, with just 8 in the back rank. When receiving a charge they can fight in 4 ranks, obviously excepting any casualties, so generally they'll just fight in 3 and a bit.

The thing I've found advantageous of running them in horde isn't really the horde rule per se, but the fact that they hog a huge chunk of board! If you're aggressive with them you can force quite a lot of units into combat with them. And it takes a long time to kill 38 saurus! Leaving plenty of time for the other units to get involved on the flanks.

I haven't tried using the salamanders in 8th yet, but I've read tonnes about how people have been raving about them. I always found them a bit underwhelming in 7th.

Jetty Smurf
21-08-2010, 06:59
I haven't tried using the salamanders in 8th yet, but I've read tonnes about how people have been raving about them. I always found them a bit underwhelming in 7th.

They are beasts now. Mostly due to 2 big changes. As we all know, there's no more partials to worry about, that's change number 1. The second change, is that because they are skirmishers, they can march and shoot. This is huge! Much easier to get them in the right position to shoot, and they also get to shoot much earlier in the game.

I understand now what you mean about your horde formation saurus. Forcing opponents into combat with them is certainly a good idea, since very few enemy units will stand a good chance against them.

I hope you write up a battle report or 2 with this list. Even if it's just in the practice games and not the tourny itself. Though a tournament battle report would be a great read. :D