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20-08-2010, 20:44
Now heres the question.

what army should i get.....?

now before you say blah de blah. take these points into consideration.

1. Codex creap (Codex`s getting strong each time a new one comes out)
2. Do i use a 5th codex or an earlier one.
3. do i wait for a brand new one ie DH/Gk or DE.

i have Space wolves and Chaos marines at the mo. i have played NIDS/Guard and got rid of them cos i didnt get on with them.

20-08-2010, 23:20
Have you considered Orks at all? They might be a 4th edition codex, but they work amazingly well in 5th edition and has (so far) weathered the storm of codex creep. Also, the retain a large selection of viable builds that are pretty strong.

21-08-2010, 00:13
Daemons? the only other up to date army that isn't a marine, guard or nid one.

They may not be the strongest army out, but are 5th ed, go with your existing chaos force, and are a fantasy army to boot.

The older armies are not always weaker, codex creep is not set in stone!

21-08-2010, 11:22
Your best bet is to pick an army you like the look of.
If you don't like the models/painting style of the army, you'll not do well with it.

21-08-2010, 12:03
i have Space wolves and Chaos marines at the mo. i have played NIDS/Guard and got rid of them cos i didnt get on with them.

Um? Why a new army?

Seeing what you've got and what you've got rid off, you're either into MEQ Armies and want another one (Blood Angels? Ultramarines? upcoming Grey Knights?) or you're tired of MEQ but not really content with more numerous non-MEQ armies (wait for upcoming Dark Eldar? different to Marines but likely smaller/different forces than Nids or Guard).

21-08-2010, 12:12
Just because i'm biased and nobody has mentioned them yet.

They're alright as they are and they're likely up for a new codex in the foreseeable future :)

21-08-2010, 17:12
im looking to by a new army early next year. i have the money i made selling the nids and the other half of my guard, birthday and xmas money.

NIDS i did like them until the latest dex came out and GW changed the models i used and replaced them with new ones. now the army works differently than it used to.

Guard likewise with these as well, though i did keep 2000+ points of these in a case for future use.

i did read the marine codex when it came out and got p****** because theyd nerfed one of my other armies the dark angels.

my dice kinda suck thats why i have a preferance to marines t4 save3.

but maybe i should think of a non meq army. maybe i should go completely different.